How Much Does A Hotel Manager Make?

 A hotel manager’s job is a rather diverse one, with each hotel requiring a different set of skills and qualifications to hire you. It might be difficult to assess how much you can make in this industry. Salary in a profession can be a significant factor in determining whether or not that career is right for you. The term “hotel manager” is often also replaced with the word “hotelier,” both of which refer to the general manager of a hotel, who serves as the hotel’s head executive. Let us know about “How Much Does A Hotel Manager Make?”

How Much Does A Hotel Manager Make?

What Is Hotel Management?

 In simple terms, hotel management is, as the name suggests, the person’s job who oversees the management of the hotel, which is the process of running a hotel. From guest relations and property management to financial planning, you do it all to keep the hotel running. Therefore, the skills required for the job are rather diverse, and experience is the most important asset one can have in this industry.

This industry has a great gender ratio, with about 49.4% of the employees being women and 50.6% being men. The average age of a hotel manager is 43 years old.

The daily activities of a hotel manager might include recruiting, training, and supervising staff; managing a budget; maintaining statistical and financial records; and much more. It can be easily said that a hotel manager’s day is filled with activities of all kinds and is anything but repetitive and boring.

This is a rather spontaneous job. The spontaneity is what keeps it fun and interesting, and is one of the major reasons why many young professionals are seeking out this job title.

Qualifications Of A Hotel Manager

Business acumen, financial management, human resource management, operation management, and marketing are just a few of the multiple skills required by a person to be a hotelier.

Most hotels require a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, business, or any other related field. Most of the individuals in this industry work their way up to becoming hotel managers, starting from small positions and gaining experience along the way.

 A hospitality management program sometimes requires a curriculum focused on accounting, finance, relationships, culinary, and many other powerful skills that help an individual advance in their career.

It is important to keep in mind that the hotel manager not only works for the hotel but also for resorts, motels, or any other establishment with the same concept as a hotel.

 A hotel manager does not manage it all on his own; he is helped by a team of managers from different domains, such as human resources and finance. These managers have a team of their own consisting of employees from all levels across the hotel.

 A lot more is going on in the back of the hotel than what the guests perceive, and a hotel manager is at the top of it all.

How Much Does A Hotel Manager Make?

 Salary in this field largely depends on your experience at the job. As the skills required for the jobs are pretty hands-on, it is considered that the more experience you have, the better you will be at the job and tackling spontaneity, which is very common in the industry.

 The average salary of a hotel manager is $47,180 per year, and in general, these salaries can range anywhere from $30,000 to $70,000 and even more in certain cases. But this may change greatly based on your experience, location, and seniority in the chain.

Generally, the average hotel management salary is $36,563 USD per year, or $17.58 per hour.

Getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree increases one’s chances of earning more in this field; however, one with a high school certificate or diploma can also start earning in this field.

 The average increment in the salary of an individual working as a hotel manager can be approximately 12% every 18 months, which, when compared to the average salary increase in one year of any other job, which is 7%, can seem like a lucrative percentage.

 A hotel manager or hotelier does not only get the salary and perks but bonuses as well; it is considered to be a rather high bonus job. In this industry, the hotel manager often receives monetary gifts as a tip from the guests, which only adds to the mix.

 With the tourism industry flourishing at an all-time high, these numbers only seem to be going up, and with the perk of direct revenue generation, it can be said that being a hotel manager is a promising job with a lot of scope to flourish.

 A hotel manager is generally directly involved in the chain of direct revenue generation so it proves to be more promising for him.

Why Hotel Management?

 A hotel manager not only gets a salary but also receives rather fancy perks like transportation, food, a place to stay, and employee discounts, which may vary from hotel to hotel. Apart from that, there is quite a room for growth, both professionally, as it hones multiple skills at the same time, and personally, as it is a rather social job that lets you meet new people and make contacts.

A hotel manager’s job is not all flowers and sunshine; it is a rather erratic job with constant pressure and long working hours, mainly because of the spontaneity of the industry.

It can be a complex and demanding job that requires great patience and dedication, but in the end, it can be rather fulfilling for those who choose it.

 In recent times, hotel management has gained a lot of popularity among young professionals.

With the tourism industry flourishing at a never-before-seen rate, new hotels and lodging services are popping up everywhere, giving a significant boost to the need for hotel managers.

 With a plethora of options to choose from, like accounting, front desk, food and beverage, and finance, hotel management is quite a flexible industry and will never get boring.


 A hotel manager’s job is an evergreen job that is always evolving and provides great pay. You can also make several connections during your job while enjoying all the perks. With an average salary ranging anywhere from $30,000 to $70,000, with the right qualifications and experience, it can be quite a profession to choose for anyone.

How Much Does A Hotel Manager Make?

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