Salaries For Chief Staff

Chief staff is a work position that would vary in job duties depending on the department in an organization or company in a general perspective. But whatever the case, the salary does not vary so much. So, as chief staff, in the US, the members would go ahead and have a salary per year close but different from place to place. Furthermore, the mean base salary for any person holding such a position would receive a yearly payment of $114,195. Let’s learn about ‘Salaries For Chief Staff’.

Salaries For Chief Staff

Salaries For Chief Staff

The salaries for chief staff may differ from one state to the other. Although every region would allow a specific chief staff of the organization to have a certain value as payment at the end of the year, the same amount may not be the same for other states. Moreover, every chief staff member has their salary in terms of base salary, bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions, all of which sums up to a total pay per month or annually. So, the base salaries and profits differ from the range in salary payments for every state.

Would you like to become a chief staff in a local company or organization? Before considering joining any governmental organization as chief staff, it would be good advice to take a priority and find the state region or area which has a considerable ransom as compared to others. Thus, this article comes in handy since it will discuss the salaries for chief staff across some areas. Find the region that best suits you below.

Salaries for Chief Staff by Location

The following list presents the location difference in pay for the chief staff. If you would like to get such a position, it would be a useful consideration to have a look at the location that would suit you first before taking it in any area. 

San Francisco, California

California is among the best states in the US and the rank makes it a better place to be a chief staff of the organization around the region. In San Francisco, California, a typical chief of staff would get an average sum of $352,257 as the payment for the year although the salary is not fixed. Therefore it would fall in a range between $285,269 as the lowest pay and $428,187 as the highest pay.

 As a chief staff, one would get a salary within the stated range due to other factors like professional experience, level of education, certification, and also other additional skills.  

New York

New York is another area of consideration in looking forward to having a position as a chief staff. The region in the US has favorable pay for members in that position. So, if one of the considerations is to get such a position in New York City, the average payout expectation is $339,012 annually.

In addition, depending on the added skills and other considerations, the range of salary one would expect to receive is between $274,542 the lowest amount one could receive while the highest is around $412,087. Education, certification, and the count of years working would determine the payment a person would get at the end of the year being a chief staff.

Boston, MA

Are you living in Boston and would like to have a perfect job as a chief staff but you do not know the salary pay? While in Boston, if one has the capability or what it takes to be a chief staff in any organization, then such a person would get average pay of up to $317,510. But since the position and the relevant duties in the organizations would vary, then there exists a range of payments for the annual salary.

So, in Boston, $257,130 is the lowest payment salary for a typical chief staff in the area, while $385,950 is the highest earning one would expect, depending on the various added skills and important factors like education levels. 

Dallas, Texas

Dallas is another place where a prospective chief staff member can decide to work. If one is living in Dallas or can obtain such a position as a chief staff in the area, they would have the best opportunity to get to work. Although the salary in the region has fallen since the last update for salary payments, it is still a better place to get such a duty position in the organization situated in the area.  

In terms of value, an average earning for any member in Texas as a chief staff would get a yearly ransom of $279,974. For the 25th percentile, the members would get $226,731 while the 75th percentile of members receives up to $340,323. 


In any organization, be it a private or a public one, a chief staff would have similar duty and work description. So, before joining such a position, many people find it better if they take slight and quick or in-context research to know the salary payment they would expect beforehand. Consequently, it is the best choice to have a consideration in using this document in such research for the common regions in the US. 


  • What are the different experience levels that determine the pay as a chief staff?

While joining a chief staff position in any organization, the salary pay would be different when it comes to the level of experience. One year of experience as chief staff member is the entry-level personnel and would get up to $77,757. 

The next level would be the early career personnel who are between 1 to 4 years of experience and such a member would get up to $89,080 as the annual salary. The other levels include mid-career and late-career chief staff while the experienced level of chief staff is the highest in the group. 

  • How much ransom do the chief staff in Canada get?

In Canada, being a chief staff allows one to receive $98,681 annually. The amount narrates to $50.61 earned every hour. So, while one likes to get such a position in Canada, they would expect such pay for their duties in any organization, although the amount is average, meaning it may be more or less.

Salaries For Chief Staff

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