Salaries For Certified Medical Assistant In New York NY

Certified Medical Assistant of New York, NY, average salary depending on several factors like education, location, specialization in the medical field, and certification. And different salaries vary from state to state. Some factors and requirements are important and need to be calculated based on a Certified Medical Assistant getting a salary in New York. Here we will see about Salaries For Certified Medical Assistant In New York NY .

In New York, NY, certified medical assistant salary tally numbers range from $22,040 to $43,880, with an average salary of $30,590. Moreover, there are two classes based on percentage- the average, 60 percent of certified medical assistants get paid $30,590, and 80 percent of top certified medical assistants get paid $43,880. And salaries of certified medical assistants depend on different factors which need to be fulfilled like additional skills and the number of experience you have done work in this profession. 

Salaries For Certified Medical Assistant In New York NY

Four Different Types of Categories of MA and Their Salaries-

By receiving a certification, you can advance your career as a medical assistant. Compared to your non-certified competitors, this not only gives your resume a significant credibility boost but also increases the salary you may expect-

  1. Certified Medical Assistant: Medical assistants who have completed the CMA certification exam get an average pay of$35,120, which is about 5% more than an uncertified MA. A candidate who has earned the CMA certificate has demonstrated that they possess the professional abilities and knowledge necessary to succeed in their line of work.
  2. Clinical Medical Assistants primarily aid in patient care, whether it is through patient intake tasks, minor in-office procedures, or maintaining patient records. After passing the CCMA exam, which gauges specific knowledge and abilities for this position, a candidate becomes a CMA. The typical annual compensation for clinical medical assistants is $34,550, which is about $4,000 more than the typical annual salary for all medical assistants. 
  3. A registered medical assistant has proven his, or her skills and expertise by meeting specific requirements and passing the demanding RMA certification exam. The yearly compensation for RMAs is 34,320 on average. Your compensation may rise over time in proportion to how long you remain registered and how much experience you accumulate.
  4. An administrative medical assistant is a person whose main responsibility is to offer assistance to office workers. You must successfully pass the CMAA exam to qualify for this position by demonstrating your professional competency. These people make, on average, $33,990 per year, which is a little more than the average MA.

There is a table showing the median salaries of New York cities:

New York CitiesAnnual Median Salary of Certified Medical Assistant
New York$38,901
Queens Village$38,901
Staten Island$38,901

What do you mean by Certified Medical Assistance?

Certified medical assistants are those who practitioners after passing the exam of CMA, and they are one of the important core team members of the healthcare team. The nature of the job certified medical assistants are doing they are helping physicians in their work and working along with them in their offices, hospitals, or centers. The bottom line is they are appointed for making the healthcare team work easier. There are some important work that they are performing as a certified medical assistant while doing their job some of them are-

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  1. To measure the vital signs.
  2. During patient medical examination they are helping the physician.
  3. Keep the track record of the medical history of the patient and the patient personal information.
  4. Keeping the list updated of appointments with doctors.
  5. Providing medical assistance to patients. For example- injections and other medications are required as per the need.
  6. To prepare the blood samples of patients for sending to the laboratory tests.
  7. Update the information of patients by inserting their medical information into medical records.

How Much Beginner Medical Assistant is Getting?

There is a category of salaries dived into three parts- annual, monthly, and hourly salary of a medical assistant in the US as per the US Bureau of labor statistics-. 


How Much Median Medical Assistant is Getting?

There is a category of salaries dived into three parts- annual, monthly, and hourly salary of a medical assistant in the US as per the US Bureau of labor statistics-.


Types of Offices Certified Medical Assistance Work-

Many factors are essential to calculate the salary of certified medical assistants based on the type of office work they are doing and the many works done by a certified medical assistant at different levels like- individual clinics of doctors or large hospitals it depends and affects their salary tally. There are some salary figures based on the type of office work-

  1. Health practitioner’s offices– per hour certified medical assistants are earning $33,210 or $15.97.
  2. Physicians’ office– the average salary slab is $36,580, and certified medical assistants are earning per hour 417.59.
  3. Outpatient care centers– certified medical assistants are earning per hour $22.35 to $42,330.
  4. Continuing care retriment communities and assisted living facilities for the elderly- certified medical assistants training per hour $14.84 to $30,870.

There is a table showing the certified medical assistants’ salaries based on their work experience in this profession-

Work Experience As Certified Medical AssistantAverage Salaries based on Work Experience of CMA
0-2 Years$29,256
3-5 Years$31,852
6-9 years$33,590
10-15 years$35,649
16 or above 

This is a guide for your job hunt because it’s crucial to have realistic income expectations when looking for work as a CMA. There are, however, several additional considerations that should be made, including the preferred environment, the necessary working hours, and the potential for promotion, among others. You can make sure you are making an informed choice between open positions by keeping all of this information in mind. Through this article we have learned about Salaries For Certified Medical Assistant In New York NY.

Salaries For Certified Medical Assistant In New York NY

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