A Writing Guide To Building The Perfect Barista Resume

The Perfect Barista Resume

A resume for the job of a barista has to be prepared with attention to detail and in proper order like you do when preparing coffee behind the counter. Just like a menu in a café, a Barista resume is a menu that shows off different skills (ingredients) that you possess. The hiring manager gets a brief preview of what you aim to present on the job. If you are looking for a writing guide to building the perfect Barista Resume, this article will help you to know about this.

A Writing Guide To Building The Perfect Barista Resume

a writing guide to building the perfect Barista Resume

Here is a writing guide to building the perfect Barista Resume.

If a barista’s resume is not written in the correct format, it appears unprofessional and vague of any flavor; like a badly made coffee. Preparing the resume is the first step you take before making the cover letter when applying for a job. 

So, you must follow certain guidelines to be able to display the best of your abilities. After all, it is through the selected best coffee beans that you get to indulge in a good cup of coffee. 

In this article, different formats and guidelines will be explained that you need to follow while making your own barista resume. the following will be a writing guide to building the perfect Barista Resume.

Beginning with an example of the basic structure of a barista resume

Nicole Keys

NameTown, Street, ID 0009 

*555 555 5555* (Contact Number) 


Resume objective

Customer-oriented, a Professional, certified Barista with almost 3 years of experience in preparing drinks, involved with the development of new drinks, and introduced two new drinks in the last café. Experience in handling more than 2 junior co-workers and organizing the daily menu. Seeking for the manager role. 

Professional background 

Lead Barista

NameTown, ID / December 2019- present

  • Supervise all the sales and promotions in the store as instructed by the manager.
  • Train new baristas on the job
  • Working in busy hours and making sure the high standard services are provided to the customers. 
  • Recommend new drinks and educate customers about the origin of the beans and the process of making their drinks. 


Address / November 2018-November 2019

  • Learned all the different drinks on the menu, and made sure to satisfy the customers. 
  • In charge of sanitizing, cleaning all the equipment at the end of the day, and maintaining cleanliness. 
  • Included in promotion of the store, costume changes, handing out flyers, serving sample coffees to try, and social media interactions. 

Education Background 

Barista Diploma 

Coffee association (2017-2018)

Food and culinary studies 

Idaho State University (2015-2017) 


  • Foreign Language( Spanish and Italian) 
  • Multitasking 
  • Knowledge about coffee 
  • Customer service 
  • Promotional strategies 
  • Organizational Skills 

This can be considered as an example of a resume of an experienced Barista seeking a higher role in the hierarchy. If you are someone who has no experience in barista work, do not worry! We will show you how you can still make your resume intriguing. 

Looking at each section individually 

Personal Details 

As you see in the example given above, the resume begins with your personal details. The first thing that you need to put in your resume is your personal details that the hirer can use to contact you. 

Personal information includes your name, your address, your contact number, and your email address. 

You can include any other source of contact if you wish to. For example, Facebook, LinkedIn profile, or any other communication app. 

Resume Summary

Call it a resume objective or resume summary, either is fine. The purpose of the resume objective is to highlight your experience and skills. As the hiring manager looks at your resume, they would quickly get some information regarding your experience and skills through the resume objective. 

It is also known as a resume summary as it summarises your entire resume in a few lines. However, how you decide to write the resume has an impact on your first impression on the hiring manager.  

In your resume objective, you need to focus on the purpose of the content. Explain your professional background and experience in technical terms and not in lengthy statements with additional details which are not necessary. In the summary or objective, you should only focus on what you want the hiring manager to know. 

Use terms or keywords that are often used in the Coffee industry, and keep it short and precise. 

Also, include the position that you are applying for, at the end of the summary.  

Work Experience 

Under this category, you will include your experience either in the barista line of work or other work. You can mention your internships and training too if you wish. 

While writing the details about the work experience, you have to be detailed and specific. It should explain your position and duties on the previous job. The details about the work show the hiring manager what kind of work you have been doing in specific. 

The position you worked for, your duties, the amount of period you worked there, and include the café or company’s name. These things are key to understanding your previous working experience. . 

Many employers look for people who put in effort in their application and show that they are interested in the job that they have applied for. By providing the details of your previous experience, you are letting the hiring manager know that you have given it more thought before putting it into the resume blindly. 

An example of the incorrect way of writing your work details are: 

  • Responsible for cleaning.
  • Memorizing the menu
  • Promoted the store

It is not the correct way of writing your work details. It shows laziness and improper communication. This line of duties sounds vague and doesn’t look like something that will get you hired for making coffee. 

The correct way to write your experience is: 

  • Responsible for cleaning equipment throughout the working hours, and keeping the store clean all the time. 
  • Memorized all the different coffees on the menu and experimented with making different drinks
  • Actively promoted the store through different mediums, like handing out flyers, making sample drinks, interacting with customers, and educating them about different coffees. 

If you are applying for a higher position like the Lead Barista or manager, you need to include your key achievements during your previous job. It showcases your capabilities. 

Education Profile

Education profile is where you explain the history of your education. Education profile can include all the degrees and courses that you have completed and the ones you are pursuing.  

Your university/college, the year you pursued that course in and you can include any other additional information about the course if you wish. You can mention other extra components that you took up in university or other courses that you have participated in. 

If you have done courses related to the role of Barista, it is well and good. However, if you haven’t joined any course or degree which is related to the job, it might cause some trouble. 

Unless you have skills and experience in the field similar to barista work, applying for a higher position is not possible. 

Your educational background should show what you have learned and whether you have the qualifications to be accepted for the job. 


The awards section is optional, you can decide to include it or you can decide to leave it out. However, it may be advantageous in the hiring process, if you have awards or achievements related to the field. 

You can include awards that you have received earlier in your life during university or college, awards that you have received on your previous jobs, and any other awards you may have received which might benefit you with getting hired for the said position. 


Skills are one of the essential elements of a resume. Skills are what define you and show who you are. You need to be clear and precise when describing your skills. 

Usually, one-word responses are expected when mentioning your skills. But you can add little detail to the skills. 

Some of the skills you may need as a barista are: 

  • Customer service 
  • Creative mind
  • Organized
  • Latter art
  • Coffee-brewing automatically and manually
  • Communicative sills 
  • Multitasking skills 
  • Operating coffee equipment
  • Knowledge about food safety and hygiene
  • Time-management
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Working under pressure 
  • Knowledge about coffee beans and different processing methods 
  • Leadership skills 
  • Teamwork skills 
  • Fast-paced and efficient 
  • Attentive 

You need to add the skills which are relevant to the job you are applying for. Despite of not having enough experience, you can still showcase your skills and get a chance to be hired as a barista. 

Additional Sections 

This section is optional, you can either include it or leave it out of your Barista resume. In the additional section, you can include your 

  • Extra-curricular activities, 
  • Café awards received on previous jobs, 
  • Food-related course certificates, 
  • Personal projects related to coffee that you might be working on, 
  • Foreign language if you know any,

 and more that you wish to add. Add the skills that are relevant to the job criteria. 

Café awards and certificates let the employer know about your potential and your achievements in the same field. 

Personal projects can include creating a new recipe for coffee or planting your own coffee beans and selling them. This option lets your hirer see your creativity skills and independent thinking. 

Foreign languages can play a role in your hiring process too. While working as a barista, you have to interact with the customers who come in every day. There are different types of customers that visit a café, tourists, locals, wanderers, and more. Having bilingual skills is a bonus for any job. Any different foreign language can be a benefit in your role in interacting with various customers. 

Key points when formatting the Resume

Writing guide to building the perfect Barista Resume – keypoints:

  1. When you are writing about your experience and educational background, follow the reverse-chronological style. 
  2. Bold your headings so it is easier for hiring managers to read the important points first or find what they are looking for
  3. There are specific fonts that you should use when writing a resume. Don’t use decorative or downloaded fonts, they are not standard and come off unprofessional. Some of the fonts you can use are Times New Roman, Calibri, Cambria, Book Antiqua, Helvetic, and other fonts that are used for formal occasions. 
  4. The usual font size is 12pt and about 2-3pt more for the title.  
  5. Make sure that you proofread for typing errors or spelling mistakes. 
  6. The dates of your education period and experience term should be accurate and up to date. 
  7. Add in your details in bullet points so it is easier for the manager to go through them quickly. 
  8. Avoid leaving too much white space, arrange your resume in such a way that it is easier to read and comprehend. 
  9. Always submit your resume in the form or PDF, unless asked in a different specific format by the café. 

In a general barista resume, the experience may come first, followed by educational background. However, if you lack experience or are a fresher, you can put your educational background first and follow it with experience. Make sure that you give detailed information about your course and complete education background. 

Having relevant skills and a passion for coffee are two things that can guarantee you the job of barista.  You need to develop skills by taking courses and different internships. 

Some of the commonly asked questions

What are the requirements of a Barista? Is there a specific educational degree required? 

  • High school degree or GED. 
  • Experience in retail, hospitality, and the food industry. 
  • Strong communication skills in English 
  • Ability to solve problems quickly
  • Have a strong sense of smell and taste related to coffee

It should be noted though, that there are no specific educational requirements for the job of a Barista. However, employers prefer people who have a high school diploma at the least.  

In order to gain more skills, which course do I need to study? 

Even though there is no specific education degree for a Barista, you can try and apply for different courses online and colleges that offer courses on Barista skills. 

Some of the degrees that can help you gain more knowledge about barista work are Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts, Bachelor of Science in Food Safety, Bachelor of Science in Food technology, and Certificate of hospitality. 

You can sign up for specific barista skills classes at a nearby academy or apply online. Applying online will get you a lot of different results offering different advantages and components. You can choose the one that you prefer and go for it. 

If it’s my first job as a Barista, what should I do to develop my resume? 

If it is your first time applying for the job of Barista, you should try participating in the same industry-related work. You can volunteer at a food camp, you can work in retail, apply for a food license, or apply in culinary courses.

 Applying for the course and studying it will help you gain some knowledge about the food industry and you’ll be aware of relevant skills required for the job of Barista. 

What are the basic duties of a Barista?

The duties of a Barista are simple yet complex. A barista is someone who mixes and prepares drinks at a café, be it hot, cold, or iced. A barista is someone with the skills of mixing the right ingredients and making the coffee taste great. 

Along with preparing the drinks, Baristas also interact with the customers, so they should be able to communicate and welcome the customers in the café. 

They should know how to keep the café clean and hygienic.

How long should my resume be? Is there a specific number of pages? 

There is no specific number for how long your resume should be. However, you should know that hiring managers spend less than 10 seconds on one resume. They would not go through the entire resume if it’s too long.

It is preferred that you make the resume of 1 page only. Arrange it in such a manner that your whole resume is visible in the first look. Unless your resume is filled with a lot of details, you can opt for the second page. 

Is it necessary to add my location/address and contact details to the resume? 

It’s necessary that you include your contact information in the resume as the hiring managers should have a way to contact you regarding your application and job status. 

Location/address is a different matter. It is optional to include your address or location in the resume. Unless you are applying for the role of a barista in a foreign country, there is no need to put in your address if you don’t wish to.  

As an entry-level candidate with no experience, how do I frame my resume objective? 

In an experienced resume, usually, the job details and experiences of the last job are filled. But, as a fresh candidate with no prior experience, it isn’t that difficult to still make your resume shine. 

Instead of earlier experience, you include your education details and mix them with your skills and what you hope to achieve through this job. For example,

“Coffee-lover and an engineering student with a 3-year experience of being a home barista. Passionate about learning coffee-brewing methods and coffee beans plantation. Familiar with the art of roasting and latte art. Looking forward to joining the team and creating a happy environment through coffee and giving the customers an amazing experience.”

In this way, you included your passion for coffee, your interests, and your aim regarding the job you have applied for. 

How do I add the appropriate skills?

Skills are added to the resume to let the hirer know that you have these capabilities and are willing to apply them to the job. As a barista, there are some specific skills that you need to add if you possess them. 

Before adding the skills, make sure to check with the company you are applying for, find out what the criteria for the job is. Take inspiration from the job ad and use keywords from there to make your resume even more noteworthy. The computer algorithm will pick up the keywords quickly and get your resume on top. 

Some of the required skills were discussed earlier in the article, you can refer back and use the ones that apply to you. You can decide which skills you want to mention and show them to the hirer. 

What is the format for writing the educational background? 

Both the educational background and work experiences should be written in reverse-chronological order.

Start with your latest degree/course that you have just finished or are currently pursuing and follow that with the reverse order of your education history. 

When you are adding in your education details, follow this format:

Course name 

Name of the institution 

Year of joining and end or expected to end

GPA/ Score 

To enhance the effect of your usually boring education details, try to add more information along with the course and institution name. Mention the coursework that was included in the course or any extra projects that may be useful to the job of a barista. 

Coursework means the components of the specific course which are similar in nature to the skills required for the job of a barista. 

How do I increase my chances of getting hired through my resume? 

Honestly, it is not just a simple resume that plays a role in hiring but other tests conducted by the café or company after passing the first round. It mostly depends on your skills and education whether you get hired or not.

But trying never hurt anybody. You can try and spice up your resume by adding relevant things regarding the job of a barista. You can include skills that cater to the requirements of a good barista. But, make sure that you follow up on them. 

If you have certificates relating to barista work or coffee making, your chances of getting the job are higher. 

The coffee industry is advancing quickly and continues to rise in demand at present too. Cafes have become a hot spot for people to meet, have fun, and work. It is not surprising that the number of baristas has also gone up. Hope this article have been a writing guide to building the perfect Barista Resume.

With the help of these guidelines, you can impress the hiring manager and increase the chances of getting hired.

A Writing Guide To Building The Perfect Barista Resume

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