Salaries For Associate Project Manager

Associate project managers just beginning in their field, assist in managing a particular project from the planning to its finishing. They are tasked with several roles, from delegating different roles to the team, finances, communicating goals, monitoring, and even conflict management. let us know about that the Salaries For Associate Project Manager.

Salaries For Associate Project Manager

The salaries are set according to their skills and certifications. On average, an associate project manager makes about 73,106 USD. This amount varies according to the states and their policies. The amount of total salary can begin from 13,367 USD to even 326,665 UD per year. This, of course, is reliant on the company and state they work in, along with the scope of the project. The bonus on the average salary is normally 2,500 USD and which does not take more than a year to get. Moreover, the highest-paid associate project managers are based in San Francisco, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, and North Carolina. 

The salaries per year on a spectrum (in terms of percentile) are as follows:

  •  The bottom 10th percentile associate project managers make about 44,000 USD.
  • Those in the 25th percentile make about 57,000 USD.
  • Those lying in the 75th percentile make about 103,000 USD.
  • The top 90th percentile project managers make about 133,000 USD. 

What factors affect salaries?

Salaries in associate project management are impacted by:

  • Scope of the project
  • Length in time
  • Sector
  • How complex the project is

Salaries in different states

Paychecks for associate project managers total up to differing amounts when several states are compared. Below is the list of some of the states showing different salaries:

  • 105,000 USD in New Jersey
  • 107,000 USD in Connecticut
  • 98,345 USD in New York
  • 95,989 USD in North Carolina
  • 94,422 USD in Massachusetts

The above-mentioned states give out the highest salaries, about 44 percent more than the average, some of the others on a lower scale are mentioned below.

  • 81,739 USD in Michigan
  • 81,000 in Georgia
  • 80,000 USD in Maine
  • 77,000 USD in Florida
  • 72,000 USD in Nevada
  • 67,588 in Minnesota
  • 58,513 in Montana
  • 58,728 in South Dakota

Salaries by Sector/Industry

Managing a project is a need in almost every sector, although the skill set that the managers must possess may differ according to the industry and job at hand. Which then determines their salaries. 

Some of the most renowned industries are as follows, along with the average pay scale:

  • Finance sector with an average salary of 105,000 USD
  • Pharmaceuticals, with an average salary of 92,948 USD
  • Manufacturing, with an average salary of 92,740 USD
  • Health Care industry salary average totals 85,343 USD
  • The technology industry salary average totals 80,518 USD
  • Aerospace, with an average salary of 120,000 USD
  • The construction and engineering industries’ salaries reside between 72,000 USD to 90,000 USD. 

Job Description 

Project managers who are just beginning their path, at a junior level are referred to as associates. They are entry-level and in subordination to senior managers. However, their job description is somewhat similar, the only difference is the scope of the project they handle.

Some of their responsibilities are:

  • Usage of software to identify the goals and divide them into achievable milestones and then keep them in check.
  • Keep coordination amongst all the phases of a project, from planning, information analysis, and resourcing to the finish. 
  • Communicate the goals, milestones, and deadlines with the entire team to make sure they grasp everything.
  • Delegation of work to the team members. 
  • Keep track of the budget following the goals.
  • Monitoring the overall quality progress of the project.
  • Communicate the progress and any arising problems to the upper management via presentations. 
  • Seek feedback from the seniors and communicate them to every member to keep everyone on the same page. 
  • Resolving any conflict.
  • Lead in a way to decrease any risk factors to the success of the project. 

Skills Required

Since managing a project, albeit on an entry-level is a consuming task, which includes managing an entire team to reach certain important goals, it requires a specific skill set to be able to handle it.


This is important since communicating the information with clarity from top managers to bottom team members and vice-versa, is the key to successfully finishing the project.


Leadership qualities are what make a project manager have influence.


Completing the project within a set time requires punctuality in achieving goals and sub-goals.

Resolving problems

In the scenario where anything goes wrong, whether regarding the project or team members, skills to resolve these problems are a must. 


All projects include smaller sub-goals and major goals, that are to be handled simultaneously. Thus, organization skills are important and help prioritize goals. 

Certifications for Career Advancement

One of the reasons why salary packages for entry-level project managers differ is what certifications they hold. This can have a huge impact on bumping up their salary. 

Associate project managers have access to the following certifications, that sets them apart from others in the competitive industry:

  • PMP (Project Management Professional) certification; for which individuals must pass an exam and have some previous experience. 
  • Scrum certification: this is prevalent in projects related to software, and offers six different sub-certifications like Scrum Developer, Scrum Master, Agile, etc.
  • An MBA (master’s in project management) has a substantial effect on the career path. A 2-year degree can be sought from any university. 


Working as a junior/associate project manager can be quite hectic, it involves working several hours, keeping everything in line with the strategic goal, and leading the entire team from the front. Thus, this field offers the most attractive salary packages and opportunities for career growth to higher-level managers with every successful project. 

  1. How much does MBA in project management cost?

On average, the fee amounts to 100,000 USD approximately, however, the graduates tend to begin making 50,000 USD to 90,000 USD at the beginning of their career. 

  1. Can you become an associate project manager without a degree?

Yes, by working with an independent contractor willing to hire you based on your skills.

Salaries For Associate Project Manager

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