Salaries For CISSP | How Much They Get?

CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. It is a highly demanded certification for professionals in the cybersecurity industry, who are responsible for protecting data from hackers and systems from threats. This certification is essential for professionals working in the field of information security and is widely recognized across industries in the United States. Let us know What are the ‘Salaries For CISSP’.

Salaries For CISSP

Salaries For CISSP

CISSP is a highly-rated profession, particularly for those who have experience in IT. The certification is awarded by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)². Before deciding to pursue this career path, students often want to know about potential salaries. So, if you’re interested in becoming a part of CISSP, knowing about the salaries is important

As of February 7, 2023, the average annual salary for a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) in the United States ranges between $51,280 to $143,770. If you want a simple salary calculation, it comes out to approximately $62.67 per hour, similarly, this amount is equal to $10,862 per month and $2,506 per week. The national average salary for a CISSP is $130,345, and it ranks as the highest-paying job in most states of the United States.

To further discuss CISSP salaries in detail, we can provide more information about the salary range and different states’ salaries. 

Annual Salary Ranges of CISSP 

The salary ranges for CISSP professionals in the United States depend on job facilities and other factors, and they can be divided into two categories: mid-level experts and senior-level experts based on their level of experience. Some may earn the highest amount, while some earn the lowest amount. However, the average salary is based on these two extremes, and salaries also have a range.

  • The average annual salary range for a CISSP in the United States is between $74,500 and $195,500, with some professionals earning as little as $74,500 and others earning as much as $195,500.
  • Some CISSP professionals with less experience currently earn around $108,000, which is at the 25th percentile.
  • while mid-level experienced professionals earn between $108,000 to $148,500, which is at the 75th percentile.
  • Those with senior-level experience can earn the highest amount, which is at the 90th percentile, making $170,500 annually in the United States.

According to recent data, a CISSP professional can expect to earn an average salary of up to almost $80,000. However, there are opportunities to increase your salary by considering other factors such as location, education, and certification. Salaries can also depend on the industry, with professionals in the technology, finance, and healthcare sectors tending to earn higher salaries than other industries.

Top Cities for CISSP Salaries

Many factors can impact your income, but one of the most significant is where you live, and where you are working, and the city and state greatly influence your pay rate. All of these factors can impact your annual salary, so it’s important to choose them carefully to bolster your earnings.

We will now discuss some of the top cities in the United States for Certified Information Systems Security Professionals who are seeking high salaries. The city you work in can have a significant impact on your income, so it’s important to choose wisely. Each city has its salary rates, and we have compiled a list of top-paying cities in different states where you can expect to earn a higher-than-average salary for this job. If you are looking to advance your career in the field of Certified Information Systems Security, this information will be valuable to you.

San Matero

San Mateo, California is ranked as the top city with the highest average annual income for CISSP professionals. The average annual salary for a CISSP professional in San Mateo is $161,414, which equates to an hourly rate of $77.60. This salary is 23.8%  higher than the national average for CISSP professionals.

Daly City

The city of  California, Dera City, is the second-highest paying city for CISSP professionals, with an average annual salary of $159,599. The hourly pay rate is $76.73. Due to the high pay rate, CISSP professionals dream of working in this city, with a salary that is 21.9% higher than the average annual salary range.


 California state has a city called Barkley that ranks third in terms of high salaries for CISSP professionals. In this city, you can earn more than the average annual income, which is $158,870. The hourly rate is equal to $76.38.

Green River

It is one of the highest-paying cities for CISSP professionals in California. The average annual income in this city is $156,920, which means you can earn approximately $75.44 per hour. Choosing to work in Green River can be a great option for those who want to earn a high income.


Working as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional in Richmond can be very beneficial for your career, as the average annual salary is $151,099, which is equivalent to an hourly rate of $72.6.


Bellevue, located in the state of Washington, is one of the top cities where Certified Information Systems Security Professionals can earn a higher salary than the annual average, with an average income of approximately $147,767. The hourly income for CISSP professionals in Bellevue is $71.04. If you dream of working as a CISSP professional in Washington, this city provides a great opportunity to earn more than the average salary.

Salaries with different roles of CISSP

If you miss a chance to get a job as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, don’t be disheartened. There are many other options in the field of information security where you can earn a good salary. You can explore other high-paying jobs related to this field. Below, I have mentioned some related jobs with their annual salaries.

  • Information Security Analyst: It is responsible for analyzing security measures to protect an organization’s computer systems and networks. Its average annual salary is $96,117.
  • Cybersecurity Analyst: helps to protect an organization’s computer systems and networks from unauthorized access. they can earn $96,117 yearly. 
  • Network Security Engineer: They are responsible for ensuring the security of an organization’s computer networks by implementing and maintaining security systems and protocols. The annual average salary for this job is $113,408.
  • IT Auditor: An IT auditor evaluates an organization’s computer systems and networks to ensure compliance with regulations and best practices, as well as to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities. They can earn 4134,174 per year easily.

If you are qualified for one of these any job, you will surely with a high salary than a CISSP professional 


The article is about the Certified Information Systems Security Professional salaries (CISSP) in the United States. The average annual salary of a CISSP is $143,770. Hope you got all the information about different cities’ salaries and related jobs. It will be beneficial for you if you want to earn in the CISSP profession.

  • Q1. Which job ranking do CISSP holders mostly occupy?

A1. Most offer the post directors, specialists, senior managers, and executives involved in this job also earn lucrative income.

  • Q2. Is CISSP in demand?

 A2. Yes, it is a highly demanded profession throughout the United States. 

Salaries For CISSP | How Much They Get?

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