Google Data Engineer Salary

Due to the vast amount of data that companies like Google deal with, There is a need for such companies to employ Data Engineers to solve these problems. Google being one of the world’s largest tech companies, it hires Data Engineers and in turn offer good salary package for the successful candidates. Lets know about Google Data Engineer Salary.

Google Data Engineer Salary

Compared to other tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, Google has the best salary packages for it’s data engineers. This makes it the most preferred among data engineers both in the United States and the whole world. The salary package at google comes with a lot of benefits for data engineers which is highly rated as compared to other bonus given by other tech companies in the world. 

Role of Data Engineer at Google

The main role of data engineers is processing raw data in the form that are more usable to help in the process of analysis. These processes involves cleaning, organizing and manipulating these data. The data engineers at Google use the Google Cloud Platform to apply all the above principles mentioned above.

They also assist the software developers at Google to analyze data and gather important insights to develop recommended systems. Other roles include:

  • They are always responsible for developing and deploying internal business opportunities for the people using Google to run their businesses.
  • They assist the developers to build recommendation systems that are scalable.
  • The assist the ML engineers at Google to come up with algorithms for predicting different data models.
  • The are responsible for building internal solutions that assist in automating business process for Google users.
  • They are responsible for building and designing internal applications to support Google Business Intelligence and service delivery management efforts.
  • They have a task of understanding complex business requirements and translating them into scalable technical solutions.

Education Qualifications to become a Google Data Engineer

To become a Certified Google Data Engineer requires a different process from being a data engineer in any other tech company in the world. For you to have this certification you must apply for and sit for an examination which is only administered by Google themselves for them to certify you. To acquire this certificate you must sit a two-hour exam that will help Google to test your ability to design, build and operationalize the data processing systems, ensure solution quality and run machine learning models. A part from these above requirements, there are requirements that cut across if you have an interest of being a data engineer. 

These are required by all tech companies and one must have attained them for you to qualify for the position of a data engineer in any company and be recognized as a professional in this particular field. They include:

  • You must have a bachelors degree in Computer Science Statistics, IT, Information Systems or any quantitative field.
  • You must have a Masters Degree in Computer Science or any related field.
  • You must have 3 years experience as a data analyst or data engineer.
  • Your knowledge in solution development, technical design, modular and error-free coding , test documentation and execution must be very vast.
  • You must have knowledge in system configuration.

Data Engineer Salaries at Google

Google being one of the largest tech companies in the world has a very competitive salary package for it’s data engineers. This can be easily noticed to the most junior data engineers who are also referred to as those at entry level of employment. As compared to other tech companies in the world, they are the best payed in this field. Those at the entry level receive a salary package that start from $ 106,100. Which if compared to salary scale of other tech companies is way higher than average data engineer earnings at entry level of employment.

Those data engineers at Google who fall at the middle level of employment or the average also have a salary package that is more competitive as compared to the salary scale of other tech companies in the world such Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.Those data engineers at middle entry earn an annual salary of $ 148,221 which can shoot to annual salary package of $ 200,000 if they are promoted to senior positions. 

The total average salary for data engineers at Google is $ 156,663 annually. This is excluded from a bonus which they also receive annually. Other tech give a bonus amounting to $ 29,335 annually to their data engineers. Google average stock bonus offered to their engineers annually amount to $ 61,759. This can clearly illustrate to us how their salary package is very competitive.

Additional Benefits Offered to Data Engineers at Google

There are other benefits apart from the bonus that the data engineers at Google are given. They include:

  • They receive a comprehensive health insurance which includes general health insurance, dental care, vision care, disability cover and life assurance.
  • They have paid breakfast, lunch and supper.
  • They are entitled to health savings account from their employer which is Google.
  • Thy are entitled to commuter allowance within and to their Google Campuses.
  • They are given maternity and paternity leave.
  • They have annual paid vacations to any destination of their choice.
  • They have a flexible account.

A Comparison of Google Data Engineer Salary with other top tech companies  

The five top most known tech companies in the world are Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. In terms of base salary of data engineers; Google pays $ 148,221, Amazon pays $137,696, Apple pays $ 163,741, Facebook pays $ 157,524 while Microsoft pays $137,645. Total compensation per company for a data engineer annually include: Google $156,663, Amazon $ 140,286, Apple $ 167, 209, Facebook $ 160,525 and Microsoft pays it’s data engineers $ 139,036.


Google Data Engineer has a competitive salary package. This can be factually confirmed by the comparison made between the top most five tech companies in the world. Being a Data Engineer at Google also comes about with a lot of  financial benefits which includes annual bonuses. It is one of the top most paying jobs in the world with a salary of $ 106,100 for entry level, an annual average of $ 148,221 and $200,00 for those in senior positions. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the highest salary of a data engineer?

The most paid data engineer earns a monthly salary of  $13,875 which annually totals up to $ 166,500.

  1. What does a data engineer at Google do?

A data engineer at Google help companies by developing solutions through creating value for Google users and solving problems. They play an important role supporting Google’s internal business applications.

  1. Which company pays highest salary for data engineer?

The company that pays the highest salary for a data engineer is the Netflix. It pays a data engineer an annual salary of  $ 310,325.

  1. Is data engineering a good career?

Data engineering is a good choice of career because it has good salary plus it offers a solid job security to a person making it a good choice for a career.

Google Data Engineer Salary

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