Baseball General Manager Salaries | How Much Will They Earn?

Different types of sports are played worldwide. All kinds of national or international-level sports have the proper faculty to handle players and teams. In the United States, the most popular game is baseball. Americans have deep emotions about this game. Let us see about the salaries of Baseball General Manager.

Baseball General Manager Salaries

If you can’t be a baseball player but you are interested in it, you can get other kinds of jobs on or around the team. With other facilities, you can be a baseball general manager and earn a good living. So you should aware of the average salaries of baseball general managers.

Baseball General Manager Salaries

In the United States, a baseball general manager will have a national annual average salaries of about $57,862 per year in 2023. For more clarification, we divide this yearly amount into hourly, weekly, and monthly rates which are equal to $27.82 per hour, $1,112 per week, and $4,821 per month, respectively. These rates show that a baseball manager earns a good living in the United States because earning a mid-four-figure salary in a month is suitable for a good living.

To understand better the baseball general manager’s salary ranges, factors, and job descriptions, keep reading this article.

Range of Salaries for Baseball General Managers

Different workers have different salaries in the United States. Not only in the United States but also in other countries, the salaries of workers are never fixed. These have flexible ranges within which the average salaries fall, and these ranges always show some scope for advancement in the job. These salary ranges are formed due to the effects of different factors.

As for baseball general managers’ salaries, they also range between the lower and higher extremes.

  • The average amount that baseball managers earn ranges from $41,000, which becomes the 25th percentile, to $67,000, which becomes the 75th percentile of the values.
  • The people earning higher salaries in this range make $88,500 per year, which becomes the 90th percentile in the United States.
  • You can earn only $19,000, which is the lowest extreme of the salary range in this job.
  • The highest possible salary in this job is about $107,000.

According to these ranges, it is evident that a baseball general manager’s salary varies up to almost $26,000. This is an extensive range and gives benefits to general managers because, in vast salary ranges, there are always more chances of increasing your salary by considering some factors like job area, performance, experience, and education.

Work of Baseball General Manager

The people that want to become baseball general managers have already acquired knowledge about this job. But still, for your clarity, we are describing here the job description of the baseball general manager. So if you want to be a baseball general manager, your basic duty is to manage all the activities of the team, as you are in charge of all aspects of managing a baseball organization. You have to oversee all parts of the organization, with a focus on selling tickets for matches to fill the stadiums and promoting sponsorships for your team.

Not only this, but also the baseball general manager of a team has to plan and achieve the baseball team’s budgets and expenditures, arrange travel plans for team players and coaches, and respond to queries and complaints regarding the team. As a baseball general manager, you also can appoint and fire the baseball team’s coaching staff and control and ensure that the baseball team does not go over budget. You also have to supervise reviews and keep baseball players’ contracts.

So these are some of the basic duties you have to perform as a baseball general manager. Working as a manager comes with lots more duties than you will encounter when you do the job physically.

Top Cities for Baseball Manager’s Jobs

Many things influence your average pay, but one that has a significant impact on your wage is your workplace. It could be the company you work for, the city you live in, or the state you are living in. All of these factors influence your income, and if you choose them correctly, they will undoubtedly help you boost your average yearly salary.

Every city has different pay rates for workers. Even in the same city, different companies offer you different salaries. If we talk about the baseball general manager’s salaries, one thing that specifically affects their salaries is the leagues with which they are connected. Here we are mentioning the top ten cities in different states in which you can earn more than the average annual salary of a baseball general manager.

  • San Mateo…….$69,967
  • Daly City……….$69,059
  • Berkeley……….$68,744 
  • Green River…….$68,485
  • Richmond………$65,626
  • Stamford……….$64,877
  • Bellevue……….$64,166
  • Santa Clara…….$64,148
  • Brooklyn………..$63,984
  • Belgrade…………$63,600

According to the above list, the majority of the cities that pay very well for baseball general managers are in the state of California. These cities are mentioned with their average annual salary, which clearly shows that the average salary in these cities is almost 15% to 20% higher than the national average salary of baseball general managers, which is approximately $57,862 in the United States.

San Mateo is at the top of this list with a $69,967 salary, which is $12,105 higher than the average salary. Next on the list is the city of Daly City, California, which pays almost $69,059 to baseball general managers, which is $11,976 higher, and at third position comes the city of Berkeley, California, which offers you an average salary of $68,744, which is $10,882 higher than the national average.

Moreover, the average income for these top cities differs relatively little, at 9%, between San Mateo and Belgrade, indicating a limited opportunity for salary growth. So, when deciding on a city and salary for a Baseball General Manager position, the prospect of a lower cost of living may be the most important factor to consider.

Related Jobs 

If you don’t want to be a baseball manager but still want to be connected to the baseball team’s jobs or you want to earn more money than an average baseball manager, then you can try to get some other high-paying jobs that are related to this field. We have mentioned these high-paying related jobs with their annual average salaries.

  • Baseball Data Analytics… $97,198
  • Baseball Cloud………. $87,696
  • Baseball Data Analyst: $71,168
  • Baseball Design… $71,130
  • Baseball Cloud Work From Home…$62,688

If you could qualify for one of these jobs, you would surely have a higher salary than a simple baseball general manager’s salary.


If you want to learn about the salaries of baseball general managers, this article is the best option for you. If you read this article, you will learn about the average salaries, average salary ranges, top cities that will pay more than the average salary, and their job descriptions. This will benefit you a lot if you are aiming to become a baseball general manager.

  • Do baseball general managers have different salaries in different leagues?

Yes, general managers in baseball have different salaries in different leagues. In major league baseball, a baseball general manager can earn the highest amount of salary, up to millions.

  • What skills do you need to become a professional baseball general manager?

You should have strong communication, management, and interpersonal skills. Hard work, passion, dedication, sincerity, and perseverance will take ambitious baseball general managers far.

Baseball General Manager Salaries | How Much Will They Earn?

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