How To Resign From Big 4?


You may agree on one thing there are major two days only to be the happiest when joining a new job and it is when you get the offer letter and the second is when you resign. Now, what do you need to know before resigning? Resigning from a company can be challenging at times, one should always keep in mind that an exit should always be diplomatic and professionally acceptable. This has become a very important matter to consider in the workforce because of the recent trend that has been going on “the great resignation.” One thing also important before leaving is that have you considered enough before leaving the company, the transition needs to be smooth so always ask yourself these questions whether you are leaving because you want better pay, or you want to pursue another degree, or do you want a vacation, or do you want to switch gears and try a different path maybe? Let us see how to resign from Big 4 in this article.

How To Resign From Big 4?

An important thing to remember before Resigning

Before leaving for real make sure to give people prior notice such as your boss and the people you are working with, HR and the counsellor so that it does not catch them off guard when they see your resignation mail. It is also a good practice and common courtesy to let the officials know two weeks before you leave so that you can leave on good terms. A good thing to know and keep in mind is that resignation does not ask for any excuses, apologies, or explanations. Also, you should be ready to allocate your files and resources to the project which you have been working on and close all the connections related to it and wrap up any remaining work related to it if you can. This is a very decent and convenient thing to do before you leave as it helps the next person to meet deadlines as well as understand your previous work on that project and learn about the client. This will make the work more efficient and will be appreciated by the staff members and your boss. 

Reasons to consider resign from Big 4

You are Tired of Overworking

The Big 4 have a reputation for staying up late which you can consider as one of the reasons to resign. They often receive low ratings on employee satisfaction polls for work-life balance. This is because they frequently make high demands and work long hours. A decent job can be difficult, however there is a threshold. One worker even claimed that if you have talent, these corporations will offer you additional responsibility without paying you more or giving you a raise.

It could be time to reconsider your options if you are discovering that you are working too much and not getting paid enough for it.

There are Few Opportunities

You’re not alone if you’ve discovered that it’s difficult to advance your career within the Big 4. People with Director or Senior Director positions tend to price themselves outside of the market, according to some of knowledgeable consultants who puts candidates in this field every day. Although they have a strong audit background, they might not possess the operational accounting expertise that these firms are looking for.

This is why the optimal time for Big 4 accounting professionals to resign the profession is after they have experienced two to four busy years in the position and have attained the Senior job title. A senior analyst or managerial position at another company is frequently considerably simpler to obtain than a position at the Big Four.

You Crave a Different Environment

On your resume, Big Four companies appear great. That is unavoidable. But on a daily basis, they might not be offering you the workplace culture you desire.

When it comes time to move, you can leverage the remarkable skills you have amassed to get a position at one of the many fascinating businesses out there: media. Work-life balance is a priority for the majority of media organisations. They frequently have very sizable benefit packages that include lots of time off for vacation and sick days. Although this is not restricted to the media, the sector was an early adoption of this way of thinking.

How to write the resignation letter?

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Notice: Please take this letter as official notice of my decision to retire from the position of [job title] with the [business name]. My preferred last day of work is [date of the last working day], as per my notice period.
  2. Thanks: I want to thank you for giving me the chance to hold this position [period in employment].
  3. Transition (this is optional): During the following [notice time in weeks], I will do everything in my power to ensure a seamless transition and will also help in any manner I can to transfer my responsibilities to coworkers or my next employee. In the event, that there is anything else I can help with this procedure, just let me know.

Also, when you are writing the resignation letter this could be either an email or a normal letter make sure to mention your name and a proper address, your boss, HR and senior.

How to write the goodbye letter?

Here are some of the recommendations for crafting a proper farewell email to everyone you want to say goodbye to. This is also important as it helps you and the people you have been working with for this past time to remain in good contact with you and help you in your future job opportunities:

Few people are actually going to read it, so keep it brief.

Be respectful and keep in mind that you are still at work. At the conclusion of your last working day, bring your coworkers out for drinks and food or a small get to together party if you want to thank them and share personal experiences. Everyone else at the company could not care less.

Thank those who have earned it, and use the occasion to express gratitude to those who helped you succeed at the company.


The value of your network and relationships will be discussed at your orientation at a Big 4 company. It goes beyond mere platitudes. The exit prospects are very much dependent on your network and relationships, much like attending an Ivy League institution. An established Big 4 brand has a lot of clouts. It will allow you access to career doors that were previously closed. While working for a Big 4, it is crucial to have career control. Keep your eyes on the prize if you want to gain experience and then go on to a career in business.

Ensure that you continue to work on initiatives that are relevant to your interests. Your management and directors must make sure you are billing. You must be sure that the work you are performing will advance the firm, its customer, and your career.

  • How do you gracefully and politely quit a job?

How to leave a job politely is as follows:

  1. Do not speak to others on this matter and create a rumour. Before telling your supervisors, do not tell your coworkers you are quitting.
  2. Resign in person. Neither over the phone nor by email, please very important thing to keep in mind.
  3. Please give at least two weeks prior notice. More is preferable.
  4. A resignation letter could be written or sent through the mail. Once you have resigned in person, turn it in or talk to them personally.
  • How long is Big 4’s notice period?

You are free to leave at any time; it is not simply for two months. You have the option to resign at any time from big 4, whether it is on the first day, the first week, the first month, the first six months, or the first year.

  • What are things to avoid saying when you resign from Big 4?

When informing your manager that you are resigning, avoid using the phrases “quitting” or “leaving,” as doing so can give the impression that it is their fault that you are departing. In the same way, stay away from saying things like “I’ve outgrown my position” or “I’ve found a better opportunity.” Instead, gently let them go.

How To Resign From Big 4?

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