Salaries For District Attorney

District attorneys are in charge of prosecuting criminal matters within their jurisdiction. They are often appointed by local governments and act as the state helping hand in criminal cases. As a result, their pay often shows the sophistication and importance of their job. District Attorney salaries vary widely between states and even between states. Let us know What are the ‘Salaries For District Attorney’.

Salaries For District Attorney

Salaries For District Attorney

District attorney salaries vary significantly based on the jurisdiction and the attorney’s expertise. Salaries are generally set by the local government and can range from a few thousand dollars to more than $100,000 per year.

This article talks about Salaries for District Attorneys, factors affecting the salary, different states and their average wages, and more. Read the article further to learn more!

Factors affecting a District Attorney’s Salary

A district attorney’s salary is affected by a number of things. The size of the jurisdiction is an important criterion, as larger jurisdictions often pay more than smaller jurisdictions. The District Attorney’s experience is also important, as more experienced District Attorneys are frequently paid more. The District Attorney’s income may also be affected by the type of cases they handle, since those conducting high-profile cases may be paid more.

The number of years a District Attorney has been in an office can also have an impact on their remuneration, as those with longer tenures are frequently paid more. Furthermore, the cost of living in the jurisdiction may have an impact on a District Attorney’s salary, since those who live in more costly locations may be paid more.

Salary for District Attorneys in the USA

In the United States, district attorneys earn an average of $72,965 a year or $35.08 per hour. District attorneys at the bottom of the pay scale, earn around $49,000 per year, and those at the top earn over $107,000.The salary of a district attorney is affected by his or her location. California, New Jersey, Washington, Nevada, and Virginia have the highest salaries for district attorneys.

Salaries in Different Districts of the USA

Interestingly, district attorneys have the highest earnings in San Francisco, earning around $112,197 per year. The average entry-level wage in San Francisco is $68,000 for individuals just starting out. District attorneys also earn more than the average wage in Carson City, Columbus, Portland, Pueblo, and Baltimore. District attorney wages are highest in California, Washington, New Jersey, Nevada, Virginia, Arizona, and Georgia on a national scale. South Dakota, Mississippi, and Montana, on the other hand, have the lowest district attorney wages.

Salaries in the highest-paying Districts

As discussed above, California, Washington, New Jersey, Nevada, Virginia, Arizona, and Georgia have the highest-paying salaries for District Attorneys. The table below represents the approximate salary of these states on an average and hourly basis.

StateAverage SalaryHourly wage
New Jersey$82,177$39.51

Salary for different types of district Attorney

The salaries differ for different types of District Attorneys. A general counsel, also known as chief counsel or chief legal officer (CLO), is the chief in-house lawyer for a business or government agency, and has an annual salary is $125,248 or $60.22 hourly. A legal counsel is an individual or organization that provides legal advice on a variety of legal issues, such as negotiations. The wage legal counsel can secure for themselves is $132,867 annually. Legal externs are law students who took advantage of the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience at a law firm and receive an annual wage of $47,238. A housing counselor with an annual wage of $78,730, is a financial advocate who has been specifically trained to advise and guide homebuyers and homeowners. An attorney at law is a legal practitioner who is legally qualified to prosecute and defend actions in a court of law on behalf of clients and gets an annual wage of $108,018. A document review attorney is in charge of reviewing all papers related to a court case and receives a fat wage of $81,181.

Annual WageHourly Wage
General Counsel$125,248$60.22
Legal Counsel$132,867$63.88
Legal Extern$47,238$22.71
Housing Counselor$78,730$37.85
Attorney At Law$108,018$51.93
Document Review Attorney$81,181$39.03

Tax on Salaries of District Attorneys

The district attorney’s salary tax is a significant source of revenue for the district attorney’s office. The tax on district attorney salaries is calculated based on the salaries of district attorneys.  This tax is used to pay the district attorney’s office’s operations, including salaries and other expenses. This tax is required to ensure that the district attorney’s office can carry out its responsibilities freely and without fail. In 2018, an individual filing in the tax bracket above would pay an estimated average federal tax of 22%. District Attorneys might expect a take-home salary of $64,213/year after a federal tax rate of 22% is deducted, with each paycheck equaling around $2,676.


A District Attorney’s salary is determined by a variety of things, including the state and district where they serve, their experience and education, and the complexity of the cases they handle. A District Attorney’s annual pay is roughly $100,000, but this might vary greatly depending on the reasons indicated above. In addition, the pay for district attorneys varies depending on the type of work they do, different types of attorneys are paid differently according to the amount and type of work they do.

  • Q1. Which state pays more to District Attorneys?

Ans. California is the highest-paying state, San Francisco pays $112,197 to their district attorneys.

  • Q2. Am I being paid fairly?

Ans. If your income is in close approximation to the average salary paid in that state, then yes.

Salaries For District Attorney

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