Nurse Practitioner Salary In Seattle

Nurse Practitioner Salary Seattle

As of January 29, 2021, for Nurse Practitioner Salary in Seattle, WA, is $121,458, although the range usually ranges between $112,705 and $131,946. Supported many significant factors, including qualifications, certifications, additional abilities, the number of years you have got spent in your career, wage levels can differ greatly.

Nurse Practitioner Salary In Seattle

Consequently, from 50 ARNPs per 100,000 in 2006 to 82 per 100,000 in 2018, the amount of ARNPs has risen. Increasing numbers of ARNPs and nurse managers and executives prefer to receive a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) rather than choosing an MSN because their highest degree as the educational requirements for nurses climbs. The DNP comes with impressive economic advantages, additionally to opening up thrilling professional doors. Nurse practitioners with a DNP received an overall wage of seven percent above NPS who held an academic degree as their highest rank, per a 2018 Advance Healthcare Network report.


  • Evaluates therapies and provide patients with complete nursing services under the direction of a practitioner.
  • Administration of pharmaceuticals and therapies by licensed nursing techniques.
  • Observes the diagnosis and response of patients and records to medications, procedures, and demanding events.
  • Assesses the result of treatment for patients.
  • Performs medical tests and preventive wellness interventions under the physician’s prescribed protocols and directions.
  • Needs license from RN.

Experience-Dependent Compensation Data

In Seattle, Washington, nurse practitioners’ annual gross income is $125,431, or a similar hourly rate of $60. This can be 11 percent higher (+$12,130) than the general wage within u. s. for nurse practitioners. They also receive a median $2,596 incentive furthermore. Salary figures are supported by the salary survey obtained exclusively from employers and unidentified workers in Seattle, Washington. On the other hand, an annual income of $155,932 is paid by a senior-level NP (8+ years of experience).

Salaries For Washington’s MSN-Educated Nurses

The Washington State Nurse’s Association aims to advocate for qualifications at the baccalaureate standard or higher for 80% of the state’s nursing population. As a result, more registered nurses are participating in RN to MSN services in Washington, which usually confer a BSN and an MSN. They experience a greater degree of autonomy and significantly higher wages as these graduates stick with their positions as advanced physicians, clinical leaders, managers, and educators.

How Much Does A Seattle, WA, Acute NP Make?

In Seattle, WA, the common Acute RN earns $124,115, 8% over the $115,357 national average Acute registered nurse income. This salary is 16% quite the full collective wages of the opposite metropolis, Dallas and Boston metros.

Predictions indicate a high rate of job development for Washington Nurse Educators and NPs.

Around 2013 and 2018, the Washington State Workforce Protection Agency expects the number of positions for nursing educators to rise by 40.2 percent. This high rate of increase could add a median of fifty new positions each year for nurse educators in Washington due to growth. This number doesn’t include extra employment that may replace nurse educators who will leave the workforce.

Predictions often show rising in the number of nurse practitioners’ employment. Around 2013 and 2018, the Department expects the speed of growth to be 23 percent. In Washington, this degree of growth could produce a mean of 56 new jobs per annum.

Place Field

In NP salaries, town and state will dramatically impact, as factors like housing expenses must be taken into consideration. Higher incomes appear to be offered by larger metropolitan cities and more populated states, while rural regions may dip below the national average. With the typical salary of an NP within the state landing at $122,550 annually, NY sits on the spectrum’s upper end. Alabama NPs are on the lower end of the spectrum, with an annual average salary of $99,570 supported by the newest available May 2019 BLS results.

How Much Does A Nursing Practitioner Earn Within US?

In the US, nurse practitioners earn an annual income of $96,912 a year, or $46.59 per hour. People on the lower end of the size make around $75,000 a year, the underside 10 percent to be precise, while the highest 10 percent earn $124,000. The place is important, as most things go. The best incomes of nurse practitioners are paid by California, Alaska, Oregon, Hawaii, and New Jersey.

Adult Health RN

Average wages for postings in Washington State for adult health nurse practitioners are 3 years more than average salaries for job postings nationally for adult health nurse practitioners. PeaceHealth,, CHI Franciscan Health, University of Washington center, and the University of Washington were the highest 5 employers who gave full-time, part-time, temporary mid-level, and entry-level contracts.

What Is It That An RN Does?

By delivering basic preventative health services, nurse practitioners may make long-lasting relationships for his or her patients. In family practices, the foremost popular work; however, they will still use their occupation in adult services, women’s health, pediatrics, and plenty of other health services, making this field highly flexible, which is an asset in itself.

Nurse Practitioner With Clinical Mental Wellbeing ($139,976)

At the BLS, there’s no knowledge of this specialty. The MedPage report, however, shows that PMHNPs in their sector still make much good money. Payscale findings indicate an annual average wage of $107,309 (which is way lower), except for nurse anesthetists, who always show a lower annual average salary. This might correspond to positions at the entry-level. The pay doesn’t take into consideration factors like promotions or state disparities in compensation between both specialties. If you scan the net for his or her median salary, you’ll see several different figures. Still, you must be confident that psychology / psychological state goes to be at the highest. PMHNP services will train you to pander to people with acute or chronic cases of mental state, and you’ll even be able to administer medicine supported by your venue.

In Washington, RN Salary

Washington’s annual wage for nurse practitioners is $115,250, double the national average for nurse practitioners. The new statistics show that only about 3,110 nurse practitioners are working in a very form of sectors within Washington. No more specialties within the category are included in these estimates.

Starting Nurse Practitioner Salary

Before choosing to hunt study to become an RN, the bulk of nurse practitioners have 10 years of coaching in nursing. In fact, 67% of respondents to the above survey published within the Journal for Nurse Practitioners stated that they planned to serve in neonatology as a complicated practice RN while still working as an RN. NNPs encompasses a baseline neonatal RN wage of $107,550, in step with the AANP report. This compares favorably, in financial terms, to any single NP area of experience. Indeed, those with NPs employed in the clinical and psychological state were the sole base pay and benefit sum to fall near those for NNPs. As a reminder, for all NPS, the typical base salary was $91,310, while the gross average income was $98,760.

Salary For This Occupation Forecast

You will learn now that joining the proper family NP curriculum is a chance within the future. Around now and 2022, the common wage is projected to rise slightly more year by year. In reality, the income will rise by 13.91%, or $14,730 a year, over the following five years. This wage rise would be driven by several factors, including the increased demand for highly qualified healthcare practitioners to support patients with diagnosis and recovery plans. For the smallest amount complex situations, FNPs are increasingly smitten by, sometimes over doctors.

In Washington, BSN Salaries

The longer-term Nursing Movement for Action Washington Coalition is to lift the number of RNs with BSN degrees to 80 percent by 2020. Currently, 53% of nurses in Washington hold a BSN degree, reminiscent of 50% nationwide. Not only can BSN-educated RNs find it easier to get jobs, but they must also predict better incomes and better chances of growth.

There are 10 member schools in Washington, from which 1,815 nursing students graduated with a BSN degree or higher in 2013, the American Association of Schools of Nursing reports. A complete of two,539 students were enrolled in BSN programs the identical year, including new students and dealing RNs who came to high school to finish the RN-BSN bridge programs.

Get Your Degree To Graduate

Before applying for your ARNP license in Washington, you want to have finished your advanced nursing degree within one year. You’ll recommend that the Commission be made excluded from this stipulation within the event of undue difficulty. Relevant qualifications for training services for advanced RN practice in Washington State are listed here.

Graduate Eligible Programs

Graduate nursing programs must be approved by an accreditation body recognized by the Department of Education (USDE) or the Board of Accreditation for the educational activity. Since national certification is required for your required designation (NP, CRN, or CRNA), the advanced RN program must be accepted by the organization by which you pursue your national certification. The program would be like the advanced RN programs accredited by the Washington State Department of Health, Nursing Board if you have received your degree outside us. You also need to possess a legitimate credential issued by a certification program authorized by the Board.

Requirements In Fact

As determined by the Washington Nursing Board, advanced nursing education courses shall meet with the subsequent requirements:

  • In the particular designation/area that you’re pursuing licensure, clinical and didactic course work shall train you for practice (NP, CRN, or CRNA)
  • Pathophysiology/advanced physiology
  • Advanced appraisal of wellbeing
  • Diagnostic philosophy and treatment of issues in health services
  • Advanced pharmacology, covering pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacotherapeutics, and specific patients’ pharmacological treatment
  • In the unique classification under which you pursue licensure (NP, CRN, or CRNA) with clinical preceptor guidance and college monitoring, no but five hundred hours of indirect patient treatment
  • Authority prescriptive

Choosing to be certified with prescriptive authority is elective in Washington State. If you would like to get a prescriptive authority license together with your ARNP license, you may be expected to complete 30 communication hours of pharmacotherapeutic education unique to your practice scope. Before you qualify for prescriptive jurisdiction, these 30 hours must be completed within two years.

10 States Where The Foremost Money Is Raised By Nurse Practitioners

According to the BLS, an RN’s national average annual income is $110,030, over twice the typical annual salary for all careers, $51,960. Granted, supported by the state within which you’re based, nurse practitioners’ pay can differ greatly. Also, the lowest-paying states for nurse practitioners have annual incomes that are a minimum of $40,000 higher for all jobs than the national average. This is an inventory of nurse practitioners’ top-10 highest-paying states:

  1. The average salary for nurse practitioners in California: $133,780
  2. The average salary for nurse practitioners in Alaska: $122.880
  3. The average salary for nurse practitioners in Massachusetts: $122,740
  4. The average salary for nurse practitioners in New Jersey: $122.100
  5. Average nurse practitioner’s salary in New York: $120,970
  6. Average Hawaiian nurse practitioner’s salary: $120,570
  7. Average nurse practitioner’s salary in Minnesota: $119,160
  8. Average salaries for nurse practitioners in Connecticut: $ 118,020
  9. Average nurse practitioner’s salary in Washington: $117,650
  10. Average nurse practitioner’s salary in Wyoming: $116,030

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Nurse Practitioner Salary In Seattle

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