Salaries For Astrologists

Astrology is a tool that has been left behind for people to decode and use to uncover the way that their soul truly communicates. This part of science has been researched to be a pseudoscience which is more than daily, weekly, or monthly horoscopes for your sun sign. Astrology is an ancient language of the planets and stars. By taking a moment to look up at the cosmos, you will learn a lot about yourselves on an individual level and the world around you on a macro level. This ancient science has been in existence since a thousand years ago, and some individuals find it daunting enough to study the course. Those individuals are called astrologists. This article will allow us to know all about astrologists, their salary levels, and their roles. let us know about that the Salaries For Astrologists.

Salaries For Astrologists

Salaries For Astrologists

An astrologist is said to earn an average annual income of $51,534 in the United States. You should know that the figures may vary depending on your geographical location and the years of experience the astrologists have. Some other factors like the astrologists working with a big company, working as a freelancer, or being in charge of their own company may allow the average annual salary to range. Entry and professional level of an astrologist will earn an annual income between $32,860 and $64,780. This position can also vary from state to state and city to city. Astrologists residing in California or San Francisco are likely to receive a higher income than those in Oregon or Seattle.

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of An Astrologist?

Astrologists help us in all the ways that are not generally helpful to the elite. This is because they grant us knowledge about the positions, motions, and properties with how they affect people and events on earth. How does the earth affect human existence? Where do we come from? How does the earth benefit us? How do souls communicate? and all other related questions are what they live for. In another word, astrologists help us understand our origins, how the universe evolved to its present point, what all of those objects in the night sky are, and perhaps how the universe will evolve years from now. In short, these are their roles and responsibilities as an astrologist

  • Interpret the position and motion of stars and the placement of the the constellations of Zodiac sign by human behavior
  • Predicts the reaction and personalities of people through their human existence by using an esoteric system 
  • Acts as part therapists and part new age priests to provide spiritual and practical guidance 
  • Research and provide ways for horoscopes to make people feel better by using psychological effects known as placebo effects

Where Does An Astrologist work?

Astrologist is one of the human occupations that allow people to work in multiple fields or aspects of life (I.e you can work in many different environments). They may choose to work as a freelancer or full employment opportunities in a working environment like the national observatories and government-funded lab, or planetarium, and they can work in a museum. There are also opportunities for them to work in the academic field by imparting to the upcoming astrologists what the field entails.

How Can I Become An Astrologist?(skills and requirements included)

The easiest way to become an astrologist is by enrolling in a tertiary institution to obtain the degree. Most higher institutions or not necessarily possess astrology departments anyone interested in studying the course can go for inter-related astrology courses. To gain entrance your grade is up to 45% pass mark in the 10+2 level exam from recognized institutions. During your undergraduate days, strive to apply for many internship positions to have practical insight other than theoretical ones.

Good astrologists must be someone with a great deal of empathy and a sense of responsibility. They should also possess mathematics or calculation skills with an educational background in communication ability. They must be a relatable counselor and possess the required skills to understand Zodiacal charts.

Other career options as an astrologist

Sometimes, people may choose to delve into a single component of astrology since the field has various aspects just like any other science course. The bullet points below will list job profiles with their description that is known to be under the astrology departments.


A palmist or a chirologist is an individual in charge of reading palms. The process of studying and foretelling by reading palms is also known in some other countries as chiromancy or Chirology. Their job description is to tell fortunes based on palm lines (I.e) they predict a problem and suggest a solution based on the appearance of palm lines, fingers, nails, texture, color, shape, and flexibility. The annual average salary of a palmist is $35,360 while the lowest and highest annual income ranges between $16,640 and $76,987 per year

Mind reader

Mind reading is the ability to discern thoughts of someone else without that person’s projecting or voicing them out (no communication is involved). This is sometimes due to preternatural means. Mind readers nowadays is not a trick but a skill that has enticed a lot of people. To be successful in this career, you must exercise patience since mind reading involves patience. The annual average salary of a mind reader is $35,360 while their entry and professional level annual income ranges between $16,453 and $70,234 per year.


An astrologist is someone in charge of decoding and understanding how the human mind and soul communicate and how they came into existence. This is by using different methods thereby, leading to different career options in the field. The average salary of astrology and other things that should be known about the occupation has been listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Is an astrologist different from an astronomer?

Yes, an astrologist is somehow different from an astronomer. Astrologists study and believe that the position of stars and other planetary bodies is used to predict an individual’s personality and future and in the process, find a solution for it. Astronomers are those people who study the occurrence of stars and planetary bodies, but they are yet to find out what supports the astrologist’s theories.

  • Do people respect astrology as a course in the United States?

Astrologists have their associations and communities in the states, this shows how much the course is being supported in the states. Therefore, all courses as long as they benefit society has value, and it is respected.

Salaries For Astrologists

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