Salaries For Data Coordinators

Data coordinators are also called data entry officers, data operators, data processing clerks, and senior data officers or clerks. The minimum requirement for the highest degree of education is to attain a good diploma of education. To be a data entry coordinator minimum of 3 to 4 years of experience is required. These clerks normally proceed with reporting further to senior managers or the supervised person assigned. It is analyzed that data entry clerk 111 has attained much proficiency in several sorts of competencies related to their work and job. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For Data Coordinators’.

Salaries For Data Coordinators

Salaries For Data Coordinators

The average and minimum salary a senior data entry officer or clerk can attain in the America United States are from $47,000, but the maximum falls from $41,404 to $53,891. According to a US bureau report generated by Labor Statistics is a median salary of $82.382. On the other hand, the firm consulting (Robert Half) reported that the salary of a data analyst is up to $106,500. Whereas across most of the United States annual salary gross of a data coordinator is $58,500 in all occupations. On the other hand, one of the biggest influences that can affect our gross wage is experience. In other words, it is said that the more you work and get yourself experience the more you would learn and be upgraded. 

  • 5 to 7 years: (Data coordinator) $95,309.
  • 3 to 4 years: (Senior data officer) $109,999
  • 8 plus years (Senior data analyst) $110,550

Further moving towards great leadership titles under data analyst maximum gross salary a person can earn is 149,000 for an Analyst manager and $190,700 for the position of Analyst director in the United States of America. The biggest paying city in New York state is the Bronx for paying $46,500 as a data coordinator or dT officer. The possibility of living a lower-class level lifestyle or having a low standard of life can help one in finding and assisting themselves with the job opportunities of data entry coordinator or officer. Let’s read more about Salaries For Data Coordinators.

The top city Bronx and Brooklyn have the following details of average gross salary offered to data entry officers or coordinators. 

How Do Data Coordinators Work?:

Data is analyzed and collected from different survey projects and different sorts of information are collected individually or collectively. Overall, most of the data is collected through surveys where each data analyst collects information individually or collectively. After the collection of data, data is collected and then further transmitted in a form of a report, table chart, or balance sheet with all the information added. Data coordinators must have good communication skills to deal with and collect the required data from an individual or an assigned company. 

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

What Are The Basic Skills Required For A Data Coordinator?: 

On a serious note, a database is a person who has multiple skills to transform and interpret information in different forms. A person looking for such jobs should be expelled or know software such as Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, SQL database, and PowerPoint. 

  • Communication and expert skills to remote and find their reports.
  • Programming and dealing skills to analyze and sort correct sequence of data.
  • To pull a data from database SQ skills are required.

Can Data Coordinators Increase Their Salary?

The maximum gross salary of a data coordinator is about $160,000 annually and the minimum is about $93,000 annually but if you focus on increasing your pay you can avail many different opportunities and options. One of the ways is to get a higher degree of education which may help you to have a more gross salary, other option is to change your employer and work under a good employer who will commit to giving you more gross salary. The next option is to have more experience and make more junior data analysts or coordinators work under you, through this many likelihoods of experience can be increased more. 

What Are Different Salary Ranges In Various Cities In United States?: 

  • New York City: $44,108 (Annual salary)
  • Bronx: $48,095 (Annual salary)
  • Brooklyn: $47,125 (Annual salary) 
  • Yonkers: $44,412 (Annual salary)
  • Poughkeepsie: $42,286 (Annual salary)
  • Staten Island: $43.909 (Annual salary)
  • Queens: $41,001 (Annual salary)
  • Manhattan: $44,025 (Annual salary)
  • Binghamton: $42,121 (Annual salary)

What Are Some Of The Job Responsibilities Given To Data Analysts Or Coordinators: 

  • Access data and create different documents or files after analyzing information.
  • Creates files, methodologies, and various programs.
  • Produce different outcomes and data analysts.
  • Research tools and sustain operations.
  • Helps in knowledge and awareness of various events, departments, organizations, or a particular customer.
  • Search out new tools and various new data sources.
  • Helps in correct and appropriate taking roles of a customer or user in data collection or information regarding any query. 
  • They do examine data quantity, quality, and appropriate information.
  • Helps in observing different database information and helps in improvement of presentation and delivery.

Related / Similar Job As Data Coordinator:

Similar job titles are:

  • Data scientist (minimum education = Intermediate)
  • Data Analyst 2 (education = data analyst 1)
  • Data Architect 2 (minimum education = Intermediate)
  • Data Entry Clerk 1 (minimum degree = Intermediate)
  • Data clerk 3 (education = data clerk 2)
  • Data control clerk 1 (minimum education = intermediate)
  • Data control clerk 2 (education = data control 1)
  • Data entry supervisor (education = data control 3)
  • HR operator clerk 3 (education = Supervisor diploma)
  • Data control clerk 3 (education = intermediate and data control 2)

Environment Of Work For Data Coordinator:

There is a variety of platforms and venues available for coordinators including operators, offices, hospitals, clinics, banks, official physicians, and many companies including insurance. They need to work according to the given deadline and meet the given requirements. They may sit for a long to process their task and work accordingly. Data coordinators work full-time in the morning but due to the advancements in technology they can now work part-time or hourly jobs too. 


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Data Coordinators’, Analyzing all factors data coordinator inserts or operates data, single and double entries to record lists, inputs various resources lists them, and analyzes it accordingly in an electronic or table form. This job is more referred to as a clerical job. It officially requires a minimum diploma of higher education of degree. According to the annual cash consumption of the data coordinator, its base salary is $40,885 with a bonus paid annually is $656. Furthermore, there are many benefits provided and charged as annual benefits consumption. For social security, $3,175 is given, for disability, $831 is given, for healthcare $8,352 are given and pension is separately recorded as $9,378 given.

Salaries For Data Coordinators

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