How Much Does Home Depot Pay? – Know More

The Home Depot does have a reputation for helping knowledgeable professionals and homeowners with a variety of tasks, but franchises cannot help you with mirror or glass cutting. Among numerous other things, mirrors can be utilized to make a space appear larger or to add a unique flair to a creative effort. On the other hand, mirrors may be very delicate, so you might want to think about having the cutting done by professionals. Let us see how much does Home Depot pay.

How Much Does Home Depot Pay? - Know More

How Much Does Home Depot Pay?

Starting salary for people at entry-level associates depends on their location. You can expect to pay anywhere between $12 to $16.00 an hour to start in Home Depot. Recently Home Depot posted about investing $1 billion into raising wages for its workers, so this is a good sign for the future. Full-time hourly and salaried workers get medical, dental, and vision spending accounts. There are many other financial benefits for all employees such as time off benefits and granted paid vacation, holidays sick days, and more. They also offer work-life benefits which include tuition reimbursement and associate discounts.

Available jobs and their salary 

Some states in the United States have a higher minimum wage than the average hourly wage nationwide for many of the positions at Home Depot. So, for example, a $16 minimum salary in California is not going to be the same in Florida which will probably be about $12.00 an hour to start. Here are a few job positions that will pay accordingly per hour. So, beginning with the storage jumps

Retail Sales Associate

This job can also be a seasonal part-time position during the holidays, and it is the entry-level position that pays the minimum starting pay. It is the most popular entry-level position those who have a little experience in this job make an average of approximately $13.65 an hour.


The average pay for a cashier is about $12.55 an hour, however, a lead cashier will usually make a little more than about $13.25 an hour on average.

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The Front End Associate 

This is an entry-level job that pays around $12.65 an hour once you have a little experience under your belt.

 Lot Attendant

A lot of attendants are very active, and the job can be quite physical, so the average hourly wage reflects this at $14.05 an hour. However, a lot of these jobs are only part-time, and this is the go-to job for many 16- and 17-year-olds.

 Asset Protection Specialist

The average security specialist here makes around $46,300 a year at Home Depot. This is a security job where your main goal is to prevent financial loss caused by shoplifting. So, it is a very responsible job and at times it can be a little dangerous.

Freight/Receiving Associate

 be in charge of loading and unloading trucks and making sure that the store is properly stopped the average salary for this position is $13.95 an hour merchandising associate merchandising department at Home Depot works very hard to make sure that all products are displayed correctly so the stores can drive sales there are many other responsibilities associated with these positions there are day teams and night teams for the average merchandising associate makes approximately $12.90 an hour.

How To Apply

  • To apply for a job at Home Depot it is recommended to
  • First, visit the careers website and spend some time looking around the website. Possible career opportunities can be availed there.
  • The next step is to choose one career that you want to go to.
  • After applying for a job that matches your skill set even if you lack experience, remember many entry-level jobs require no experience at all. So, if you have your sights set on a management job in the future then you should already know that you can go after a retail sales position.

The Company Values

  • Taking care of its people.
  • Respecting all people.
  • Doing the right thing by getting you the exact tool for the right job.
  • Building strong relationships.
  • Giving back.
  • Providing excellent customer service.
  • The majority of the Home-Depot store leaders started as hourly associates.

Employee reviews


  • Management is fair.
  • Home Depot cares about its employees.
  • Excellent training for entry-level workers
  • Customers are pleasant.


  • Workdays are very long and tiring.
  • Part-time employee benefits need improvement because it is difficult to become full-time in some stores.

Though the only complaint with a job at Home Depot at the entry-level is the starting pay is quite a bit lower than retail jobs such as target and Costco. However, it appears that this company is working on improving this, also there is so much room for advancement in this company and if you are someone with ambition and you like home improvement as an atmosphere Home Depot is a good option to go for as a career option. If you are someone who needs more of a starting wage to support yourself or your family, then it is recommended that you look elsewhere at other retail stores such as target and Lowes’.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Home Depot’s training last?

Employees have two to three weeks to prepare for the position. However, they received training evaluations and instructional films for the specific department each month. The regular shift is typically between 10 and 12 hours long.

Is Home Depot’s nighttime work rate higher?

Employees are not paid a shift difference at Home Depot if they work at midnight. If you have been approved to operate electric machines, the compensation does not raise.

How Much Does Home Depot Pay? – Know More

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