Salaries For E3 Private First Class Army

It is not common knowledge that the Army pays a higher salary to their Private First Class, the E3. The pay grade for a Private First Class, or E3, is the third-lowest rank in the Army. This ranking pays more than any other rank and is for people seeking to join this service branch. If you are considering joining and are contemplating whether to get an E3 pay grade, you must know what this compensation will cost you as a recruit. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For E3 Private First Class Army’.

Salaries For E3 Private First Class Army

Salaries For E3 Private First Class Army

The rank of E3 is exceptional in the Army because it is a pay grade only awarded to recruits. The highest rank attainable is the rank of O-1, which has a starting salary of $25,927.20. The E3 pay grade offers much more money than any other starting ranking in the Army. In addition, several additional benefits are available with this rank.

What Are The Additional Benefits Of Being An E3 Private First Class?

The salary for this particular rank goes up when soldiers perform specific duties like advanced training or entering the Special Forces. For example, E3 Private First Class wages increase to $26,588.20 when they graduate from Advanced Individual Training. The Army can also add more cash to their E3 pay grade if they have a Bachelor’s Degree and have completed Officer Candidate School. More stipulations like these go above and beyond introductory training, but it’s important to note that pay isn’t the most significant benefit available to soldiers with this rank.

Army Incentive Pay

In addition to the salary, soldiers can be eligible to earn more money by becoming an E3 Private First Class. Overtime is also a possibility because of the 20 hours allowed per week. These additional hours may also come with extra pay in some cases. It’s important to note that even with this income, military personnel are not allowed to work as civilian employees. Soldiers are permitted to work as contractors, but they must receive permission from their command for it to be done legally. If you choose this option, you should be aware of potential contract laws and your rights in working as a civilian employee while enlisted in the Army.

Other Benefits Of Being An E3 Private First Class Include:

Student Loan Reimbursement: Students on active duty can receive reimbursement for their student loans. If you took out loans to attend school, you could apply for a refund if your loan is paid under their current pay grade.

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Military Tuition Assistance Program: The military has a program in place where soldiers (including those in the E3 pay grade) can receive tuition assistance from the government. It is on top of any other scholarships or grants a soldier may receive from their school.

Army College Fund: In addition to the tuition assistance program, the Army also has a college fund. This fund allows soldiers to increase their available funds for college and can range up to $6500 per year.

The Army’s Tuition Assistance and Tuition Assistance For College funds are only two of the many opportunities provided by this rank. Many other financial benefits are available to those who join the Army and become an E3 Private First Class.

Where Can You Find More Information About This Paygrade?

Contact your local recruiter today for questions or information about salaries or benefits for E3 Private First Class. Understanding your pay grade when you join the Army is important, and knowing any extra help available could make a big difference in your personal and professional life.

You can also find more information about pay grades like E3 Private First Class at the U.S. Army Pay Grade Conversion Chart.

E3 Salaries In Other Countries

It’s important to note that the Army pays the E3 pay grade in addition to what is on offer for ordinary rank pay grades. The E3 pay grade is also different from country to country. For example, in Canada, three other ranks are designated Private First Class, and one has a starting pay of $20.94 per day, roughly $2340 a month before taxes. You can see where this number gets distorted when converted into American dollars because of the inflation rate between these two countries and specific other differences.

What To Expect When Joining The Army At A Higher Pay Grade?

You must meet specific requirements to receive a higher pay grade in the Army. You must first complete basic training before moving on and advancing through additional training in the Army. Depending on how well you perform in your training, you could move from an E3 pay grade to an E4 pay grade.

Do You Have To Be In The Army For A Certain Amount Of Time To Reach An E4 Pay Grade?

No, there is no length of service requirements for promotion up to the rank of E4. All soldiers with the level of E4 have already completed all initial entry training requirements. The only condition that must be met before reaching this rank is a minimum amount of time served, which depends on the Army branch you do.

Basic Training Vs. Advanced Training Requirements

The Army comes to a soldier already possessing a rank, but it doesn’t mean they’ve finished basic training. The best way to advance in pay grades is to complete additional training during the Basic Training phase of service. For example, soldiers will conduct additional training during this time if they are being trained as pilots or joining Special Forces. It is also true for soldiers who participate in the Delayed Entry Program because it requires more advanced training before starting basic training. It means those who join through the Delayed Entry Program must have completed their required advanced individual training before entering primary and meeting their initial entry training requirements.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For E3 Private First Class Army’, In conclusion, it’s important to note that the E3 pay grade can earn much money through additional pay and overtime. In addition, there are many other great benefits like health insurance and a retirement plan comparable to no other military retirement. The pay grade of E3 Private First Class offered by the Army is one of the best in terms of salary and additional income potential. It’s important to note that you receive more money when performing specific duties or completing advanced training courses, but this amount still significantly increases overall compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What is the E3 pay grade? 

The Army uses the E3 pay grade for its Private First Class. This rank is among the most common for enlisted personnel, which means it’s not uncommon to find soldiers on their first time in service.

  • Why do I need to know my rank?

Knowing your rank is crucial because it determines your promotion chances and how quickly you can be promoted while in service.

  • Why do soldiers need to know their rank? 

Rank is necessary to soldiers because it determines their salaries and gives them pride in the work they completed to accomplish that rank.

Salaries For E3 Private First Class Army

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