How Much Do FedEx Pilots Make A Year?

A FedEx pilot is a professional pilot employed by FedEx, one of the world’s largest courier and delivery services. FedEx operates a fleet of aircraft that transport packages and freight to destinations all around the globe. Let us know How Much Do FedEx Pilots Make A Year?

How Much Do FedEx Pilots Make A Year?

The job of a FedEx pilot involves flying these aircraft on scheduled routes, adhering to strict safety protocols and guidelines, and ensuring that all cargo is transported securely and efficiently. FedEx pilots must also have excellent communication and decision-making skills, as they may need to make split-second decisions in emergencies. 

So many people are concerned about how much a FedEx pilot makes a year, don’t worry. Our article here will guide you through all you want to know about FedEx pilots and how much they make a year. 

A FedEx pilot in the United States makes up to $209 963 annually, 217% above the national average. FedEx Pilot salaries range from $39981 to $415062 per year.

In addition to a competitive salary, FedEx pilots receive health insurance, retirement savings plans, and travel benefits for themselves and their families. They also have opportunities for career advancement within the company.

Salary Range:

The salary range for a FedEx pilot can vary depending on the type of aircraft flown, years of experience, and other factors. According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for a FedEx pilot is $230,000 per year, with the salary range for a FedEx pilot between $78,000 and $374,000 per year. 

It is important to note, however, that this is only the starting salary. It doesn’t include other compensation, such as bonuses, profit sharing, and retirement benefits, which can significantly increase a pilot’s overall compensation. Additionally, payments may vary based on the pilots’ position within the company, such as a captain or first officer.

Ways to increase salary as a FedEx Pilot:

The salary of a FedEx pilot can be influenced by several factors, including:

Type of aircraft flown:

 Pilots who fly larger, more complex aircraft typically receive higher salaries than those who fly smaller planes.

  • Experience:

Everything requires experience to attain a high level in your profession. The same applies to being a FedEx pilot. Pilots with more years of experience generally receive higher salaries than those who are just starting. The more experienced you are, the more you will get paid high.

  • Education:

The most important factor influencing your salary is your education. Pilots with advanced degrees in aviation or related fields may earn higher salaries. The more educated you are about your field or profession, the higher your chances of getting paid high.

  • Position in the company:

Captains typically earn higher salaries than first officers. Try to rank yourself higher. The higher your rank goes, the higher you will get paid.

  • Flight hours:

Pilots who fly more hours may receive higher salaries, as they are often paid based on their flight time. So if you are a pilot scheduled to fly more, you are definitely in a place to earn more income.

  •  Geographic location:

Salaries may vary based on the cost of living and demand for pilots in a particular area.

  • Union agreements:

Many FedEx pilots are represented by labor unions, which negotiate salaries and benefits on their behalf.

  • Performance and tenure:

Pilots who perform well and have been with the company longer may receive higher salaries and bonuses.

  • Skills:

To be perfect, everything requires some kind of skill. To achieve high income, a FedEx pilot must have the following skills;


2-Problem solving

3-Good communication skills

4-Ability to understand technical information, as pilots need to know how their aircraft work.

5-understanding of maths and physics.

6- excellent spatial awareness.

7-good spoken English.

Types of FedEx pilots and their Salaries:

There are several types of FedEx pilots, including;


Captains are responsible for the overall operation of the aircraft and the safety of the crew and passengers. They are typically the most experienced and highly skilled pilots on board.

Captain makes an earning of $144,936 per year.

2-First Officer:

First Officers, also known as co-pilots, assist the captain in operating the aircraft and ensuring a safe flight. They are responsible for many tasks as captains, including monitoring the aircraft’s systems, communicating with air traffic control, and navigating the flight.

First Officer makes an earning of $137200 per year.

3-Line Check Airman:

Line Check airmen are experienced captains or first officers responsible for evaluating and training other pilots. They conduct proficiency checks and ensure that pilots meet all required standards before flying.

Line Check Airman makes an earning of $62,649 per year.


Simulator instructors are experienced pilots who teach other pilots how to operate the aircraft in a simulator. They provide training on emergency procedures, instrument flying, and other critical skills.

The simulator makes an earning of $73,850 per year.

5-Management Pilot:

Management pilots are experienced pilots who have been promoted to management roles within the company. They may oversee pilot training, scheduling, or other operational functions.

Management pilot makes an earning of $49362 per year.

6-International Pilot:

International pilots are trained to fly FedEx aircraft on international routes. They may have additional certifications and training to operate in foreign airspace and comply with international regulations.

International Pilot makes an earning of $74169 per year.

7-Cargo Pilot:

Cargo Pilots are trained to transport packages and freight on FedEx aircraft. They must have a strong understanding of weight and balance, cargo loading procedures, and other specialized skills related to cargo operations.

Cargo Pilot makes an earning of $61,520 per year.


Being a pilot for FedEx requires significant training and experience in aviation. Pilots must have strong communication skills, the ability to make quick decisions, and a thorough understanding of aviation regulations and procedures. Additionally, pilots must be able to manage their workload and work effectively as part of a team. Overall, being a pilot or FedEx is a challenging but rewarding career requiring high skill and dedication.

How Much Do FedEx Pilots Make A Year?

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