Does Footlocker Pay Weekly? | How Do They Pay?

The company Foot Locker sells sports shoes and clothing in stores. It is an American sportswear and sports shoe retail with headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Foot Locker was started in 1974 and become a distinct company in 1988. Let’s learn about ‘Does Footlocker Pay Weekly?’.

Does Footlocker Pay Weekly?

Does Footlocker Pay Weekly?

Employees of all levels at Foot Locker receive biweekly pay. You will receive in your account a direct deposit on Friday morning following the conclusion of the previous week’s pay period. Both part-time and full-time workers receive a commission on every sale they make. Although the commission is earned by them, it is rarely higher than the hourly wage. You start with a $10 per hour.  Managers are eligible for bonuses but are not compensated for everyday sales. 

What is the biweekly payment?

There are several ways in which the company pays their employee weekly, biweekly, twice a month, and monthly. Biweekly means that employees are paid every two weeks. In this type of payment mode employees will get 26 paychecks in a year. This type of pay schedule is common among many companies.

When one starts a job, one must be aware of the company’s payment mode because it will affect the budget. Let us see here how biweekly payments will benefit you and also check out their cons.

How is biweekly payment beneficial to you? 

-there is consistency with biweekly payments as the payments you receive are on the same day every other week. While in the case of semi-monthly payments, where two dates are fixed but the days on which you will receive your payment keep on changing.

-making a budget is comfortable with this type of payment as you will get a larger paycheck as compared to weekly payments and by being consistent you can easily manage your expenses.

-paydays are more in biweekly payments. There are 26 paychecks rather than 24 as in the case of semi-monthly payments. So usually, you will get two paychecks in a month but there will be two months when you will get three checks.

Some cons of biweekly payments are

-As it is paid less frequently as compared to weekly payment so you have to be cautious with your budget plans as you have to make it through two weeks.

-The total amount of payment is less in biweekly payments as compared to semi-monthly payments.

It is difficult to calculate one’s salary accurately, this is not the case with semi-monthly and monthly modes of payment where there is uniformity and it is easy to deduct tax.

Salary associated with various footlocker positions-

Various factors affect the salary of employees, like the kind of role you play, your qualifications and experience, and your location.  As an entry-level worker, one can expect barely above minimum wage, $8 -$9 an hour and it varies according to the location of the store and your experience. An entry-level full-time worker is contracted to work for 40 hours per week. One may have to work overtime in place of absent co- worker and during busy periods. As a part-time employee, you will get multiple shifts available on weekends. An effective and dependable part-time worker at Foot Locker can manage to put in 20 to 30 hours a week on average. A part-time employee can choose to work up to 40 hours during the holiday season, including some overtime.

1. Sales Associate-

-assist consumers with their purchases while working on the sales floor

– Stocking and organizing shelves

 -Resolving queries of customers regarding various goods and services are additional jobs. 


they are paid $6 per hour and with overtime, it can increase up to $11 per hour. Additionally, they get a 1% commission on each sale they close. 

One can expect the wage for sales associates to be $450 per week, and many of them prefer to work full-time. This equates to about $23,400 annually.  With high commission rates, they can easily make $30,000 a year.

2. Stocker

– The key duties involve maintaining the shelves and storage spaces organized and spotless. 

-Making ensuring that goods are displayed properly and assisting with cargo unloading 


 pay for this position is just over $9 per hour, or about $19,000 per year. 

3. Sales Lead is expected to give good customer service 

-Additionally, this position has low-level managerial duties like motivating staff and handling client complaints.


In addition to the sales commission, the usual pay for this position is roughly $9 per hour.  The full-time worker can expect a weekly wage of $472. This is equivalent to about $25,000 plus benefits like paid time off. 

4. Cashier

They are accountable to maintain a cash register. It is crucial to be able to manage a variety of payment methods.

They are also eligible for commission for good customer service and additional sales they made. They can also cover sales representatives.


 salary is $8 per hour plus commission and performance bonuses.

5. Assistant Manager 

They create schedules and educate new hires while addressing client complaints.


 This employment is paid at a rate of $14 per hour, $550 per week, or $28,600 annually.

6. Store manager 

To run the store properly and increase earnings is the main responsibility of this job.  

This position pays an average of $51,000 annually. With good performance, one can expect bonuses.

7. Merchandiser

– The major duty is selecting the goods that will be sold at the various company stores.


The annual salary for this full-time position is about $50,000.

Employee benefits: Does Footlocker Pay Weekly? 

Various benefits are given to full-time employees in addition to the base pay. This includes medical, dental, life, and vision insurance and health insurance. Additionally, eligible employees are entitled to performance-based bonuses, ten vacation days, Paid time off, five personal days, insurance for temporary disability, insurance for long-term disability insurance against accidental death and mutilation, and tuition help. As employee discounts, the company provides all its product at any Foot Locker shop throughout the United States for a 30% discount (and occasionally a 50% discount).  


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Does Footlocker Pay Weekly?’, Employees at all levels are paid every two weeks. A direct deposit with the company must be set up by new hires. Payments are made on Friday mornings for the week ending the previous Thursday. As the payment mode is biweekly one should plan their budget accordingly to make much out of it.

Does Footlocker Pay Weekly? | How Do They Pay?

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