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Does KFC Pay Weekly?

When looking for part-time jobs, working at a fast-food chain first comes to mind. And one of them is KFC. Before working for them you need to do some homework for yourself like you need to know a little bit more about KFC than their store or the price of their meals. You need to know about their vision, employment, working condition, requirements, need for a particular dress code, and last but very important their pay and its method. Let’s know ‘Does KFC Pay Weekly?’

KFC is the original fried chicken expert, and everything they do is to celebrate their passion to serve hygienic and good food. Employment at KFC is often terribly exciting for youth and it may facilitate older staff to build additional financial gain whereas operating during a pleasant, good smelling encompassing. KFC’S vision and principle Are to be the leading integrated food services group in the  Association of Southeast Asian Nations region delivering consistent quality products and excellent customer-focused service. 

Since every franchise owner has owned their method of outfitting their new employees and creating a different and unique image. However, normally, every KFC location will issue you a shirt accordingly to the dress code, a hat, a name tag, and in certain cases, a headset that is if required. Every location also has there own rules and views regarding your hair, piercings, and facial hair, etc. 


KFC pays its employees biweekly or once in two weeks or twice a month via a paper check or pay card or through a direct deposit. The average pay for customer service can range from $10 – $12 per hour whereas for a casual KFC team member it can range from $9- $26 per hour, average standing at $17 per hour. The average pay can be calculated for a week according to the hours that you work for.

Also, KFC does not hold the first paycheck employees tend to confuse as they do not have a clear apprehension of their payment system.


KFC like any other franchise during the interview asks basic questions such as – your introduction, your last school/college, what you are currently doing? , How are you an asset for them? What is your motivation to work under them? What are your future ambitions and goals? and the way is your goal connected to theirs? Before applying for part-time or full time at any store you would like to ascertain their paying system, operating hours, and reviews. 

KFC stores have had a bad reputation for giving quite poor raises to its employees. Where many have even said that, that if you do not raise your voice then you will never get an offer for a raise and had many negative reviews regarding that but those who did get raise said it could happen every 6 months to a year. And the amount that you get could be anywhere around 2 – 3 % raise in pay. If you are looking it earn a living it might not be a good option to look forward to and you would also need to make sure and adjust the hours that you would be working for.

 For such scenarios, it is better to work full time. In full time the hours that you work for could be anywhere near 35 – 40 hours a week, that is you could be working for at least 7 hours a day to 8 hours or maybe a little over 8 hours depending on where your store is located and how busy it is. Whereas part-time workers work for around 10 – 25 hours a week that is 5 hours a day at max.


Overall people have reviewed working at KFC as a great experience. They have very friendly and talkative employees. The hardest part of the job is said to be the unpredictability of the changes of the shift. Other than that it is a pretty easy and fun job with a decent environment. The starting pay varies as it all depends on your state minimum wage. KFC also provides other benefits on job postings.


At KFC they try their best to treat their employees as well as possible. They provide – 

• free meals 

• health insurance (dental and vision insurance included)

• paid time off  certain requirements ( to know these requirements you would have to talk to your manager at the store you work at ) 

• a very flexible schedule and

•  a retirement plan

 The only negative point could be that these benefits are only for the managers and up above but not for the crew. There were few other negative reviews about how at times paid leaves were not given, and how maternal leaves and bereavement leaves were not applicable because of which many employees had a very hard time. 


In the end, no matter what problems anyone had they all have agreed to the fact that KFC provides a good social surrounding and helps in your growth in conversational skills. It also undoubtedly provides good customer services and quality food. Even under pressure, everyone tries their best so that long queues are not there and every customer has a good experience. Even if many have complained about few points, there are a large number of people who have given a positive response to the raise and the bonuses that they get at the end of a month or every 6 months. They have also been positive about the paid leaves and the biweekly pay system.

Does KFC Pay Weekly?- All About KFC

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