Salaries For Director Of Procurement

Directors of procurement are senior managers in an organization. For some organizations, the procurement department is a lone wolf. While for some establishments, the procurement department is merged with the planning department. The department is literally called what they do; procurement. They are in care of purchasing, logistics, and ensuring that the staff het quality products always. the Procurement director usually reports to the Supply Chain Director, and he has his team which he as to utilize to deliver the best of services. Let us see about the salaries for Director of Procurement.

Director Of Procurement

Salaries of a Procurement Director

According to research on salaries, the average pay of the procurement director is $100,000 per annum. This is equivalent to an average of $53.25/hour. However, there are some directors in some establishments that earn as high as $200,000. While some earn as low as $30,000. The reason why we have disparity in the salary scale could be traced to different factors. It could be location, level of experience, skills, and technical know-how. Some of these factors are outside the control of the director. 

Factors that determine the Salary Scale  

There are different reasons why some Director of procurement earn higher salaries than others. The most popular reasons are skill set, years of experience, and educational background. However, factors like location, age, and size of establishment also matters. There are some locations in the United States where the average income for a procurement director is higher than the national average. This is a list of some of the factors that influence the salary scale of Director of Procurement. 

  • Location 
  • Skill set 
  • Level of Experience 
  • Technical know-how

Top Paying States 

According to research, some particular states have interesting numbers. Some procurement directors in these states earn 20% higher than their counterparts in other states. Though the reason for the differences is not far-fetched. States like New York, California, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Arkansas top the list. They are specific to some cities in these states. Directors in these cities earn as high as $120,000. Some of the cities are Renton, Santa Monica, San Mateo, Boston, and New York. The city with the least take home as a director clocking $55/hour. 

Job Description of the Procurement Director 

The procurement director as an interesting job description. The director coordinates with third party vendors, liaises with them on control pricing, flow of inventory, creates and directs objectives, designs policies and processes in relation to purchase made. The Procurement director reports to the Supply Cain Director and the Board of Directors. The procurement director manages the procurement team, creates procedures, budgets, and policies for them to align with. To qualify as a Procurement Director, you need at least 5+ years of extensive managerial experience.  

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Skills for Procurement Director 

For an experienced procurement director there are some natural skills that you must have. You should be a great bargainer, you should be able to stand on and keep to your word, you must be confident, you must be a closer. There are now corporate skills that are also required of you. Business Analysis, Presentation, and Strategy development. 

Improving Salary Scale for Procurement Director

For candidates looking to upskill themselves to qualify for a procurement director role, there are some trainings and certifications that you can put in for. Acquiring these skills would make you relevant in the industry, and you would not have to apply for roles before you are considered. You would be coming off multiple recommendations. You can also take graduate studies in international business management, supply chain and international logistics. Takin a graduate study in these courses also would improve your chances of been considered as a Procurement director. If you improve and own your leadership and communication skills, you would have a blast in your career. 

Related Jobs 

There are other roles that are similar to that of the procurement director, and they pay higher than procurement director roles. Some of these roles pay as much as 30% more than the pay for an average procurement director. Some of these roles include Vice President Procurement Sourcing, Senior Procurement Manager, and Regional Procurement Director. If you qualify for any of these roles, they would pay you way more than wat you would receive as a procurement director.  


If you are looking to make a career switch, considering procurement would not be such a bad idea. This guide would take you through everything you need to know to become a Procurement Director, and everything you need to know about the procurement director role. It explains the job description, the academic qualifications, and professional certifications required. The guide also explains how you can make improvements on the current salary scale. You should know that location goes a long way in determining the salary scale you would be on as a procurement director. The size of the organization is also an important consideration. This guide explains in detail everything you need to know about a procurement director role. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the United States average pay for director of procurement?

According to research the current average for a director of procurement is $170,000 but this is dependent on multiple factors. Some of these factors have been highlighted in the body of this guide. Some of them are education, level of experience, and skill set. The size of the establishment is also another major factor to be on the lookout for. 

Do I need a Masters degree to become a director?

Yes, most credible organizations recognize a Masters degree as an additional certification. It might not be a prerequisite but it would definitely give you an edge over other candidate. For some big organizations like Diageo, a Masters degree and different training related to the job role is a prerequisite. The Director of procurement role is not specific to any particular discipline. It just requires years of prior experience. 

How much tax does a procurement director pay? 

For United States citizens that are in the work bracket economy of a Procurement director, you would witness a significant increase in the amount of tax you have to pay. There is a monthly care called the federal tax rate. It is a 32% monthly deduction  

Salaries For Director Of Procurement

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