Assistant Vice President at Citibank- Their Salary

Assistant Vice President at Citibank Salary

An assistant vice-president holds a designation that also gives the position a different title, namely of a credit analyst; these individuals at banks support loan officials in the loan-decision-making process. They scrutinize the financial records and set up spreadsheets, write scrutiny, testimonials, and summaries for proffering it to the bank’s credit committee. Let’s see the salary of Assistant Vice President at Citibank.

How much does an assistant vice-president make at Citibank?

The ballpark figure based on the analysis of 158 Citibank assistant vice-president (approximately) through the reports produced by the workforce or the calculated estimate based on statistical methods, an assistant vice-president at Citibank earns up to an average salary amount of $113,744 annually in the United States which is somewhere around 21% more than the average earning amount, which is the salary amount of $93,866 annually for this job position.

However, if we consider the national average, the strata would be slightly different because, in this case, an assistant vice-president on average earns somewhere around $71,249 per annum in the United States, which is approximately 32% less than the national average.

Note: These salary figures are entirely based on indirect third-party reports; this information is for the users for knowledge and generalized assessment only. Actual wage may differ to know you may have to inquire to the employer for authentic information on the genuine salary figures.

An assistant vice-president is generally a regional director expected to facilitate the top-level managerial for a highly proficient trained workforce.

What is the rank of assistant vice-president at Citibank?

Being an economic professional, banks do provide bonuses to their employees, and sometimes they don’t, for the ones (bankers) who deliberately got missed out without a choice are hopeful for getting a promotion next time.

Particularly when it comes to promotions, banks play a good role in this aspect; they are most likely to give their chairs of learning to those budding juniors who are, of course, focused and talented and give them sufficient space for growth, rather than hiring some major leaguer at the first go, they often refer to the young crowd as well for some great positions at banks. Saying that we at this moment mean that banks like Citibank as well look at similarly hiring employees to allow more exposure in the workspace

Working on yourself and upgrading the ladders of your life can get you in a good position. 

The process may take some time to get you on the top, but that well varies from bank to bank and firm to firm, but still to consider the years of experience it requires on an average is somewhere around 15 years to get a shift from analyst to managing directors.

The distinction over time it takes to get some positions in a bank’s hierarchical structure is categorized particularly to emphasize the differences in the configuration of the banks in the UK & the US. The job titles can be very perplexing at times.

Here’s our deep analysis on positions at banks like Citibank to give you a brief about them,

– At banks like Citibank in the US, they have analyst’s who have the maximum chance to get a position of managing director

– It is because they go through the position of an assistant vice-president to the president, director, and finally to the position of a managing director

– An assistant vice-president job designation is often an initial level official position; it is a C12 rank position.

– This position may or may not demand administrating staff body which refers to an individual who could be an alone contributor to the position

– It could be similar to that of the level of B12 position. Still, the distinction would lie in the fact that an assistant vice-president is an officer-level position and is paid rather than hourly.

– The positions rank assistant vice-president C12, vice-president C13, senior vice-president C14, director, and so on.

Responsibilities of an AVP

An assistant vice-president at Citibank is in charge of supporting the bank on various activities like appointments, examining, and redesigning multifaceted progression for some particular Citibank ventures and programs.

As this designation of being an assistant vice-president constitutes being on the top-most tier of the management, making up to the role of an executive at banks or corporations who are the subordinates to vice-president and reports them about their chores/tasks.

While, on a general basis, an AVP work for some financial and academic organizations, their duties may show a discrepancy, depending on the context of the organization they work for. Commonly they supervise the day-to-day activities of various departments at work and track the performance of the workforce. Their responsibilities as an AVP entirely depend on the scale size of their firm or bank. Still, AVPs are often accountable for forming new strategies for the banks and policies for better management processes and supervise the performance of employees on how well they are operating and managing finances at Citibank. 

Qualifications for the position of an AVP

For an assistant vice-president in the finance segment, it is often seen that –

Merely holding a bachelor’s degree while starting off to work in the financial segment and being exquisitely a major leaguer at work with outstanding performance getting a promotion is no big deal to crack.

– However, if you aspire to be an assistant vice-president, you need to have a higher academic setting, to be precise, a Ph.D. degree

– There is so much more than what we get to see when it comes to working as AVP, taking up an example to justify this statement 

How would it make you feel to know that they earn $54.71 an hour on average? Which is somewhere around $113,790 a year! (Depends on factors such as qualification and work experience).

And there is an estimate that from 2018 to 2028, the job opportunities in this particular position are expected to elevate to 6% and end up producing 150,600 employment opportunities across the United States. To go with recorded census about the job position, it is seen that around 66.5% of the individuals who aspire to be on the position of an AVP have a bachelors degree, to consider a comparatively higher division of academic setting there are approximately 15.0% of AVPs who may have a master’s degree.

Some other equivalent valuable degrees in this course of the job are an associate degree or a doctoral degree.

Work experience also gets great chances of bagging up the position because of increased proficiency and good knowledge about the job position.

Good choices in majors would be: –

1) Business

2) Finances

3) Accounting

Good choices in degrees would be: –

1) Bachelors

2) Masters

3) Certificates (eg: – GED)


Comes in one of the best and the most prestigious places (banks) to work in Citibank would indeed be a great feeling with ample benefits and a good work-life balance for the entire workforce.

The staff is often told to take days off and take some time out for their engagements. They are provided with a leverage of a full day off because this process ensures a good relationship between the bank and employees and helps the employees detoxify themselves after a long duration of work. Being a part of the TTs division, the work environment and culture is cross-functional and mutual.

Work as an AVP brings many ups and downs and makes you realize the powers you have got to exercise. Being in the top positions in management brings ample opportunities and responsibilities because Citibank is one of the most successful banks serving in almost 160 countries around the globe.


1) What is the scope of progress for an AVP at Citibank?

The positions or the scope of titles for an AVP after the substantial duration of work experience are:-

– VP

– Chief finance officer

– Sales VP

– VP and manager

– Finance director

– Executive director

– Operations VP

– Regional VP

– Executive VP

– Chief information officer

– Operation director

– Managing director

– Senior VP

– President

– Senior director

– Controller VP

2) What is the demographic division at Citibank?

AVP demographics constitutes of: –

– 57.3% of males

– 38.6% of females

– 4.1% unknown

Assistant Vice President at Citibank- Their Salary

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