Facebook Data Engineer Salary- Read More About It

To be able to make certain you are paid fairly, you must estimate accurate pay money for your position, experience, location, and boss. The salary that Facebook pays a data engineer is determined by several conditions. Location, level, skills, and professional experience are some of these conditions. Let us know more detail about ‘Facebook Data Engineer Salary’.

Facebook Data Engineer Salary

Facebook Data Engineer Salary

A Facebook Data Engineer can get a salary of $109,717 a year in America, in line with the national average salary. The average base income is $144,416 every year, in line with the PayScale salary survey. Typically, the average base income at the low and high ends of the PayScale is $114, 000 and $184, 000 respectively.

Facebook Data engineer Classification

At Facebook, all of the professionals who work on data engineering are called Data Engineers. The company has no formal position-based naming insurance plan. Classification of employees as data engineers are based on the company’s salary structure as follows:

Interns: At this level, you’ll have the opportunity to put your education into practice and work on meaningful projects.

IC3-IC4: Professional, entries level data engineers, Data engineers must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, data science, mathematics or other related subjects.

IC5-IC6 and beyond: IC5 is well-suited for data scientists, while IC6 and beyond is better suited to senior Facebook data engineering management positions.

Note that IC stands for Individual Contributor.

Salaries of a Facebook Data Engineer by Level

Salaries in several US parts vary according to years of experience and the level at which they are appointed.

Interns: They often get $8,000 per month and benefits like travel provisions to and from their internship location, a stipend for accommodation, and paid meals.

IC3 to IC4: Engineers in these jobs earn an average of $150,000 to $300,000 every year, depending on their years of experience and job duties. They also have benefits like cash and stock bonuses ranging from $10,000 to $32,000.

IC5 to IC6 and beyond: According to years of experience, qualifications, and job titles, data designers in senior management positions at Facebook make between $250,000 and $500,000 on average. Additionally, they get additional cash and stock bonuses starting from $13,000 to $96,000.

Skills and Roles of a Facebook Data Engineer

Facebook data engineers create and manage scalable data pipelines and frames, design data facilities for internal business use, they also use big data technology to remodel organic and complex data into actionable ideas for better business decision-making.

The skills you should have if you are applying for the position of a Facebook data engineer:

  • Expert with Python, SQL fog-up systems, workstream management engines, data modeling, data coping with, and management tools (at least 2 to 3 years).
  • Proficient in coding in multiple languages, including SQL data quality analysis and acceptance, pipeline design, and implementation.

As a Facebook Data Engineer, you have the role to:

  • Work with data scientists, leadership, and program managers to decide what data you need.
  • Develop effective data sewer lines.
  • Implement, handle and manage datasets and database systems.
  • Educate your peers on data handling.
  • Handle maintenance issues and provide appropriate remedies

Other Benefits to Expect as a Facebook Data engineer

Working at Facebook has many rewards, that is why designers flock to the firm. Besides your income, you can expect the subsequent:

  • Comprehensive health coverage.
  • Parental leave (4 months)
  • You get 21 days and nights of paid time off every year, plus unlimited sick days.
  • Childcare aid.
  • Gym and general well-being support.
  • Provision of complimentary lunch.
  • Egg freezing and other fertility benefits.


As you could be aware, there is a great attention on data engineers. Contrary to the average yearly income at the other two major giants, Google and Amazon, Facebook data engineer incomes are on level or even higher. Therefore, if you are looking for a job in data engineering with good pay, Facebook is a place location to start.

Frequently  Asked Questions
  1. How does location affect Facebook data engineers’ salaries?

In line with indeed, the following locations in the Combined States pay the most for data Engineers. These characteristics apply to all Data Engineering careers in the Combined States, not merely to Facebook. This will give you a good idea of the salary to expect in different locations.

San Francisco, CA: $163, 684

Los Angeles, FLORIDA: $147, 907

New York city, NY: $145, 132

Austin, TX: $138, 090

Plano, TEXAS: $137, 183

  1. What technical and soft skills are useful to a data engineer?

Data designers need to understand a variety of apps and procedures. A data designer with a better understanding of coding, database systems, operating systems, and data research will be more productive than one who lacks these skills. A data designer must possess the following technical and soft skills to perform his or her duties properly and effectively: Coding, data warehousing, operating system knowledge, database systems knowledge, data research, critical thinking talents, machine learning principles, and communication skills.

  1.  How to become a Facebook data engineer?

Facebook is a well-known company in the social media industry. The interview process at Facebook is thorough—no stage should be skipped if you want to work as an information engineer. Every stage of the Facebook interview is geared toward considering a candidate’s encoding and behavioral talents. Data engineers at Facebook need to have substantive industry knowledge as well as time-tested skills. Therefore, Facebook exclusively hires skilled data warehouse individuals with at least five years of professional experience.

  1. what do I expect as a Facebook data engineer?

As a data engineer at Facebook, you will work with tools, infrastructure, and frameworks that impact a variety of cutting-edge products. Alongside software anatomists, designers, product managers, data scientists and more, data engineers assist with product decisions. Facebook pays well and it’s in high demand; there’s lots of opposition for this position. The pay range varies based on where you work: Facebook maintains offices in the Combined States and around the world, providing employees with worldwide prospects. It’s no surprise that pay differs a lot depending on where you work.

Facebook Data Engineer Salary- Read More About It

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