Zip Recruiter VS Indeed – Know More

Zip recruiter is an online job board, which allow many employers to post jobs for the thousands of peoples. Zip recruiter is very famous job board and it has attract millions of people who are searching for jobs. This job board has various features. It has 5.5 rating out of 10. Let us know about the ‘Zip Recruiter VS Indeed’.

Zip Recruiter VS Indeed


Indeed is a free service for the job seekers all over the world. People can get job by updating their resume on their account on indeed and on their job alert, and search for their desire jobs and apply in them. Indeed average rating is 4 out of 5 


  • Pricing- zip recruiter start their plans from $15 per day and can goes up to $ 1300 per month. Sponsored listing in indeed are based on sponsorships. You only need to pay when applicant interacts. 
  • Resume in database-  Indeed have more than 200 millions resumes in his job board where as zip recruiter has only 40 millions. Indeed is a world wide job board. 
  • Skills tests- Indeed  has number of skill test, so that employers get recruitment on the basis of skills. Whereas zip recruiter only list those skills which an applicant have. 
  • Bottom line- Both Indeed and zip recruiter are good job boards for job seekers and to find fresh talent. But most of the people prefer indeed because, zip recruiter offers expensive plans sometimes. 
  • Number of job boards- Indeed have more number of job boards and we only have to pay to sponsors. 
  • Free trial- Zip recruiter advertise a four day trial, means we can post only job and we don’t have to pay anything for it, but if we have to post more than we have to pay money in zip recruiter. Indeed offers no trials because it is absolutely free of cost. 

Both indeed and zip recruiter looks same, but some of the functions are different from each other. To find the best job in less time, it’s better to use both the apps and compare the job , in some cases it is not easy to pay for the features and some people don’t have the budget so, they can go for indeed. 

Pros of zip recruiter

  • Zip recruiters attracts over 20 millions job seekers a month. 
  • The platform has many features. 
  • Employers can manage their account and can edit their resume from their resume. 
  • Employers can select job template from various options. 
  • Zip recruiter also provide 24/7 support service. 

Cons of zip recruiter

  •  The candidate matching fracture is only available on the expensive plan only and not in any other plans. 
  • A person can see their resume only if they have applied for premium and pro plans. 
  • Application tracking is not possible directly. 
  •  Zip recruiter does not use their social media platform to share job related posts. 

Pros of Indeed

  • It is very easy to search jobs on indeed by keywords and location. Also an option is given to narrow down the results. 
  • Candidates can see their resumes number of times, it is free to upload and see their resumes. 
  • Daily jobs alerts option is also given in indeed. 
  • Posting any job is absolutely free. 

Cons of indeed

  •  Usually jobs are posted in every second, so it increased the competition among individuals. 
  • Free job posting move down and become invisible because, it is not possible to find a particular job from thousands of jobs. 


Both indeed and zip recruiter are good and famous job boards, indeed is globally spread and have more resumes than zip recruiter, most of the people who don’t have much budget go for indeed, as it provide it services at free of cost. Features in both the job boards are very good. 

Frequently Asked Question

1. How does zip recruiter compare to indeed?

Indeed is a job board which is spread globally, while zip recruiter is a web-based software, that post jobs for the candidates. 

2. Is it easy to cancel zip recruiter? 

For cancelling, candidate have to call on the customer care and follow the steps to cancel before billing. 

3. Why is Indeed the best job site? 

It’s is an essential tool for job seekers. It has large reach and an individual can easily find their desired job. 

4. Who is the target audience for indeed? 

Marketing strategy is the best technique of indeed to target the audience. 

5. Who is the biggest competitor of Indeed? 

Zip recruiter and LinkedIn are the biggest competitor of Indeed who give tough competition in the market. 

Zip Recruiter VS Indeed – Know More

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