Salaries For Collection Specialist

Understanding Salaries for Collection Specialist (CS): Everything You Need to Know

In the world of finance, Collection Specialists play a vital role in helping organizations recover outstanding debts from customers or clients. As such, the demand for CS continues to grow, with new job opportunities emerging in various industries. If you’re considering a career as a collection specialist, it’s essential to have a good understanding of the salary expectations for this profession. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on Collection Specialist (CS) salaries.

Salaries For Collection Specialist

Salaries For Collection Specialist

Collection Specialists (CS) are responsible for managing and recovering debts for their employers. Their job duties typically involve communicating with debtors, negotiating payment plans, and working toward debt resolution. Salaries for Collection Specialist vary depending on factors such as experience, geographic location, industry, and type of employer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for CS in the United States was $37,580 as of May 2020. The lowest 10% of earners in this field earned less than $25,150 annually, while the highest 10% earned over $63,570 annually.

Factors Affecting Salaries for CS

Experience and Skill Level

These are significant factors that can impact the salaries of CS. As with many other professions, the more experience and skill you have, the higher your salary is likely to be. CS who have been in the industry for many years may have more advanced skills and knowledge, which can make them more valuable to potential employers. Employers may offer higher salaries to experienced CS to retain their expertise and experience.

Geographic Location

This is another critical factor that can impact salaries for CS. Salaries can vary significantly depending on the region or city in which you work CS employed in larger metropolitan regions may receive higher salaries than those in rural areas. This is due to a higher cost of living in larger cities and a higher demand for CS in areas with higher populations.


The industry you are working in could also influence your salary as a CS. Different industries have different demands for debt collection services, which can affect salaries. For instance, CS working in healthcare and social assistance may earn higher salaries due to the high demand for medical debt recovery services. On the other hand, CS working in the retail industry may earn lower salaries due to the high volume of consumer debt and lower profit margins.

Type of Employer

The type of employer you work for can also have a significant impact on your salary. CS who work for large corporations or financial institutions may earn higher salaries due to the financial stability and resources of these organizations. However, CS working for smaller businesses may earn lower salaries due to limited resources and lower profits.

Average Salaries for CS

Average salaries by industry

As previously mentioned, the industry you work in can impact your salary as a collection specialist. BLS data reveals the average salaries for CS across various industries:

  • Healthcare and social assistance: $44,370
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services: $44,170
  • Finance and insurance: $39,490
  • Retail trade: $32,350

Average salaries by geographic location

Salaries for CS can also vary depending on where you work. Here are some of the average CS that can vary depending on a variety of factors such as experience, geographic location, industry, and type of employer. It’s important to research and understand these factors to ensure that you’re getting paid fairly for your skills and experience as a collection specialist. By having a good understanding of salary expectations, you can negotiate better compensation packages and make informed decisions about your career path. In the next section of this article, we’ll discuss the top-paying industries for CS and the benefits and perks that come with the job.

Top Paying Industries for CS

As we’ve mentioned, salaries for CS can vary depending on the industry. Some industries are known to offer higher salaries and better benefits packages than others. Here are some of the top-paying industries for CS:

Healthcare and Social Assistance: CS who work in the healthcare and social assistance industry earn an average salary of $44,790 per year. This industry includes hospitals, nursing homes, and social assistance agencies that provide support to vulnerable populations.

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: CS in this sector earned an average salary of $44,540 per year. This industry includes businesses that provide legal, accounting, engineering, and other professional services.

Finance and Insurance: CS who work in finance and insurance earn an average salary of $43,270 per year. This industry includes banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and other financial institutions.

Benefits and Perks for CS

In addition to salaries, CS can benefit from various employment perks and benefits. These can include:

  1. Health insurance: Many companies offer health insurance to their staff, including medical, dental, and vision coverage.
  2. Retirement plans: Some employers offer retirement plans such as 401(k) or pension plans to help employees save for retirement.
  3. Bonuses and incentives: Some employers offer bonuses or other incentives to employees who meet or exceed performance goals.
  4. Time off and paid leave: CS may be eligible for paid vacation time, sick leave, and other forms of paid time off.

Understanding salaries for CS is important for anyone who wants to pursue a career in this field. By considering factors such as experience, geographic location, industry, and type of employer, you can get a good idea of what to expect in terms of salary and benefits. Remember that negotiating your salary and benefits is always an option, and it’s important to advocate for yourself and your skills.

  • What skills are required to become a Collection Specialist?

Excellent communication and negotiation abilities, as well as the ability to operate under stress, are typical requirements for CS. They must also have a comprehensive knowledge of debt collection regulations and laws.

  • What is the typical salary for a Collection Specialist in the United States?

On average, CS in the US earn around $43,000 per year, but this figure can vary depending on industry, location, and experience.

  • What is the job outlook for CS?

The job outlook for CS is expected to remain steady, with a 4% growth rate projected between 2019 and 2029.

Salaries For Collection Specialist

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