Architecture Intern’s Salary-Know More

Architecture is both an art and science of practicing design while also building structural and mainly habitable buildings. Architects not only serve as providers of habitable spaces but also adding a touch of beauty into the world with their designs. Architects were and even still are considered highly respected, especially as their work consists of not only the design but also the structural element and also every aspect of a building as a whole. let us know more about that the Architecture Intern’s Salary-Know More.

Architecture Intern’s Salary-Know More

In a way, architects are mimics to deities in which they design every function of a building the same way a deity would design every aspect of a human. Hence, this is why architects would naturally get paid a lot of money for their work and be in a lot of demand. Architecture interns, for example, have salaries of around 10,000 dollars to 160,000 dollars.

How can you become an architecture intern?

  1. Get an education and major in architecture.
  2. Create a portfolio of your work from college.
  3. Apply for an internship and make sure you stand out.
  4. Accept the preferred internship that suits you best.
  5. You have now become an architecture intern.

What is an architecture intern’s salary?

The salary of an architecture intern, mainly in the United States, ranges from around 10,000 dollars to around 160,000 dollars. The median salary is approximately 30,000 dollars and architecture interns with a lot of experience can make as high as 160,000 dollars each year while regularly qualified interns usually make between 30,000 dollars and 70,000 dollars per year.

The base pay of an architecture intern usually starts at around 53,000 dollars per year, and that does not include the additional pay which is at most 50,000 dollars per year due to bonuses, tips and commissions, profit sharing and other factors that would permit an intern to get paid more.

Although it is rather unlikely, architecture interns can reach as much as 800,000 dollars or so for a salary per year and as little as 43,000 dollars per year.

All these numbers are estimates based on salaries collected from architecture interns and while they can reach as much as 800,000 dollars per year, it is more likely for architecture interns to get a salary of 58,000 dollars to 265,000 dollars per year. The hourly wage is approximately 25 dollars.

Does the location of the job have any impact on how much an architecture intern makes for a salary?

In the United States alone, it is known that architectural interns will make more money if their internship is situated in Hawaii and California. There are just a few other states where interns make more money than interns in other states, such as Arizona, New Jersey or West Virginia. The reason these states pay their architecture interns more than in other states is most likely due to the demand in those states for architects and also the many opportunities that architectural firms may provide in those states. After all, it does pay well when your profession is in high demand.

These handful of states in the United States are where architecture interns make as much as 55,000 dollars per year, and that excludes the bonuses that they may receive throughout their time there. In other states like Mississippi and Maine, Nebraska and Wyoming, Louisiana and Michigan, architectural interns would make as low as 40,000 dollars per year in those states due to the lack of architectural opportunities in those states.

What are the factors that affect how much an architecture intern is paid?

First and foremost, architecture interns earn 47,000 dollars per year at the beginning of their internship. Many factors could influence an architecture intern’s salary. These factors would include where they got their education from, how much experience they have and as previously mentioned, where the job is located.

For example, if an architecture intern has experience for less than a year, then their salary would amount to 40,000 dollars per year. One to four years of experience would raise the salary by almost 10,000 dollars to approximate a salary of 50,000 dollars per year. Whereas five to nine years of experience would increase the salary to 60,000 dollars per year, approximately. Ten to nineteen years of experience would increase the pay to 70,000 dollars per year and an experience of more than twenty years would amount the salary to approximately 82,000 dollars per year.

Skill is also an important factor that is taken into account with an architecture interns salary. The more experience that an architecture intern has with applications such as AutoCAD and Revit, the better. Especially that Revit is more in demand as part of an architecture interns career. It is a requirement as of late because it is more efficient than AutoCAD. Skills such as sketching and drawing are just as important, along with construction documents which is useful for a variety of things in the field and even building laws and how they impact the design of a project.

In conclusion, architecture is one of many important jobs for daily life. Being an architect, while it does come with its challenges, is also very important in the set of skills you will learn. Aside from that being an architecture intern pays well, it is also a wonderful experience to work firsthand which is completely different from just getting an education in architecture.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you become an architecture intern?

Firstly, you will need a degree in architecture and then you just apply for one.

  1. How much is the salary for an architecture intern?

The starting salary is 40,000 dollars per year but it can reach as high as 160,000 dollars or so.

  1. How do you get a bonus and pay raise as an architecture intern?

It helps to be skilled in applications like AutoCAD and Revit, sketching is important too.

  1. Does having more experience help with getting paid more?

The more experience you have, measured in years, the more you will get paid just as an architecture intern.

Architecture Intern’s Salary-Know More

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