Why Don’t Recruiters Respond After An Interview?

Receiving no response or revert after a job interview can be very confusing, leaving many candidates wondering whether they should initiate contact or keep waiting. At the same time, various candidates have faced this situation many times at different stages, and they do not get any response after an interview. This is one of the common complaints many job seekers have during their job hunt process, even though, according to them, the interview went well, and the answers you gave during the discussion were bang-on. However, you still need to hear back, which can also be frustrating or annoying and might be very disheartening. Here we will see about Why Don’t Recruiters Respond After An Interview?

Why Don t Recruiters Respond After An Interview?

 But how long should one wait to get a response? If it’s already been a week, then it is wholly justified and okay to make a follow call or mail asking for a reply. If you haven’t heard back about the selection process yet then there might be chances that the employer may or may not have the intent to get back, but this doesn’t mean you should lose hope as there might be many other reasons as well for them not to get back to you which we will discuss below, but do remember there will always be some reasons which may or may not be in your control. One should always maintain sanity during the job hunt process.

However, there might be some valid reasons are well due to which an employer is taking too much time to respond, which are as follows:- 

  1. Still Interviewing 

Even though you might have applied for a job on the spot, the application went online and gave the interview as well. However, sometimes companies want to explore more before making any decision and due to multiple applications, they are still screening to hire the best one possible.

2. Application got lost 

This is a prevalent issue that happens during an interview where applications might get deleted, or candidates are forgotten due to which they might not have reached back which is why it is always very important to do follow-ups.

3. Budget issue

Sometimes even though you were good, but the company had a specific set budget for that role could be one of the reasons they didn’t get back as they needed to meet the desired expectation and are looking for employees who fit in their budget.

4. Being Busy

Many times due to multiple applications, the interviewer gets busy screening, aligning interviews, and reviewing applications that they could not get back.

5. You didn’t click that well

Even though your interview was good, you were able to answer all the questions but still, sometimes that was not enough because you didn’t ace that well or were not able to stand out, and as a result, you did not match the requirements due to which you were not hired and didn’t receive any response as well.

6. Better Competition

Despite being extremely good, there is always a chance that the other candidate might ace the interview in a much better way due to better work experience, lower salary requirements, better brands on their resume, etc.. These might also be some of the reasons due to which you were not shortlisted.

7. Hiring Person is not the main deciding person

Many times the person who conducts our interview is not the final person to decide on the application; rather they have to consult their team or superiors, and this might be also one of the reasons for them not getting back to us as they might be still waiting for their superiors to respond on your job application.

8. Some hiring interviewers are just rude

When your application is not selected, the hiring person simply avoids you and moves on thinking that they don’t owe you any answer, which is highly unprofessional and rude at the same time but this is how some people are and all we can do is accept the situation and make peace with it.

A few things that can be done if you did not hear any response are mentioned below: – 

  1. Follow up via email

One of the common ways to re-establish the conversation is to do a follow-up via email instead of a call to not look very intrusive or needy, the email should be crisp, polite, and clear and must be shared on the previous email thread only where the interview was scheduled. Always proofread your email thrice before sending it ahead, if you still don’t get any response then you can follow up one last time again keeping the email very to the point and being polite.

2. Connect with known connections from the company 

Suppose you have any friends, family, or relatives working at the same company you can ask them to follow up with the interviewer and can check with them whether the position is still vacant or filled. In that case, this information can help you understand the status of your interview.

3. Continue your job hunt

Unless you receive an offer letter, you should look for the jobs even though you are very confident or positive about your interview as there is no exact guarantee, so it is always advisable to explore more options while waiting for the feedback of your previous interview.

4. Accept the situation

Even after following up, if you do not get any response then it is best to accept the situation the way it is and should move on without getting disheartened and try to make peace with it accepting that you might deserve something better than this and continue your job hunt ensuring that you prepare more for your next interview.

While we understand that it is very demotivating not getting any response and might break your confidence as well but it is always advisable to look at the positive side of every situation, one must work more on their skills, prepare more about the questions that might be asked during an interview, enhancing the confidence, building a positive vibe, looking and exploring for better opportunities, working on yourself will always land you up at a better place which will only add value to your growth and success in future.

Why Don’t Recruiters Respond After An Interview?

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