Salaries For Cognitive Behavioral Therapists

A cognitive behavioral therapist is a person who is an expert in conducting CBT and other psychotherapies. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which a psychologist helps individuals identify disturbed or negative thought patterns and provide solutions to mitigate them. Cognitive therapists have extensive knowledge of CBT, which significantly assists in problem-solving and setting new realistic goals. let us know about that the Salaries For Cognitive Behavioral Therapists.

Salaries For Cognitive Behavioral Therapists

According to recent data, the average salary for a cognitive behavioral therapist in the United States is $50k to $54k. While there are many considered factors that significantly affect this number, including education, certifications, skills, and job location or city. However, they are making the most in San Francisco and Washington, DC, where the average salary is about 50% more than the national average salary.

Salaries For Cognitive Behavior Therapists According To Payscale.Com

PayScale is a United States-operated software company that provides solutions to employers and employees for compensation and validation of salary data. It is a trusted platform to get insight related to market jobs and their salary demands.

A median salary will be the best way to get an estimate of any salary for any profession. It is a midway number of many salaries that are taken into account. The median salary for child psychologists is $51k per year. However, here’s a quick review of salaries following the most recent data updates in August 2022. 

Population PercentageAnnual SalaryHourly salary










Their base salary will be around $39K to $71K without including commissions, bonuses, and other health care benefits. Base income is the gross income before including taxes and deductions. These are average salaries that are not fixed because if a person has more experience and education, then this number can vary. The bonus for CBT therapists can be in the range of $5k to $102k, taking into account your experience and level of education.

Salaries For A CBT Therapist In Different Cities In The US:

Geographic location and regional area are two determining factors for any job’s salary. They come along with any job and its wage demand. CBT therapists are earning different amounts in different cities in the United States. Let’s explore their salaries in different regions of the US and how much of a percentage differs from the national average salary of child psychologists.

Top 6 Highest Paying Cities For Children Psychologists:


Annual Salary

Difference from average national salary (%)

San Francisco


51% higher

Washington, DC


34% higher 



7% higher

New York,


5% higher

Austin, TX


6% lesser

Salt Lake City


14% lesser

Salaries for CBT psychologists in New York, Austin, and other states such as Salt Lake City are less than the nation’s average salary. Read on to learn how much you can expect to earn in a variety of psychology fields, including organizational-industrial, clinical, counseling, and school psychology, and consider the location or state where you want to work.

Top-Notch Skills That Help In Earning High Salary:

It has been proven by many highly-paid psychologists that some cognitive skills will help you earn more and get higher rankings. These skills will set you apart from the crowd and help you shine in this field. Let’s dive into these skills.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Roleplaying
  • Activity scheduling 
  • Behavior action
  • Journaling and Thoughts Record
  • Active listening
  • Clinical psychology
  • Relaxation and stress reduction techniques
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Data analysis
  • Clinical terminology literacy
  • Interpersonal skills

How Much Experience Counts For A Good Salary?

Depending on the years of experience and education, the salary for a clinical psychologist will be different. A person who has 10 or more years of experience will have a higher hourly pay-out rate than mid-experienced and early starters.

Some in industrial/organizational psychology stood at the highest end of the salary scale, with median annual compensation of $125,000. On the other end of the range, those with a degree in educational psychology earned a median salary of $75,000.

Steps to becoming a CBT therapist in the USA:

Normally, a cognitive-behavioral therapist doesn’t require a special degree in this field if you have passed your major in psychology. It does not require a certification or a degree specifically related to it

Important steps are highlighted in the below section to become one:

  • To become a child psychologist requires a bachelor’s and a doctorate in clinical psychology approved by the American Psychological Association.
  • Complete supervised clinical training or internship.
  • Earn a license from the state
  • Pass the ABCCAP exam to get a board license.
  • Apply for a Cognitive-behavioral Therapist job.


CBT is a researched and evidence-based therapy that helps individuals improve the outcome of serious mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and some other behavioral issues. They are paid differently in different regions of the USA, with an annual salary of over $100k in San Francisco. The average salary lies in the range of $50k to $70k.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Which state has the highest average salary for cognitive behavioral psychologists?

San Francisco is considered one of the highest-paying states for clinical psychologists. A report indicated that employers here can pay up to $160k. 

  1. Is it worth becoming a Cognitive-behavioral therapist?

Yes, of course, if you have a high-interest rate in this field and love to solve behavioral and developmental issues then, this field will be a great option. In addition to that, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported a 10 % growth in this profession from the year 2018 to 2028 for all psychologists in this field.

  1. How much can a cognitive behavioral therapist make in the US in a year?

The median salary has been $51K for therapists in the US according to salary data at and this is a filtered salary through location to give you a vague estimate. However, it will vary taking into account many other factors, such as years of experience, skills proficiency, subfield, and location.

  1. How much tax does a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist pay?

In 2018, an individual filing in this tax bracket would pay an estimated average federal tax of 22%. After that a federal tax rate of 22% is deducted, Cognitive Behavioral Therapists may anticipate earning $62,328 per year, with each payment equaling around $2,597*.

Salaries For Cognitive Behavioral Therapists

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