What questions you should ask an Amazon recruiter?

What questions you should ask an Amazon recruiter?

he Recruiters are the face of any company whichever you are hoping for and they always keep themselves well maintained both to ask and to answer the questions. In most of the interviews, the interviewees try to answer all the questions that they are asked about but often hesitate to ask questions at the last of an interview. In almost all the interviews irrespective of the company which is conducting it the interview panel asks you to ask them questions, in case you have any and this is the opportunity to make an impression on the panel that not only you are a good listener and an aspirant with well-loaded answers but also a person who knows how to ask and what to ask. This is the time when you can have a better interaction with the interviewers by asking them some smart and intelligent questions. Let’s know What questions you should ask an Amazon recruiter?

At Amazon, they receive hundreds of job applications and very few of them can make it to the interview process but your resume is passed and you have got an interview process, to begin with, it becomes your responsibility to do not miss out on this golden chance. Throughout the interview process, you’d be asked several questions varying in categories. And when you would be finished with answering them all then you’ll be given a chance to ask the Recruiters if you have any questions. Never say that you’ve understood all the things and they have already answered all your questions as this creates a very bad impression that you don’t care about either the company or your job profile. So, let’s discuss some good, intelligent and smart questions which you must ask the Recruiters.

What questions you should ask an Amazon recruiter?

  1. How big Amazon is?

Jeff Bezos’ e-commerce giant is converting the traditional way of businesses but putting them all on a single platform called the AMAZON. But do you know that one of its subsidiaries essentially makes the internetwork or that another wants to take over your healthcare? Last year the big tech company reported revenues of over $386 billion. Amazon is nearly valued overall at $1.4 trillion alone in the USA. Roughly $11,000 worth of goods are traded every single second on its platform, and last year the firm delivered three-and-half billion packages, one for every two human beings on earth. It’s the world’s largest private employer, behind only Walmart.

  1. Why do you need to care about asking the questions?

The very first will going to strike into the minds of interviewers that maybe you don’t care that much about the job profile that you have applied for. They may also think that maybe you don’t care about the organization at all. My suggestion would be to ask the questions that are related to their organization so that you can succeed in showing that you’ve done good research about them and that’s why you’re asking them some questions. But do remember one thing that doesn’t ask too many questions just get your 2-3 questions well-framed before an interview and ask these many questions only. Do remember that Amazon has a long list of applicants so they might not have that much time to answer a bulk of questions, so respect their time and energy. The second thing that I would like you to know is to ask questions that they want you to ask them like ask questions about their company, their future in the next 5 years, the missions, etc.

  1. The questions that you should not ask them at all?

 I can understand your curiosity about what salary packages they will going to offer you, how many off days you will be getting from Amazon. But I would recommend not to ask such questions in one go unless they ask you that what would you like to have as a salary package or how many off days you’re expecting from the company? many of the interviewees ask them that, can I start early at a job or leave late? You should only ask this question once you’re hired as an employee at their company. If you’ve done good research then must have known about their competitors in the marketplace so you don’t need to ask this question as well.

  1. So, what are exactly those questions that you ask them?

You can ask these questions that are mentioned below:-

  • What are their plans and missions that they want to accomplish in the upcoming years?

This is a very intelligent question which you should ask at the end of your interview. This shows that you are a person who thinks and plans about the future missions or goals and you also do care that if the company is going to succeed or not. It shows your allegiance to them that you’re planning to stay at the Amazon for a longer period.

  • Please tell me about the workplace culture at Amazon, I’ve heard a lot about its positivity?

Firstly, it will be going to leave an impression on them that you are a person who cares about his/her workplace atmosphere that whether it’s employee-friendly or not. Secondly, it will be going to make a plus point about your personality that your do care not only about getting a job at Amazon but also the teamwork which is one of their fundamental principles. Asking this question will going to impress the interviewer and will make him talk more about their company’s passion, dreams, and expectations which is also a good sign of you getting one more step closer to your job profile.

  • Please give me some advice so that I can play my role efficiently?

Giving respect to someone who is interviewing you is one of those key points that you should remember while going in for an interview. This question of yours will be going to reflect that feature of your personality which is respecting others’ opinions and especially of someone who is sitting at some higher or responsible position.

  • If I got lucky to make it through this interview what you’ll be expecting me to do in the starting days?

This shows that you’re a forward-thinking person who cares about working with them because they have not yet hired you as an employee. And that is what Amazon always looks for, an employee who could always think one step ahead of their competitors so that they can secure their position in the business world.

Now I would also like to mention some questions that are role-specific such as team leader, manager, etc.

  • How can I contribute to the growth of Amazon?

Amazon has certain commercial and financial purposes like every other company so, by asking this question you’re establishing one more thing about yourself that you do care about their objectives and goals.

  • What are the current biggest challenges that Amazon is facing?

So, you should ask this question if you’re applying for any specific role mentioned above. This is the question that will be going to build up your image in front of the Recruiters that you not only want to get this particular job but are also thinking about how to deal with the issues in case you are getting hired.

  • In the first 6 months of my job role, what do you want me to do?

This a very good question that reveals a better part of your inner self that you’re the one who always wants to know about the responsibilities in prior, someone who is curious to know more and more about the job role, the one who could be trusted with the things getting done at the right time in a right way.


Companies like Amazon are looking for the best out of their employees, so you might think at some point in time that they’re being so harsh on you but still, you should be patient with them. While answering their questions try to be humble, honest, and polite, and while asking questions to them make sure you don’t ask them in a very bossy way or unprofessional. Sometimes the Amazon job aspirants get anxious and in some way or the other, their way of talking represents as they are trying to teach anything to the Recruiters. So, please don’t do such things because when it comes to experience you’ve only given two or three interviews but they’re taking interviews back to back and for years. And as I said that it is important to ask questions when you’re provided with the floor to ask them then saying simple “no questions” can dismantle your image among them so, it’s necessary to ask some intelligent questions. And at last, I just want to say that that go ahead and pass the interview with flying colors.


  • What is Amazon?

Answer- It is an e-commerce company.

  • Who is the founder of Amazon?

Answer- Jeff Bezos’

  • Where are the headquarters of Amazon?

Answer- Seattle, Washington, United States.

What questions you should ask an Amazon recruiter?

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