Salaries For A 911 Dispatcher- Find More About It

All workers receive payment for the services they have rendered for a company/organization which is called a salary. A 911 dispatcher works with both private and public governmental bodies and you only need basic requirements to get a job as a dispatcher. It is therefore considered a good-paying job that can help one earn a living. Let’s learn about ‘Salaries For A 911 Dispatcher’.

Salaries For A 911 Dispatcher

Salaries For A 911 Dispatcher

The average salary that a 911 dispatcher receives annually in the United States is $40, 900; the range salary falls between $36,000 and $46, 100. The average hourly pay is about $18.24 while the lowest and highest pay per hour is $15.40 and over $25.00. The salary varies for different workers depending on factors such as education, certification, additional skills, and the number of years of experience you have gained. In some cases, 911 dispatchers earn bonuses or tips at work and this also increases the net salary per annum.  Furthermore, some states in the US pay a lot more than other cities based on the number of calls or cases they might have to deal with in a day as a result of their high population. Let’s read Salaries For A 911 Dispatcher.

Responsibilities of a 911 Dispatcher

911 dispatchers act as an intermediary between the public (caller) and emergency units depending on the help requested by the caller. They are generally responsible for attending to emergency phone calls and getting the necessary personnel to work on the complaints received. Depending on the situation described by the caller, some situations necessitate the assistance of a fire truck, the police, or the ambulance. A 911 dispatcher is responsible for transmitting and receiving calls and messages which can either be from an emergency or non-emergency situations. They are also in charge of dispatching important information provided by the caller such as the address and the degree of emergency to units such as the police, ambulance, or fire trucks.

For example, in a case where a person has passed out and requires urgent medical attention, the 911 dispatcher can prescribe first aid solutions to help calm the situation while an ambulance is sent to the location provided. For serious medical conditions, the dispatcher gives out all relevant information to the health operatives in the ambulance. Also, for fire accidents, a fire truck is dispatched to the provided location.  

Necessary Skills for a 911 Dispatcher

A 911 dispatcher must be empathetic and not cold towards people who place a call through to them as this gives them the understanding that you understand the situation they are in. They must be calm and have great listening skills to understand the message the caller is trying to pass. They must also be able to pay attention to details and multi-task; such as filling in details, listening to the caller, and also placing a call through to the emergency unit as fast as possible. They must be a fast and accurate typist as they will need to record the call details quickly and also make quick decisions to meet the caller’s needs.

Other required skills include the ability to maintain call records and to provide necessary information to different emergency units as required. Furthermore, they learn how to provide medical assistance by giving instructions over the phone and they also learn to track the status of emergency units.

Top 10 Highest-Paying States in the United States for a 911 Dispatcher

In the United States, there exist a lot of opportunities/jobs for one to become a 911 dispatcher in various states. However, states with higher populations tend to have more emergencies leading to increased pay for their 911 dispatchers. Also, states with a higher cost of living pay higher than their colleagues working in cheaper areas.

The top 10 states that pay the highest salaries to their 911 dispatchers include Alaska with an average salary of about $47,000, Washington with about $44,700, Connecticut with $41,500, California with $40,000, Massachusetts with $39,700, New Jersey with about $39,000, Vermont with $38,500, New Hampshire with $38,000, Oregon with $37,980, and New York with about 37,850 per annum. These values are variable to change for everyone depending on where their work is and the number of emergencies they must have attended to over time.

How to be a 911 Dispatcher?

Being a 911 dispatcher requires that they are educated to a high school level and must have a high level of training so that they can discern how to identify, respond, and coordinate emergencies. Getting a university degree in related fields can help get a dream job as a 911 dispatcher. It is often used to cover up for the years of experience required in most jobs. Learning for a dispatcher never ends as they have to keep learning to improve their work performance.

Before one can be fully employed to be a dispatcher, they will undergo different tests such as drug tests, and vision and hearing tests and some cases might require that you take a lie detector test. A background check is conducted to confirm the details they have submitted.


Now we have learnt ‘Salaries For A 911 Dispatcher’, Being a 911 dispatcher comes with an attractive salary that can help an average person maintain a good standard of living. Although this salary varies on different factors, it is a reasonable job to do to earn a living in the United States. It is important to note that higher experience or education will get you a good-paying position because of the major role experience plays in your career.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where do 911 dispatchers make the most money?

911 dispatchers in the US make the most in cities like California, Alaska, Oregon, Connecticut, and Washington with a salary of about $57, 430 to $68,930 per year.

  • How much does a 911 dispatcher make in Iowa?

On average, an Iowa-based 911 dispatcher earns a salary of about $41,500 per year. The annual salary also ranges between $35,000 and $45,000 mostly.  

  • Where do 911 dispatchers make the least money?

As of July 2022, Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas are the least paying states in the US with an average annual salary of about $29,500.  

Salaries For A 911 Dispatcher- Find More About It

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