Salaries For Concrete Truck Driver


Are you looking at getting a new job and you want to start as a concrete truck driver in your state? Do you want to know the salary they pay concrete truck drivers? Well, you are not alone, as many people with good driving skills are looking in the same direction to get a job. Concrete truck driving is not the easiest job in the world but it surely pays the bills and feeds the family.If you are looking for the salaries for concrete Truck driver this article is here for you to help ,keep on reading to know more.

Salaries For Concrete Truck Driver

Generally, truck drivers make about $30,000 to $100,000 yearly but it could be lower or even higher for some people.  The uncertainty in the salaries amount that some concrete truck driver receive due to the country where they are. Your experience level as a concrete truck driver, the hours you work, and a few other factors.

Reading this article will open you to the salaries of concrete truck driver, and the factors that affect how well they get paid. Also, you will learn what concrete truck drivers do, how to become concrete truck drivers, and the salary they receive in different countries. So, we advise you to continue reading this article until the end to learn about all these.

Working of concrete truck driver

There are different types of truck drivers and their job names and description differ too. The goods they transport determine the job description and name. Some truck drivers carry sellable goods to deliver to customers; some carry other different things but a concrete truck driver drives a concrete truck.

A concrete truck is different from a cement truck. A cement truck carries loads of cement to deliver to sellers or building sites, but concrete trucks mix the concrete and transport it to the needful positions. The concrete truck drivers operate and drive the concrete trucks and make sure the concrete mixes properly before it is delivered. Other truck driving jobs might require you to just have truck driving skills, but here, you need more than that.

Way to be a concrete truck driver

A concrete truck driver job looks like the easiest job to get in work because it is not exactly classy. But, to protect lives and properties, employers scrutinize people that apply for the job hardly before they get the job. Before you handle a company’s concrete truck as the driver and get on the company’s payroll, you need to know how to drive first. It is mostly not just the regular driving, but driving a truck because trucks and cars have different navigation gears.

After your truck driving skills have been accessed and confirmed, the next thing is to train and learn how to use the concrete truck. There is a control part for mixing the concrete in the bottom of the truck and another to pour portions of concrete out for use. So, you need to learn all these and a few more to be qualified for the job. After this, you can go into the field fully and start working.

The salaries of concrete truck driver

As a concrete truck driver, you are eligible for a $30,000 to $100,000 yearly salary and this is enough for a bachelor to live stable. The major factor that makes this yearly salary not enough is house rent and a few other necessary fees you have to pay. But, if you live according to your earnings you will have a chance at life and maximize the salary you get. This figure shows that many concrete truck drivers earn about $3,000 and above monthly and this is a good salary figure. 

However, the salary ranges differently because of some factors that make it unavoidable. Factors like the state you work in, the hours of work you put into your job as a concrete truck driver, and your level of experience in the job. We will give a better explanation of these factors below.

Your working location

The location where you work is the first factor that determines if you will be in the lowest earning group, the middle, or the highest earning group. This is because every state has a different payment amount for every job. The difference could be because of currency differences between the states or the economical value of things. So, in some states, you can earn high, and in others, you can gets low.

Concrete truck drivers in Denver earn about $40,000 to $50,000 and in Chicago, they earn about the same amount yearly. Concrete truck drivers in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, Boston, and a few other places still earn the same salary figure that they makes in Denver. But, in Las Vegas, NV, concrete truck drivers earn about $45,000 to $70,000 yearly, and other states gets even more.

The hours of work you put in the job

 Concrete truck drivers earn about $15 to $30 hourly and it can affect your monthly salary and in turn affect your yearly salary. If you work for lesser hours, you will earn a lesser amount of money as your salary. Most companies don’t have only one concrete truck driver, so on hours you don’t work, there are other people to work, reducing your salary and increasing theirs. 

Your level of experience

Your level of experience in the job can affect the amount you get as your salary. If you get experienced at your job, you will do a better job than inexperienced people and it makes you deserve good pay. The experience mostly comes when you have worked in the same company for a couple of years, but you can get your experience from other places. You could start in a company, earning little, and then get a raise after you have gained more experience. 


Concrete truck driving is a good job that can clear a major your bills. Many drivers in this field often earn $30,000 to $100,000 yearly.

But, this salary ranges differently in different states, and the number of hours you put into the job will determine the salary you get. Also, the level of your experience as a concrete truck driver is a determinant of your salary.

Salaries For Concrete Truck Driver

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