Average Salary Of A Computed Tomography Technician

The computed tomography (CT) technician occupies an important role in the healthcare system, giving us important diagnostic images that help physicians determine patient treatment plans. Let us know about the ‘Average Salary Of A Computed Tomography Technician’.

Average Salary Of A Computed Tomography Technician

Average Salary Of A Computed Tomography Technician

Becoming a CT technician requires a certain level of education and training, but the potential salary for this career path can certainly be a strong incentive for those looking to join the medical field. This article will explore the potential salary one can earn as a CT technician.

Salary range

An average computed tomography technician gets a salary of $70,000 per year. The range of salary starts from $40,000 and goes up to $100,000 per year. There are a lot of benefits, bonuses, and opportunities a CT tech gets. So we can easily say that a CT technician gets good pay for his dedicated job. The salary rate depends on factors like location, degree, certificate, and experience. 

Description of salary rate

A Computed Tomography technician usually works a minimum of 8 hours a day some days it can go up to 10 hours a day. CT techs usually work on weekends, 7 days a week. This is a lengthy period at the work scene.

If we take the lowest salary rate of $40,000 per year then we get an hourly wage rate of $14.88, a daily wage rate of $119.04, a weekly wage rate of $833.33, and a monthly wage rate of $3333.33. The average wage rate of $70,000 per year gives us an hourly wage rate of $26.04, a daily rate of $208.33, a weekly rate of $1458.33, and a monthly pay rate of $5.833.33. Lastly, if we talk about the highest salary of $100,000 per year then we get an hourly wage rate of $37.20, a daily rate of $297.61, a weekly rate of $2083.33, and a monthly pay rate of $8.333.33.

Bonuses and benefits a CT technician gets

  • Competitive salary: As a Computed Tomography technician an individual always gets the best possible salary he/she is supposed to get according to the market value. So, it is indeed a decent item for getting an assured level of salary.
  • Generous health, dental, and vision insurance packages: Insurances may give 100% prevention care, discounts on orthodontic services, and discounts on vision exam expenses. In some cases, employers might offer coverage for prescription eyewear, contacts, or Lasik surgery.
  • Paid vacation time: A Ct tech on average gets 10 days of fully paid vacation time every year officially. Though individuals might get a week extra sometimes.
  • Paid sick leave: It depends on the employer usually. The minimum time a Ct tech gets paid sick leave is 10 days, and it can go up to 20 days per year.
  • Continuing education assistance: CT techs are allowed to get more education and certificates while working. They even get allowances accordingly.
  • Training compensation: A CT tech can get education compensation for better lessons. Reliant on the cost of education, and the company the tech can get from 25% to 50% handling. This saves a lot of their salary.
  • Retirement plan: CT techs typically get diverse types of superannuation plans, such as 401(k) diplomacies, 403(b) campaigns, SIMPLE IRA tactics, SEP IRA diplomacies, and Defined Benefit plans. Many companies offer manager matches or help their staff save for their retirement. 
  • Professional conferences: Ct techs are offered professional conferences that cover topics such as medical imaging, emerging imaging technologies, patient safety and quality assurance, and management of radiology departments and imaging centers. Other topics discussed are the use of software and hardware in clinical practice.
  • Professional licenses, certifications, and training: Ct techs get accreditation from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or other organizations. Added compulsory training consists of professional seminars, continuing education courses, and medical practice in a variety of subject areas. 
  • Performance-based incentives: Ct techs get performance-based incentives that can reach 10% of the monthly salary.
  • Relocation assistance: Depending on the cost, Ct techs might get 20%-40% of it as an allowance to move from one office location to another office location.

Factors deciding the salary of a CT technician

  • Schooling level: The level of teaching received by a CT technician usually directly affects their salary. Generally speaking, the higher the degree, like an Associate’s Gradation, Bachelor’s Gradation, Master’s Gradation, etc., the higher the salary.
  • Location: The location in which a CT technician works does have a substantial influence on their remuneration. For example, areas with larger populations tend to have higher salaries. A larger population means more customers and more work opportunities, and with more opportunities comes a better salary.
  • Experience: The amount of years of experience as a CT technician also plays a major role in salary. Technicians who have been in the occupation for longer periods often receive higher salaries. Per year of experience can add up to a 3% increase on the rookie salary level.
  • Certifications: Technicians may receive additional compensation for obtaining certain mandatory and voluntary certifications within the field. Certificates from recognized organizations like ARRT makes the technician more valuable in front of the employer’s eyes. 
  • Specialized Skills: Having specialized skills within a certain area of the CT technician field can raise a technician’s salary. Being specialized in a certain topic gives a better edge than other technicians.
  • Demand for CT Technicians: The “law of supply and demand” applies to the occupation of a CT technician, and more demand will result in higher salaries. Search for jobs where CT techs are hugely needed.
  • Employer: CT technicians that work for larger employers like hospitals, universities, and government entities usually receive higher salaries than those that work for small pharmacies.

Things a CT technician can do to increase his salary

  • Obtain additional certifications: A CT tech should earn more certificates and training in other areas, such as radiologic technology, ultrasound, or nuclear medicine. Getting certificates in other related topics or even the original topic will help to increase the salary.
  • Take on supervisory: Taking supervisory or managerial duties within the radiology department will be a level upgrade that will easily increase the salary. It will also increase experience which affects the salary rate.
  • Negotiate: Negotiate with employers to raise salaries based on years of experience and additional specialized certifications. A lot of times employers try to get by providing low salaries. Know the worth of your education, hard work, and certificates, and ask for the best price in exchange.
  • Network: Communicate with other CT technicians to find out about positions with higher salaries or look into promotions within the company. Make a good network with the best people in the field. 
  • Additional responsibility: More responsibility means more credit. Take on extra responsibility and tasks past the CT technician’s scope of practice. More responsibility-holding people are paid more than the less responsible-holding ones.
  • Develop specialties within the profession: such as working in specific locations, using specific pieces of equipment, or expanding knowledge into alternative modalities.
  • Pursue further education: Get better education and advanced degrees in the field. The more you get educated your values increase, and so does your salary.
  • Join professional associations: Be a part of high-profile teams to stay updated on industry news, developments, and job openings. Being among the best eventually makes you the best which increases your salary significantly.
  • Analyze existing salaries: Analyze salary levels and work for those employers who provide more competitive pay for a technician according to the particular job market.


In conclusion, a Computed Tomography technician can get a salary ranging from $40,000 to $100,000 per year. The salary of a CT technician can vary widely depending on factors like an employer, geographical location, and level of experience. With increased experience and certifications, the potential to earn higher salary increases significantly. A CT technician works even on weekends, waiting all week to offer his help to those needed.

Average Salary Of A Computed Tomography Technician

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