Oracle Salary Levels-Know More

Oracle is an American-based multinational computer technology corporation company, its headquarter is situated in Austin, Texas. According to the reports, Oracle is the world’s third largest software company by revenue and marketing financing. It was founded in the year of 1997 on the 6th of June in Santa Clara, California, USA. The founders of this company are- Larry Ellison, Bob Miner, and Ed Oates. The company sells products such as Applications, Databases, Cloud, Enterprise Software, Supply Chain Management Software, etc. The CEO of the company is Safra Catz. It has a total number of 132,000 employees. Oracle provides services on Applications and Cloud. Back in 1990 when its name was Oracle System Corporation went through a crisis and laid off 10% of its work due to mistakes in marketing strategies later it settled itself in 1997. In 2005 the company obtained PeopleSoft, an ERP company. Later in 2006 it again acquired Siebel, which is a CRM company. After that in 2008 and 2010, it earned some other companies like- BAE system a software company, and Sun Microsystems an Information Technology company. Let us know more about that the Oracle Salary Levels.

Oracle Salary Levels

Oracle Revenue

Currently, the revenue of the company is $41.8 billion dollars. It also has assets of a total amount of 108.6 billion dollars.  According to some newspaper reports, Oracle has a net worth of 12 billion dollars after its rise to 16%. Larry Ellison owns nearly 40% of the company. After the second quarter results from Austin, Texas-based software giant 16%. A few days ago due to the company’s heavy growth and improvement in work Larry Ellison received compliments from the users of the Oracle cloud service.

Oracle Database

 The first database for enterprise grid computing was designed by Oracle. This is the most flexible and cheap way to manage information and applications. 

Well-known companies who use Oracle

The companies that use oracle are- Netflix, LinkedIn, and Zoom. Other companies like Intuit, ViaVarejo, MIT, Wealthsimple, Backbase, etc. Some industries use which cloud of it including- Toyota Motor, TIM Brasil, and many more. ERP users of Oracle- Univera, Inc., Federal Emergency Management Agency, Lorven Technologies. etc. There are at least 130 lakh companies that use the companies database. A total of eight companies are owned by it. Based on revenue it ranked as the 2nd largest in the world. 

Salary Provided By The Company

It gives a good enough salary to the employees. List of salary for the employees-

  • Freshers Salary-> Ranges between 1 lakh- 11,30,008.
  • Principal Software Engineer salary- 1 million-> Ranges between 4million. An average pay of 22,82,243.
  • Senior Software Engineer-> Ranges between 717k-2million. Average pay of 13,73,298.
  • Information Technology Consultant-> Ranges between 481k-> 2million. An average pay of 12,00,130.
  • Sr. Software Engineer or Developer or Programmer-> Ranges between 583k-2million. An average pay of 12,01,366.
  • Junior Software Engineer-> Ranges between 310k-2million. An average pay of 831,804.
  • Software developer-> Ranges between 274k-2million. An average pay of 695,529.
  • Senior Application Engineer-> Ranges between 374k-2million.An average pay of 11,94,630.
  • Database Administrator-> ranges between 328-2million. An average pay of 893,642.
  • Sr. Project Manager, IT-> Ranges between -> 1million-3million. An average pay of 21,44,607
  • Development Operations Engineer-> Ranges between 372k-2million. An average pay of 894,612.
  • Team Leader, IT-> Ranges between 647k-2million. An average pay of 13,38,851.
  • Project Leader, IT-> Ranges between 432k-2million. An average of 11.97,236.
  • Information Technology Director-> Ranges between 1million-5million. An average pay of 31,19,161.
  • Senior Technology Consultant-> Ranges between 570k-2million. An average pay of 13,13,431.
  • Graduate-> A graduate student can earn nearly 18k every month.  
  • Operator-> Operator can earn an average of 22k per month.
  • Business Analyst-> Employees of this position also earn a good salary with an average of 3,14,702 per annum.
  • Customer care -> Their salary is about 16k per month.
  • Call Centre Representative-> Salary of this position employees are 19k on monthly basis.
  • BPO Executive-> Per month salary of these employees is 19k.
  • Customer Support Representative-> CSR monthly income is 16k. 
  • Data Scientist-> This position has two levels (i) IC2- all total they earn 1L dollar with bonus of 5T dollar (ii) IC3- all total their earnings is 2L dollar with bonus of 10T dollar 
  • Product Designer-> Two levels of this position (i) IC2- aal total 1L dollar, no bonus. (ii) IC4 2L dollar with bonus of 7T dollar
  • Solution Architect-> The employees of this position earn 2L dollars with a bonus of 18t dollars.

There are a lot of other positions in Oracle and they also get good salaries. On an average the security guard gets well paid which ranges between 0.2 lakh-1.8 lakh. According to some information companies every employee earns at least 21.7 lakhs on an average.

Benefits Provided

It provides a lot of benefits for its employees

(i) Insurance on health, dental, vision, life, disability, supplemental life, accidental death, dismemberment, occupational accident

(ii)  FSA and HAS

(iii) Retiree health and medical

(iv) On-site health care

(v) Mental health care

Qualification Required

A person can get the chance to work with oracle even if he/she don’t have any bachelor’s degree, but it is mandatory for every person to have knowledge on coding means various type of programming languages such as- Java, Python, C, C++, R, MySQL, PHP, Java script, etc. Whoever has good knowledge of this programming language, a minimum two or three languages must be essential to know.


Oracle is one of the best multinational software companies in the world. It is not so easy to get a job. Although a student who has good enough knowledge in coding on programming languages can easily get the chance to get in. Salary levels of the company is very good and also they provide so many benefits for their employees which help an employee to secure his/her future along with their family. Insurance also allows employees. Pension schemes are available by company. Free childcare services. Company gives loan facility. As oracle pays very well and getting a job in the company is like the start of a good future. 

Oracle Salary Levels-Know More

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