Paranormal Investigator Salary-And Job description

Paranormal Investigator Salary

The key center of this article is to provide you with the knowledge of Paranormal Investigator Salary its Job description and its roles.

Paranormal Investigators investigate the Fortean phenomenon or the presence of paranormal activity. Charles Fort is said to have been the best collector of paranormal anecdotes so this is also known as the Fortean phenomenon. They are also referred to as ghost hunters. New England is known to be the epicenter of paranormal activity in America. here the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society (CPRS) plays an important role in promoting paranormal investigation and gives access to paranormal investigators. 

Paranormal Investigation has gained popularity in recent years because of its extensive representation in mass media. However, not all of it is accurate. Let’s dive into the field of Paranormal Investigation, focusing on the monetary aspects of the field as well. 

Parapsychology is also a path to paranormal investigations, the Parapsychology was also in association with the American Association for the advancement of Science. 

Paranormal Activity

Is best described as an activity that takes place beyond the scope of scientific understanding and evidence. This is usually on basis of extrasensory perception. Other pseudosciences such as telepathy and spiritualism also play roles in the area of paranormal activity. 

It is important to know that a paranormal phenomenon cannot be proved using scientific methods as it would not be categorized as a paranormal experience. 


As a paranormal investigator, you can work with the government but the United States government does not employ full-time units dedicated to paranormal cases or as a private consultant. But as a federal criminal investigator for the government, you can come across cases that involve paranormal elements.

The world’s largest paranormal society called “” is owned by Bill Wilkens. 

Job description

There are professional ghost hunters known in the US. Their main objective is to collect video evidence or proof of paranormal activity. They use a variety of electronic devices to do so. 

Some notable paranormal investigators are Harry price, Ed, and Lorren Warren. 

Paranormal Investigators have been portrayed in various cinematic shows. The well-known reality series Ghost Hunters is based on The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). It was founded by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. TAPS does not charge their clients for hunting, they also stand out from other groups as they do not believe in haunting.

They are a registered non-profit organization. 

There is also legal work that the client has to go through with the investigator before the investigation proceeds. Such as singing of agreements, giving access to past and present experiences, records. 

Many times people confuse their delusions as paranormal experiences. But there have been cases where input from clients has been crucial to the case. 

Some traditional investigators use psychic energy to clean up the acne after settling disputes such as spells cast to trap spirits. 


There is no certain educational qualification required for becoming a paranormal investigator although if you work as a government detective or agent you will need to meet those necessary qualifications.

You can also be associated with parapsychology which is a super specialization in the field of psychology.


The basic skills and responsibilities of a paranormal investigator are to seek out paranormal activity through electronic means and also to rectify them if any abnormality is detected.

To many investigators, this is a divine, spiritual experience where they connect and transcend reality. Some investigators started to ascertain their believes and faith. Others start to claim to their scientific beliefs. They also were sure of the profession being a “calling” for them. Some paranormal investigators are believed to have heightened sensory capacities and claim to sense what others cannot. 

Methods Used 

While some investigators used methods such as visualizations as means to investigate. Various investigators believe in the spirit world” hence they connect with spirits by negotiation. They also help spirits cross over to solve the interference. These investigators are categorized to have traditional beliefs that set them apart from new-age investigators. Some meanings are drawn from such investigations that spark various debates as they indicated the presence of the afterlife. The investigators always give more importance to the empirical evidence. 


Paranormal Investigators paid case-wise or non-profit organizations that do not charge hence there is no income. The pay depends on the time of year as well, usually, most cases are registered around October. 

On average, you can make around $41,957 in the US. Paranormal Investigators make the most in San Francisco with an estimate of $62,656 at an average. The median salary for a paranormal investigator ranges from $10,518 to $211,357. 

Other starts with higher pay in relation the average US pay for paranormal investigators are –

  • Washington DC
  • Boston 
  • Chicago 
  • Los Angeles 

A state that pays 5% less than the US average in Austin. 

The middle paranormal investigators that are 57% make around $38,833 and $96,045 while the top 86% make around $211,357.

You have to pay 22% tax on your salary as of federal law if you fall under the individual tax bracket. 


Ghost Hunting originated in the 18th century, with organizations such as the Society for Psychical Research. They investigated spiritual matters, Harry Price the psychic researcher, published a book called “Confessions of Ghost Hunter” in 1936. 

It was popularized in the 2000s by the mass media. The popularity of mature ghost hunting can be traced back to the Spirituality era. The new age era brought along with its the introduction of electronic devices to aid the process of hunting. 

Around 34% of Americans believe in ghosts according to a survey in 2008, while in 2005 the 32% of people believed in ghosts. Estimating that the belief declines with age. 

In 1992, Scientific American offered a reward of $2500, for an authentic spirit photograph that needed to be tested. They also proposed to reward the first psychic who could present a visible manifestation. There was a committee made to investigate these representations. 

Currently, the James Randy foundation offers a reward of million dollars to any individual who can prove that they have paranormal abilities under tested conditions. Several other groups also provide similar monetary rewards for proof of paranormal activity. 

The largest group of paranormal investigators is the Independent Investigation Group (IIG) which has its branches in Atlanta; Denver; Washington, D.C.; Alberta, B.C.; and San Francisco. In addition to this, they also provide a monetary reward of $100,000 prize and a $5000 finder’s reward if the claimed individual can prove the presence of paranormal activity under two scientific tests. To date, no claim has been made. 

Public Opinion

The field of paranormal investigation however is gaining popularity through mass media it still sirs up much debate due to the lack of scientific and empirical evidence to support it. There is a lack of critical overage to what the media puts out in terms of paranormal activity.

But a 2006 survey, by Monash University, claimed that 70% of the 2000 respondents claimed to experience a paranormal event that changed their life. The public has heavily influenced the media in the case of paranormal activity. 

A survey by east Virginia Medical School concluded that more than two-thirds of the States population claimed to have experienced paranormal activity. 

The most common beliefs include 

  • the belief in the sighting of UFOs
  •  haunting of some places by spirits
  •  the existence of aliens visiting, also abilities like telepathy and transportation of objects from one’s mind. 
Paranormal Investigator Salary-And Job description

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