Resume Guide For Bridge Inspector

Want to build a stellar resume as a Bridge Inspector for yourself or for someone else? You came to the right place! We understand that it can be quite confusing to start making your resume, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. But resumes matter, which is why you must have one. Here in this article we take a look t some points to remember while making your resume as a bridge inspector, which we hope will help you greatly. So, while you’re getting ready to go out there and help build bridges for our country, let’s help you build your resume first. Let’s learn about ‘Resume Guide For Bridge Inspector’.

Resume Guide For Bridge Inspector

Resume Guide For Bridge Inspector

A bridge inspector is essentially a civil engineer and a specialist in construction, whose job is to evaluate the condition of bridges and ensure that they adhere to the standards of public safety. They inspect bridges, culverts, waterways and trestles for any damage or degradation in structural integrity. Their job also includes monitoring and sometimes supervising construction activities to make sure that the construction workers comply with the prescribed design drawings, safety requirements and other specifications. They also sometimes function as a liaison engineer between the project and the field engineer. The job requires a lot of focus, commitment, and often sheer will. And since inspectors need to be present on-site most of the time, they need to be energetic and willing to put in some extra physical effort. A company, therefore, looks for all these qualities in a bridge inspector’s resume. Here we shall take a look at some of the things that should ideally be considered on such a resume, including educational qualifications, experience, responsibilities, etc. Keep in mind that this is a general overview of the job requirements, and some jobs might need a few extra special skills. We recommend checking out the company website for further details. For now, let’s dive in:

Responsibilities: Resume Guide For Bridge Inspector

A bridge inspector is expected to handle the following responsibilities. So it is a good idea to add them to the resume if the candidate has any:

  • Recording quantities and giving project quality assurance by conducting construction GPS.
  • Using eddy current and ultrasonic NDT methods to inspect furnace tubes of start-up heaters and auxiliary boilers.
  • Using AutoCAD to design computer-aid drawings.
  • Offering inspection services to an international upstream facility in rough weather and difficult environments.
  • Checking contractors for violation of any site-safety regulations, EPA and OSHA safety regulations, and issuing shut down notices in case of any such violations.
  • Calculating the pile cutoff elevations and tipping elevations according to plan specifications.
  • Inspecting the construction of MSE walls and coping.
  • Ensuring that the span lengths, materials and directions match with WIGINSinformation by verifying NCDOT bridge design plans.
  • Reviewing the layout of bridge components, approach slabs, and retaining wall abutments.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of new field inspectors and leading them into Bechtel’s management program.   

These are the basic responsibilities expected to be fulfilled by any competent bridge inspector. A good resume should talk about some of the experiences from the above list that the candidate already has had while working previously. An experienced inspector is an asset to the company and will know how to get things done.

Education and Skills:

A bridge inspector needs to have a background in civil engineering and construction. A good number of bridge inspectors have a Bachelor’s degree while some have a master’s degree. They should be proficient in DOT, Contract Documents, and have sufficient technical knowledge about other construction activities. Also, knowing how to properly handle heavy construction equipment is a must for any bridge inspector, although it is not necessary for them to engage with such equipment on a regular basis. Apart from these, some of the other skills which are required of a bridge inspector are explained below:

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  • An inspector’s job involves understanding the problems on-site and explaining them to the people on the ground in a way that they can easily comprehend and then proceed to fix the identified problems. Therefore, a company will look for good communication skills in their bridge inspectors. Also, a bridge inspector has to maintain regular communication with the clients and contractors. So, a resume should have some mention of communication skills.
  • Since inspectors perform routine checks and inspections throughout the duration of the construction project, having proper experience of the craft is expected in a resume. A candidate should mention their prior working experience on any construction project while including their role in it, the size of the project, and the duties they fulfilled.
  • Having an eye for detail is very important for bridge inspectors, as they have to thoroughly examine many construction activities as part of their daily duties. A resume that talks about past experiences on the job which highlight a candidate’s eye for detail will stand out. For example, a candidate can mention if they prepared any final inspection reports which included any detailed sketches, charts or drawings. A small mistake in a drawing can amplify itself into a disaster during the actual construction, which is why this skill is looked for in every resume of a bridge inspector.
  • Having proper mechanical knowledge is also required of a competent bridge inspector. Being able to use a variety of testing equipment to assess complex systems and maintaining a good working knowledge of contract documents is a must. Therefore, a resume should mention the instances where a candidate has already done these things previously to show that they can handle all the necessary equipment on-site, and are comfortable with drawing up proper records.

Building a Resume:

Now that we’ve taken a good look at the skills and responsibilities required of a bridge inspector, the ideal resume for one should contain the following points:

  • Since this is a job that values experience over education, one should ideally start with the former.
  • Make headings of all the positions one has worked in and mention the exact period and location of the work.
  • Include some of the key responsibilities that one managed for each of those positions, such as being responsible for daily inspection efforts, etc.
  • Once all the relevant experience has been listed, one should make a heading for their education. This should mention their degree and the institute they got it from.
  • Under education, one should mention the relevant skills they picked up through their degree, such as having technical knowledge of construction structures, components and engineering, or being able to handle relevant software with ease.
  • A resume should have the applicant’s name in bold at the top, preferably in a slightly larger font.
  • The applicant ought to mention their contact information, such as their phone number, email address and home address under their name. 
  • An applicant may also mention some other relevant skills under a separate section, such as good communication skills, the ability to work well in a team, etc.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Resume Guide For Bridge Inspector’, Compared to other careers, bridge inspector jobs have a fast growth rate. In fact, more such job opportunities are expected to open up in the future as construction activities by domestic companies increase. Plus, the pay is not bad either. It is a job that requires more on-site hands-on experience than an actual degree, though having a technical degree does help. It’s hard work and can often get to even the most dedicated workers. However, if you can handle the work, there is a lot of scope for growth in this career path, and we recommend you definitely go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How useful is a degree for a job as a bridge inspector?

An inspector’s job is more practice based and while having a degree does help, companies look for experienced individuals who can get the job done.

  • Can I become a bridge inspector without a college degree?

It is possible to be a bridge inspector with just a high school degree, but one needs to join construction as a worker and then work their way up.     

Resume Guide For Bridge Inspector

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