Salaries For A Licensed Architect

Being an architect is a very good and well-paid job in the United States of America. All types of workers always get well paid in the United States, whether it is a small job or a big one. It is the same for jobs in the architecture field. Let us see about the Salaries for a Licensed Architect.

Salaries for a Licensed Architect

But before becoming a professional architect, you must know about this profession’s needs and the earning scope of this job. So a professional who can transform architectural designs into reality is called an architect. Architects can make a good living in the United States because they earn a high annual income.

Salaries for a Licensed Architect

Everyone, when one decides to pursue a profession, always thinks about the income one can generate in that profession. As for architects, the profession is well-paid in the United States. Here, the average income of an architect is approximately $86,845 per year. When we divide this income into hourly, weekly, and monthly rates, salaries for a licensed Architect is about $ 41.75 per hour, $1,670 per week, and $7,237 per month. These amounts show that an architect has a high five-figure salary in a year.

Keep on reading the article so that you can have all the information about the average salaries of licensed architects in the United States. Not only will you have information about the average salaries, but you will also learn about their salary ranges, cities that are best for architects, and much more.

Average Salary Range of Architects

As we know, all the jobs in the United States are well-paid according to the job requirements. Architectures are similar in this regard. They earn a high average income here, which is almost $86,845 per year. But like every employee’s salary, an architect’s salary also has a range within which their average salary falls. Architects can work hard to increase their salaries in that range so that they can have more money.

  • The bulk of licensed architect salaries presently falls between the 25th percentile, which becomes almost $73,500, and the 75th percentile, which becomes almost $100,500.
  • The highest earners earn about the 90th percentile, which is almost equal to $115,000 per year in the United States.
  • With these amounts, we can assume that the yearly salaries of architects can be as high as $117,000 and as low as $40,000.

Now you’ll know from these stats that the salary range for a licensed architect can vary up to almost $27,000. It simply depicts that there are lots of prospects for income increases and promotions in this job depending on your experience, working place, and skill level.

Factors Influencing Salary

Whatever job you have, numerous factors will influence your salary. Many people ignore these elements, but some who are competent enough to increase their salary study these elements and try to implement them in their daily work routine. Some of these elements are mentioned here.

States and Cities

In a broad sense, the states and, more specifically, the cities in which you work always have an impact on your pay. In some cities in some states, you’ll get paid more than the average salary as compared to other states. This is a factor that changes with your kind of work, and it’s not just bound to a specific job or type of work.

It affects all the employees working in different fields. For a job, one city can pay better than the other city in one state. The same city can pay less for some jobs than another city. So it is changeable. You just try to choose a city that suits you best for your kind of work so that you can have an above-average income.

Education and Degrees

How well your education meets the minimum standards for your post will always have an impact on your salary. Additionally, the caliber of your degree greatly affects your earnings and always has an impact on your salary. Degrees from top programs from a well-known university usually have a positive effect on the salaries of workers, whereas degrees from programs that are thought to be weak in a certain industry do not have much value.

It’s because, nowadays, competition among students is very high. Every year, a large number of students receive their diplomas. Architecture is also studied by many students who have an interest in this field. It almost fulfills the demand and supply chain. That’s why recruiters always look for higher-degree architects who have more knowledge and can work better. Eventually, due to your higher education, you will be paid more than average.


Experience is needed not only in every field of work but also in life. The more experienced you are, the more market value you have. Experienced people are always preferred over non-experienced ones in every field of work. As for architects, experience is necessary.

If you want to move from one company to another, your working experience will be counted, and you will be offered a higher salary than the average based on your experience. Also, higher companies look for experienced architects for big projects, so architects are paid well.

Skills and abilities

If you get a job as a fresh architect, you can get promoted and paid more based on your skills and abilities. A worker’s hard work and performance always benefit him. So it also becomes one element that will affect your salary, not only as an architect but as any other employee.

If you want to increase your salary, you have to strengthen your in-demand skills and impress your bosses with your hard work and successful projects so that they can happily increase your salary.

Financial conditions 

Lastly, financial conditions matter a lot, whether they are of your working company, your working city, your working state, or your working country. If your company is small and financially unstable, it won’t be able to offer a high salary. Cities, states, and countries are all in the same boat. So if you want to earn more, you have to choose your working places carefully.

So, these are some fundamental elements that will impact your income as a worker in general as well as an architect.

High-Paying Cities for Licensed Architects

Cities always matter as we discussed earlier. If you are aiming to be an architect, here are some cities that will pay you more than the average annual salary.

  • San Mateo, CA… $103,466
  • Daly City, CA… $102,010
  • Green River, WY.: $101,712
  • Berkeley, CA: $101,546
  • Irvine, CA…………$99,034
  • Richmond, CA, $97,167
  • Oxnard, CA……….$96,546
  • Merced, California…. $96,477
  • Orange, CA……..$96,341
  • Tacoma, WA……..$96,324

You can infer from this data that the dream state for doing the job of an architect is California. Most of the cities of California provide handsome 6-figure and 5-figure salaries that are way better than the average salary of an architect.


The average salary of a licensed architect in the United States is $86,845 annually. But some of the cities pay more than the average salary. In this article, you are provided with all the details of the average salaries, cities, and elements that will affect your salaries. Hope, this article cleared all your doubts regarding the salary of a licensed architect. 

  • Are there different types of architects?

Yes, architects are of many types, like commercial architects, architect-designers, industrial architects, etc.

  • Which architect has the highest income?

Landscape architects earn the highest income in this field, approximately $132,393, which is very high for a simple architect.

Salaries For A Licensed Architect

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