Salaries For Cognitive Psychologists

Cognitive psychologists are mental health specialists that deal with internal mental processes. These internal mental processes include learning, memory, decision-making, problem-solving, language, and creativity. They work in many different settings, like colleges and universities, research analysis centers, laboratories, neuroscience facilities, and some government institutes. Let’s learn about ‘Salaries For Cognitive Psychologists’.

Salaries For Cognitive Psychologists

Salaries For Cognitive Psychologists

With the increase in mental health issues like Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive psychologists’ demand is also increasing in different settings. The median salary for cognitive psychologists is $52,212. And every institute is offering a different salary package to their employees. However, in the United States, the median salary range is $10,671 to $283,302, according to various salary validating sites. They also get a bonus each year, which is approximately 4% of their salary.

Salaries for Cognitive Psychologists:

Salaries for cognitive psychologists vary depending upon their workplace site, year of experience, and level of education. Below is some salary data according to different US organizations.

American Psychological Association:

APA is an organization of professional psychologists in the United States. According to its reports, cognitive and brain psychologists can earn up to $114k annual salary. This range can vary according to the industry where they are working or job location.

PayScale is a United States-operated software company that provides solutions to employers and employees for compensation and validation of salary data. It is a trusted platform to get insight related to market jobs and their salary demands. 

A median salary will be the best way to get an estimate of any salary for any profession. It is a midway number of many salaries that are taken into account It reports that the median salary for a person who holds a Ph.D. degree will be around $89,000. 

The General Salary Range Of A Cognitive Psychologist:

This data is based on employers of cognitive psychologists and salary profiles of cognitive psychologists updated in August 2022.

Here’s a quick review according to the National average:

Population PercentageAnnual SalaryHourly salary




National Average






These are average salaries that are not fixed because if a person has more experience and education, then this number can vary. Though this is not a fixed rate, it will vary in this manner depending upon your area of expertise, experience, skills, and location.

Salaries For Cognitive Psychologists According To Experience Level

However, depending on the years of experience and education, the salary for a clinical psychologist will be different. A person who has 10 or more years of experience will have a higher hourly pay-out rate than mid-experienced and early starters. If a person has entry-level experience, then the average annual salary will be $72k. If you are starting an early career, then you can get $78k and a mid-career person can earn up to $68k. While cherry on the top is that mostly the cognitive psychologists get bonuses and other job benefits along with high amounts of salary.

Top Rated Skills That Can Increase Salaries:

It has been proven by many highly-paid psychologists that some cognitive skills and competencies will help you earn more and get higher rankings. These skills will set you apart from the crowd and help you shine in this field. Let’s dive into these skills:

  • Analytical and Critical thinking skills
  • Scrutinous Nature of thinking
  • Counseling
  • Clinical research
  • Excellent research skills
  • Forensic psychology
  • Data analysis
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-escalating and management skills

Benefits Of This Job Role:

As a Cognitive psychologist, one can get many benefits including bonuses and Healthcare insurance. These benefits can range from paid vacations to high promotions. Apart from earning high wages, you got the chance to meet new people every day, solve their problems, analyze their thinking, and read their minds.

Highest paying cities for Cognitive Psychologists in the US:

Another significant factor that is considered in any job is its location and target market. A cognitive psychologist will have varied opportunities in other cities in the United States. Wages for a psychological job can vary greatly depending on a variety of circumstances. Read on to learn how much you can expect to earn in a variety of psychology fields, including organizational-industrial, clinical, counseling, and school psychology, and consider the location or state where you want to work.

Top 10 Highest-Paying Cities:

  • New York City, NY ($63,949)
  • San Mateo, CA ($62,343)
  • Daly City, CA ($60,965)
  • Boston, MA ($60,934)
  • Berkeley, CA ($60,923)
  • Bend, OR ($60,725)
  • Green River, WY ($60,649)
  • Santa Monica, CA ($60,137)
  • Renton, WA ($60,075)
  • Juneau, AK ($59,733)

How to Become a Cognitive Psychologist?

To become a cognitive psychologist requires a major bachelors in the psychology field and then a master’s in cognitive psychology.

Despite master’s degree graduates can find work, several states mandate a Ph.D. to seek certification and clear the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP).

With the passing years, cognitive psychology has become a very lucrative profession. As experience and good communication skills play a major role in this domain. You can choose other psychological professions in this career such as child psychologist, school psychologist, and speech therapist.


As People want to solve or manage their mental health processes such as Alzheimer’s disease, brain traumas, and autism, these disorders require the assistance of cognitive psychologists. Salaries for cognitive psychologists vary depending on many factors such as the state in which you are living, the company or worksite where you working, years of experience, and education.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How much does a Cognitive Psychologist make annually?

A cognitive psychologist can earn a handsome amount of salary with various contributing factors. However, the BLS report of 2022 shows that the median salary for all psychologists is $82,510. The report also concludes that the top 10% of people in this field earned more than $167,460 annually.

  1. How time does it takes to become a cognitive psychologist?

To become a cognitive psychologist requires 6 to 7 years of education from APA accredited institutes and courses.

  1. Who is the most influential Cognitive Psychologist in the US?

The United States has a wide range of psychologists in respective domains. The most influential and known Cognitive Psychologist is Ulric Neisser. He is known as the father of cognitive psychology. He believed that the study of cognition should include all elements of behavior and mental processes. 

  1. How to get more salary as a Cognitive Psychologist?

If you want to earn more salary as a cognitive psychologist then you should gain more hands-on experience and skills in research psychology. The psychiatrist is the highest paid profession in this domain according to 

Salaries For Cognitive Psychologists

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