Salaries For Computational Biologists

Computational Biologists are a group of healthcare professionals, who are just beginning to emerge on the healthcare services scene, and would be very important in healthcare in the future. Computational Biologists. Computational Biologists are responsible for applying statistics, mathematics, and computer science to biology. Computational Biologists apply their knowledge to fields like Genomics and Genetics, Medicine, Biochemistry, Cytology, and so on. If you are wondering how much these elite professionals earn, this article would supply you with that knowledge. Let us see about the salaries for Computational biologists.

Salaries For Computational Biologists

Salaries for Computational Biologists

According to, the average annual salary for a computational is about $113,900 annually.The salaries varies as the highest earning Computational Biologists earn as much as $154,000 annually, while the lowest earning Computational Biologists earn about $61,000 annually. That means that a Computational Biologist in the USA earns about $55 an hour in the USA as their average salary. The highest paying cities for Computational Biologists are San Mateo, California, Berkeley, California, New York,  Belgrade, Minnesota, and Bellevue, Washington.

Taxes for Computational Biologists

Computational Biologists in the USA pay about 22% of their annual salary as social security, Federal income tax, and State income tax. As a Computational, you should take these taxes into account when planning your monthly budget, and also plan the amount of your student loan payment per year against your anticipated income Computational.

Who is a Computational Biologist? and what they do?

Computational Biology is simply a branch of Biology that applies the knowledge of computer science to biology and biological processes. Computational Biologists use algorithms to interpret experimental data, simulate Biological systems, and make use of historical data to predict outcomes in an experiment or to predict the prognosis of diseases. Computational Biologists are usually a mix of data analysts, software developers, and AI/Machine Learning experts. Computational Biologists make use of deep learning (a branch of Machine Learning) algorithms to analyze data from previous experiments and research to predict the outcome of particular biological processes or to determine the severity of a disease. They also make use of algorithms in genetics and work with genetic engineers to come up with desirable genes in plants and animals.

What do you have to do for you to become a Computational Biologist?

For you to become a Computational Biologist, there are a few educational routes you would have to take. These educational routes are:

Obtain a Bachelor’s degree in any Biological science

Before you become a Computational Biologist, the first step for you to take is to obtain a college degree. You can obtain a degree in Statistics, Computer Sciences, and Mathematics. While studying for your degree, you need to work hard and pass your mathematics, programming, and pure science courses. Passing these courses as well as obtaining a very high GPA would give you an advantage when you are applying to study in a graduate school.

Obtain a Master’s degree in Computational Biology

After you have graduated from College with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological sciences, you should take the GRE. For you to gain admission into a graduate program in computational biology, you would have to take the GRE, as it is a very key requirement. The GRE test can be very tasking, so you should prepare well for it and pass it very well. After taking the GRE and gaining admission into a graduate program in Computational Biology, you would have to take graduate courses in research, Machine Learning/Artificial intelligence, Genetics, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and so on.

Industries where Computational Biologists work

There are career opportunities for Computational Biologists in industries like Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Genomics, Genetic Engineering, and Academia. Computational Biologists work in these industries as researchers. For you to be successful in your career as a Computational in the industries mentioned above, you would have to ensure that you are well informed in the latest trends and technological advancements in the industry where you work or specialize in. For you to be well-informed about the latest trends and technological advancements in the fields where you work, you should join professional groups like the International Society for Computational Biology. This professional group helps Computational Biologists by organizing conferences and seminars and promoting networking which can bring about job opportunities for Computational Biologists.

Investment in Computational Biology

Several blue chip technology companies have invested in this growing field, and are committed to promoting advancement in this field. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Roche and Merck, Cisco Systems, and Lockheed Martin have invested billions of dollars in this field. This has caused the Computational Biology field to grow very rapidly and help advance life and health sciences.


To become a Computational Biologist is quite hard and you would have to make a lot of sacrifices, but all these sacrifices are fulfilling. As a Computational Biologist, you would be an important part of groundbreaking research in Pharmaceutical and health sciences. You would also be directly involved in the development of drugs and therapies that would save thousands of lives and help make the world better (for example, Computational Biologists were among the people who made it possible for the Covid vaccine to be developed within a very short time). Computational Biology is a good profession, and a high paying one.


1. Are Computational Biologists in high demand in the USA?

Yes, Computational Biologists are in high demand in the USA. The US bureau of statistics, Computational Biology fields grow faster than other fields in the USA. So, Computational Biologists are very much in high demand in the USA.

2. How much would I earn as starting salary as a Computational Biologist?

As a Computational Biologist, your starting salary as an entry level professional is around $30,000 and can be as high as $75,000 in some cities.

Salaries For Computational Biologists

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