Software Developer Resume Examples, Skills

A recruiter spends around 5 to 6 seconds analyzing a resume, which means you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your hiring manager. As a software developer, it’s necessary to write a concise resume that speaks more about your work rather than your formal education. let us know about that the Software Developer Resume Examples, Skills.

Software Developer Resume Examples, Skills

Whether you are a graduate with a passion for coding and programming languages looking for opportunities to start your career as a software developer or a software developer looking for a job change. You have to update yourself with the latest resume in the market, the way you update yourself with the most recent version of a programming language.

How to write the perfect resume for a software developer?

Being a software developer is an exciting job. You can make people’s life easy using your skills, and you can revolutionize the online world with your knowledge. Today, software developers are in demand everywhere. Today, anyone can do anything with just a click of a finger, Whether you are looking for a job or studying for skill, and the credit for this ease of access goes to software developers.

The job of a software developer is more practical and skill-focused. Hence, the resume has to be designed accordingly. Make it short, concise, and catchy so that it’s easy to assess and easy to understand. Here is a list of tips for you to write your perfect resume and get started as a software developer.

1. Let’s keep it short

Your hiring manager might be piled with hundreds of resumes to check, so make your resume an easy one for them. A one-page CV is enough to show your capability. Hence, make it short and list all your skills, achievements in the middle. If your resume is longer then, mention your practical skills and projects in the front because a hiring manager wants to hire a developer to make things easy for others.

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2. Structure before your start

We don’t like messy things, and the same goes for your hiring manager. So structure your resume. Always start in reverse order to make sure you present your work first. Start with your contact info, objective statement, experience/Internships/projects, Education, Skills, Certifications, and then additional information like hobbies, interests, etc.

3. Use hyperlinks

Almost 80 out of 100 recruiters have used LinkedIn to hire someone. So, hyperlink your social media profiles like LinkedIn, GitHub, or any other profile link that might show your work. These hyperlinks will make it easy for the recruiter to see your work and relevant experience quickly.

4. Segregate every section

Your resume has many sections so, make sure each section is segregated from the other and use bullet points to list your achievements in every segment. Don’t go for a paragraph anywhere, except the objective and conclusion statement.

5. Understand ATS(Application Tracking System)

Most of the companies, especially the big ones, are using ATS software to filter candidates, which means your resume will go through the ATS software before it reaches your hiring manager. An ATS software filters candidates by comparing the job description with your resume. Hence read the job description clearly and use related keywords in your objective statement, skills, work experience, etc. be ready, whether it’s ATS or your hiring manager.

6. An objective that stands out

Your resume starts with an objective statement, and that’s where you win half of the battle. So, write an objective statement that clearly states your motive behind applying for the job. Don’t follow the crowd instead, create your unique statement for the objective of your resume.

Example- Seeking a working opportunity as a software developer to apply my programming skills towards building a user-friendly online community.

It should be concise.

7. Research, Research, and research

Once you see a job opening. Read the job description again and again before applying. Research the company, the job profile, salary expectations, and the interview process before you decide to move forward with your application. Good research yields good results.

8. Be specific and not general

If you are applying for the position of software developer then, curate your resume accordingly. It’s useless to mention your musical skills in such a resume. Imagine if you were a hiring manager then, what would impress you in a CV. Hence, make sure your resume is specific for a software developer.

9. Use a spell and a grammar checker

A well-written resume is suitable for the job and easy to read and assess. So how do you do that? By making sure your resume does not have any spelling errors or grammatical errors. Run your resume on a grammar-checking platform like Grammarly or ginger before hitting that send button.

10. Stay honest

Never mention anything on your resume that you are not sure about, it might backfire. Mention what you know and what you are. Recruiters prefer honest candidates. So try to remain honest and true to yourself because, for the hiring manager, your resume is your replica.

What to write in a Software developer’s resume?

Once you know how to structure your resume, the next crucial step is to know what to write. According to studies, nearly 75% of recruiters reject or hire applicants based on their CVs. As said earlier, try to be specific as a developer, and highlight your portfolio, skills, work experience, and education. Here is a guide on what to include in your resume to suitably express yourself.

1. Start with your Personal Information

This section is effortless. You have to mention your details like Name, Contact Number, Email ID, Address, LinkedIn account, and GitHub account. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile then, open a LinkedIn account because it looks more professional, and employers can better assess you. If you have any other social media profile relevant to the job then, you can go ahead and attach it with our personal information. Hence, The personal information section includes

  • Name- Your full name.
  • Phone Number
  • Email Id- Use a formal Email Id. An unprofessional email Id is a big turn-off, and you might even get filtered out. So, make sure that you mention a professional Email.
  • Address- just mention the name of your area and city. An extended address in a resume is unprofessional.
  • LinkedIn and GitHub- Make sure that you update your LinkedIn and GitHub profile before you attach the link to your resume. It’s alright if you don’t have one on GitHub but, at least mention your LinkedIn profile.

2. Resume Objective or summary

The resume objective must be a concise statement explaining why you are the right candidate for the job, especially when you are a fresher. A resume summary is more suitable if you have working experience as a developer. Generally, one must write either an objective or summary to explain their achievements as a developer and highlight why one should be chosen for the role.

Resume objective example

A computer science graduate equipped with programming knowledge and experience in Python, SQL, C++, Java, PHP, and Spring frameworks. Looking for a working opportunity as a software developer where I can contribute and enhance my skills. I wish to work in a team to achieve the timely completion of organizational goals and targets.


A team player with excellent programming skills and 2+ years of working experience in the software industry. Seeking a senior software developer position where I can use my knowledge and efficiency to contribute to the company’s growth and meet client demands. Looking forward to creating a safe place on the internet for every user.

Resume Summary

Write a summary to highlight your portfolio as a software developer.

Software developer with 3+ years of experience working as an application software developer. Developed a user-friendly mobile application with an easy interface for government agencies. Working experience in C++, Java, HTML/CSS, design implementation, database management, website designing, and cross-platform software for 3 years.Timely completion of projects and satisfactory client feedback excellent analytical skills and accuracy level when it comes to programming.

Know the difference between an objective and a summary. Both are written at the top, after personal information. You can choose to write any, whatever is suitable for your profile.

3. Skills

As a software developer, you might have many skills. First, mention specific skills required for the job you are applying for. Segregate your skills into subsections as Hard skills and Soft skills. Your skills must align with the kind of developer you are. There is an Application software developers, front-end developers, and back-end developers so, so If you are a system software developer then, mention your hard skills accordingly. 

Some Common Technical/Hard skills of a software developer include

  • Programming languages such as Javascript, Python, CSS, HTML, SQL, C++, C, etc.
  • Website Designing
  • Database knowledge
  • Software Testing
  • Operating system
  • Cloud computing
  • Encryption
  • Software frameworks such as Angular, JQuery, React, etc.
  • Excel or other spreadsheet software to organize and calculate data sets
  • Data structure and algorithms etc.

These days soft skills are equally important on a resume and hiring managers definitely consider a candidate’s both technical and soft skills when considering them for a job.

Soft skills of a software developer

  • Problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Accountability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Writing skills, Organizational skills, etc.

4. Work experience

Work experience reflects your work portfolio, which is a significant part of your resume so, mention your work experience hierarchically. Starting with your recent or current experience at the top, and then the previous ones. If you do not have any working experience then, you can provide your internship details or projects that you might have worked on as a college student.


ABC Company Inc.Senior Software Developer[06-12-2019 to present]Developed user-centric mobile applications Worked with different programming languages to meet client demand supervised junior developers on working with application-based software.XYZ Company IncJunior Software Developer[05-02-2018 t0 11-30-2019]Worked on designing applications building data sets website testingAssisted in developing system software. 

Example {If you are a fresh college graduate}

Software Developer InternMaycom Corp.May 2020-PresentAssisted in developing tally software wrote codes using Java and contributed to the developing team summer InternOracle February 2020-April 2020Research and analysis of software programs assisting senior developers in application development providing administrative support computer science InternXYZ Tech.October 2019-December-2019Worked in software designing developing applicationsResearching competitors in the market

5. Education

Start with your most recent graduate college and mention all other educational qualifications hierarchically. Candidates should also mention certifications, training programs experience, and other learning experiences if they have any.

For Example-

EducationB.S. in computer science texas state university September 2017-May 2021San Marcos, TexasAI programmingUdemyJanuary 2019-March 2019Website design certification-Coursera June 2020-August 2020

6. Languages

Mention the number of languages you can speak along with your language proficiency level.


Languages known English – Native proficiencyGerman- Working proficiency Spanish- Limited

7. Interests

These are your hobbies which can be anything from playing video games to reading fiction. Mention hobbies that add value to your life or are a source of entertainment for you.

8. Additional

You can also Mention Volunteer experience, Projects, or publications in your resume. They add value points and can impress your hiring manager.

9. Reference and declaration

If someone has referred you for the job then, mention the referral name and conclude your resume with a declaration that all your information is correct, enclosed with your signature.

10. Don’t forget a Cover letter

A cover letter is a formal letter that you submit along with your resume(CV). The format is the same as any other formal letter. A cover letter is 300-400 words long, and it is a brief introductory letter about the candidate. Attaching a cover letter with your resume helps the recruiter know the candidate more closely and assess them better.

Cover letter format

John Smith                                                                              [Applicant  Contact details]  Software Engineer
ToABC Tech.[Hiring Manager][Company’s email address][Date]
Dear [name of the hiring manager]
1st Paragraph[Introduce yourself]
2nd Paragraph[ Explain why are you applying for the role and what are your                                  Long term goals]
3rd Paragraph[End it with a closing statement with a thank you note]
SincerelyJohn Smith.

Sample resume for a software developer

For a fresher candidate

Naomi Johnson                                                                               [email protected] Developer                                                                                    123456789                                                                                                                      New YorkCity                                                                                                                      LinkedIn URL                                                                                                                          GitHub URL
A Computer science graduate with excellent programming knowledge in various coding languages such as Python, C++, etc, and experience in working as a software engineer intern for tech companies. Looking for a software developer role where I can utilize my skills to contribute as a developer and learn from those around me.
Work Experience: Software Developer Intern                                       XYZ Tech.                                       January 2021-March 2021                                       Responsible for software debugging, and testing.                                       Summer Intern                                       MN Corp                                       April 2020- July 2020                                       Responsible for studying competitor software and                                       Analyze software programs for testing.                                         Website Design Intern                                       AX Web services.                                       December 2019-February 2020                                       Worked in design analysis team and assisted                                       Developers by providing creative ideas.
Skills:                          Technical- Python, JavaScript,                                       SQL, Cloud(AWS), HTML, CSS, C++,Typescript.                                       Soft skills- Writing skills(Report, Business                                       Letters, research analysis), Interpersonal skills,                                       Organizational skills, administrative skills, Time                                       Management, Emotional Intelligence, etc.
Education:              B.S computer science                                     New York State University                                     September 2017- July 2021                                     New York.                                     AI and Machine learning                                     Coursera                                     June 2020- August 2020                                     Application security                                     Udemy                                      January 2020-April 2020
Projects:             Android Patient tracker project.                                 Bug tracker.                                 Built a smart health monitoring system with university                                  Group.
Certification:   Udemy Android developer certification                               Google Cloud certification.  
Volunteer:         Doctor’s aid NGO- Ambulance Volunteer                               Food for everyone NGO- built a website to track                               Food demands.                               Better governance for a better society  – built a database                               Of government expenditure.
 Interest:          Video games, Reading, Gardening, and running.
Languages:      English – Native proficiency                              French- Limited working proficiency                              Spanish- Limited proficiency
Reference:       Carl Sage, Senior developer, XYZ tech.
I hereby declare that all the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge.
11-11-2021[Signature]Naomi JohnsonNew York.                                                                                                    

For a software developer with working experience

Michael CarlsenSenior Software Developer
[email protected]                      Seattle, WashingtonLinkedIn                                 GitHub URL                           StackExchange URL
Summary:4+ years of programming experience, working with cutting-edge engineering technology to facilitate user-friendly application systems. Proven ability at various programming languages and to build large-scale data-driven websites. Efficient experience in using software development frameworks like Angular, Django, and Bootstrap in developing web applications.Good at time management to achieve targets before the deadline.
Skills: Programming languages- Python, HTML, Javascript, CSS, C++, Typescript, ScalaComputer applications- Microsoft, GoogleSuite, Adobe photoshopSoft skills- Interpersonal, Teamwork,  Administrative, Organizational, Writing skills, Creative thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills.
Work experience:
Senior software developer ABC Tech.December 2018- January 2021Developed several applications using advanced codingMeeting development managers to discuss new software ideas and work on developing new encryption methods for data protection.Designing, testing, and implementing new software programs preparing development reports making technical documents, training staff on software use, reviewing project tasks, and meeting deadlines.
Junior software developer XYZ Inc.January 2018-November 2018Writing project progress reports studying and reviewing consumer behavior in the market assisting development teams in debugging, software testing, and monitoring software performance writing minor codes for low scale projects contributing ideas and suggestions at review meetings
Trainee Software developerMN Corp.November 2016-December 2017Maintenance of software systems reviewing software applications for final testingAssisting junior developers with report writing and working closely to monitor projects progress maintaining application database attending seminars and Tech fairs to learn more about user-friendly technologies.
Education: B.S in computer science Washington State UniversitySeptember 2012- July 2016Pullman, Washington
Certifications: Microsoft Certified Solutions developer certified Information security personnel certification certified ethical hackerAWS certified solutions architect
Projects: Created Portfolio website Personal blog for young developers utility app ‘Here to help’ to help New and Young NGORate and review website for online course reviews
Volunteer: Free Press for free world- Advocated ideals of free press through online form elderly world- Assisted abandoned elders in learning crafts and other skills children Aid- Assisted in the adoption of orphans and crowdfunding through the mobile application
Interests: Coding, Reading, Playing video games, Cooking, and music.
Languages: English- Native proficiency Spanish- Working proficiency reach- Limited knowledge
References: Judy Smith, Development Manager, ABC Tech.Rory Clark, Senior software engineer, MN Corp.
I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge.
11-11-2021[Signature]Michael CarlsenWashington.

Common mistakes to avoid in your resume

1. No Photographs- Never attach any photograph on your resume until requested by your employer. A Picture on a resume is not a norm in the US, unlike Germany.

2. Unwanted details- If you have a computer science degree then, you don’t have to mention your high school details. Likewise, mention what’s relevant as a software developer and avoid unnecessary details.

3. No salary- Never write your salary expectations on your resume. It’s highly unprofessional.

4. Strength and weakness- The strength and weakness section is outdated and irrelevant. So, try to avoid this section.

5. A common resume for all Applications- Whenever you are applying for a new job, make a different resume with minor changes. Never use a common resume for all companies. You might get filtered out by ATS, or your resume will end up bland and boring.

To Conclude

                               The role of a software developer is in demand and it will be in demand in the future as well. Today, where you can access everything on the internet, a computer science degree is not even necessary to become a software developer. Keep working on your skills and make your projects to enhance your skills. Your resume should be the closest replica of your talent. Mention what’s necessary and remove what’s not. Make a concise resume with a suitable structure and format. A hiring manager has years of experience, so they can assess you even if your resume speaks more in less space.

Frequently asked questions

1. I don’t have a B.S in computer science. Am I eligible to apply as a software developer?

A. Yes, If you have programming skills then, a degree is not necessary. But be ready with sample work and projects to show the hiring manager as proof of your skills.

2. Are software engineers and software developers the same?

A. Yes. A software engineer can be called a software developer because there are various software engineers and a developer is one of them.

3. What to do If My resume is too short?

A. Don’t worry. Mention your extracurriculars during school and volunteer experience. You can also list online courses and part-time jobs. Adjust the resume format to make it suitable for shorter lengths.

Software Developer Resume Examples, Skills

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