What Is Your Perfect Day? 

Waking up early, working out and taking a shower, doing work, or sitting in bed and watching  your favourite show on Netflix; which one you considered your perfect day? People never get  satisfied with their perfect day because people don’t know what is ideal. How can you make a  perfect day when you cannot even picture the perfect day? 

What Is Your Perfect Day?

What is a perfect day?

We were repeatedly asking ourselves. Is it the routine  that makes us happy or finding a new and exciting thing? People usually know what shouldn’t  be their perfect day, but it is difficult to answer the question of what should be a perfect day.  To answer that question, we need to know about ourselves. We need to understand what we  want and what we like. It will create an empty place for some people, but understanding  ourselves and making your day beautiful, will surely help. 

Write down what is your perfect day? 

Writing down what is in your mind helps people to understand and help themselves. Visualize  what your day should be for you and write down what you want to do on that day. It will not  feel easy, but things will get more accessible and more enjoyable.

To start, write something  like waking up with a smile. Writing down what your perfect day would look like will create  an ideal vision for what you want in your life and help you understand the things you like.  Writing down whatever comes to your mind will make you understand your emotions. 

Setting goals 

Setting goals is a significant thing for a perfect day. People put too many goals or goals that  they can’t achieve in a specific time. For starters, make your goals simple and make others  proud of you. It will make it more organized and efficient.

Not only a one-day goal, but you  can also make goals that you can achieve in a specific amount of time, like learning a new  language or finishing a book or series and other things that will need some time. You can make  a long goal, and each day you can do something to achieve that goal. It will make you motivated  every day. Goals can be health goals, financial goals, and social skills goals. 

Create rules for your life 

Rules can structure your life. It will make you more efficient and more planned. Famous  American author and retired United State Navy officer Jocko Willink said “discipline equals freedom.” Making rules make you more committed to your life. But also,  rules should be flexible, and they should not be rigid rules that you cannot achieve. It can be a  financial rule about money or a social rule. Rules can fulfil your perception. 

Putting your health first

To create more perfect days, you need a healthy routine. It includes physical and mental  training. Thirty minutes of working out a day will help you to be healthy and energetic. Physical  activities like running or other sports games will help you to engage with other individuals and  have positive strength. Healthy and nutritious food help an individual to be more confident and  positive.

Healthy habits make a person more creative and give their future a bright outlook. It  is important putting health first to live a happy and healthy life. Eating more fruits and  vegetable makes your day more than perfect. 

Understanding your time 

To make a perfect day, you need to understand what you want. Each individual is different  from the others. Different people want different things on their perfect day. It is important to  know what you actually want. Not only that, one person’s time schedule is different from  another person’s. For work and study, some people want to do it in the morning, and some do  it the night.

If you are a morning person, you should do your work in the morning and adjust  the time schedule for that. Also, if you are exhausted from work, then studying at night won’t  be a good option. You need to adjust or reschedule a time to your comfort. It is all about  understanding what you want and what you need. 

Taking breaks 

Breaks are essential for every person. Taking breaks is good for mental stress and relief. after  a huge work, and it is important to relax. Taking breaks improves a person’s productivity and  focus. It makes you highly efficient in the next work. Taking breaks or relaxing enhance your  mental health. But also, taking a break does not mean scrolling through Instagram.

Taking a  break is picking up groceries, taking a shower, and doing laundry. It all makes you improve  your mental health and make relieves stress. Do things that must be done, and you are not  wasting any time. It will help you to grow mentally, and also it will help you mentally recover  from your stress. Use this time to charge your energy for the next task. Also, watching your  favorite show, reading, and listening to music is all a way to relieve stress. It all makes the next  task more easily and the day more productive. 

Journaling or diary 

Not only will it make a perfect day to make a happy life, but journaling or dairy will also help.  Writing journals make people think about what did happen yesterday and what is going to  happen today. Learning history always makes a bright future. Journaling will help a person to  make each day better by better. It is long and short, but it will help a person to grow.

It will  improve your personality and enhance your mental health. Dairy or journal is a place where  you can dump your thought. From each time, you can understand how much you learned and  how much you improved. To make a bright future it is important to understand the present you  are living in. Journaling will help a person to make the next day more creative. A perfect day  can be coming out of the things we learned from our mistakes. 

However, it is important to know that the perfect day for you is only can understand by you. It  is your decision about how to spend your day and with whom to spend your day. You are the  right person who knows you. You know what things will make you happy. You are the one 

who should guide yourself. You are the only person that can clearly understand yourself. It is  important that you need what you need the most. How do you want to spend your time? The  question seems difficult at first, but by putting some thought, you can find the way to a perfect  day for you.

Smile at strangers near your bed put on something that makes you smile, and take  a walk, all a different enjoyment for a different person. You have to do what you are eager for,  what your heart is thriving for. The perfect day for you is whatever makes you happy, whatever  makes you alive. That only you can understand. It is your turn. What is your perfect day would  look like? 

Frequently asked questions 

1. What can I do to make a perfect day? 

It is different for different people. Each person’s happiness is different. You have to find what  your happiness is. You have to see what makes you happy: dancing, singing, swimming or  making a lovely meal for your favourite ones. It is up to you to decide what makes you happy.  Follow what makes you more alive and do that. That will give you a perfect day. 

2. Does a perfect day exist? 

Nobody can be sure if it is going to be a perfect day or not. It is you are the one who makes a  day perfect with what you want to do, what you like to do. You can be unsatisfied with your  day. But whenever it is, you find the things you like the most, and you will find the perfect day.  It is not impossible; you have to look hard. 

3. Examples of the perfect day 

You can do whatever you want. Productive activities help you to make a perfect day. Waking  up early, exercising, taking a shower, socializing, or working and sleeping early, every  productive activity will make a perfect day. Drawing, swinging, and even taking a walk will  make you happy. The most important fact is that it has to make you happy at the end of the  day.

What Is Your Perfect Day? 

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