Leadership Panel Questions – What Does It Mean?

Are you looking to scale up the ladder in your career as leader? then surely you must have many questions lingering in your mind such as “What makes up a successful leader and what are their qualities? “What best practices to follow in order to stand out as a leader”? Let us see abou the leadership panel questions.

leadership panel questions

One of the sure ways to get the answers is to attend a leadership panel and gain valuable insights from the different leaders of various organizations. 

What are leadership panel questions?

These are the questions that are directed to the panel of experts at leadership positions and they give answers based on their position, experience and perspective of a particular situation. Basically, leaders in the panel give a different understanding of an issue and provide solutions to the problem as per their expertise and insights. 

Asking the right set of questions in front of panels is a trait that can be  learned . Below are some examples of leadership panel questions that can lead to exciting discussions and debates. 

Questions based on leadership skills 

1)What are the essential skills of a leader?

2) How will you define leadership according to your perspective?

3) What is your leadership style while leading others?

4)What makes a good and outstanding leader? 

5) what is the essential difference between leadership and Management?

6)How do you analyze a critical situation as a leader? 

7)How do you overcome challenges or obstacles while faced with a tough situation as leader?

8 ) How do you manage people of different personalities and which key skills a leader should possess to manage people in a team? 

9) As a leader, how you can assist a person who is not on the same page as you are in relation to a project? 

10)What are the key actions and behaviors of a leader on an organization that is able to drive it forward? 

Questions based on leaders and core values-

  1. How do you assist an employee to understand the core values of your organization ? 
  2.  How will you align the activities which in is sync with the ideology of your current organization? 
  3. As a leader, how will you inculcate core values in your team and help them propel forward on their projects? 
  4. If an employee is arrogant and insolent, how will you make him understand the core values and influence his behavior?
  5. Do you simply hold meetings and talk about agendas and do you really lead by example? 
  6. What is the most important thing that drives the growth of an organization in your opinion as a leader – mission, core values, or employees?
  7. As a leader. how will you differentiate between imposing your will on others or being committed to core values? 
  8. Can you recall a situation wherein as a leader, you have compromised with your beliefs and took a decision defying them? What impact it created and do you have any regrets about it?
  9. To what extent a leader must go to fulfill the objectives and mission of an organization?
  10. How will you help others see the future of an organization?
  11. Why credibility and trust among the team is essential for a leader? 
  12. How can a leader gain the trust of his team members in an organization when he has recently entered the arena of leadership? 
  13. How will you nurture and nourish the individuals in a team who are scattered and lacks a common direction? 
  14. How do you develop long-term relationships with your team? 
  15. Do you set aside separate time and schedule meetings to cast your vision with the team members?

Questions based on being a role model 

  1. Who has been your role model and what impact has it created in your life which prompted you to become one? 
  2. Is it necessary to emulate others to become an exceptional leader? 
  3. How does a leader encourage creative thinking -by modeling others or churning out their own ideas with respect to the situation? 
  4. What are the following things a leader must keep doing to ensure continuous growth and development?
  5. Have you ever encountered a problem where your decision was based on intuition rather than logic? 

Questions based on encouraging others and enabling others to act 

  1. What do you do as a leader in order to fire up your team and generate motivation in your team members? 
  2. How do you help your team “find their voice “?Can you narrate one incident that helped another person to become more assertive?
  3. How important for a leader to speak up in a meeting? Do you think that a leader should speak first or the leader should speak last when everybody else has given their opinion? Elaborate your views in the situations based on your past experience. 
  4. What action steps will you take as a leader if the inspiration dries up faster and the team members are charged temporarily? What changes must be implemented by you in order to get the momentum going within the team ? 
  5. How will you encourage your team members to create a culture of mutual understanding and respect for one another? 
  6. If you are faced with two equally talented employees in the interview, whom would you prefer and why? As a leader, what are your metrics to assess a potential candidate? 
  7. What is more important for you as a leader- to create a follower or to create another vibrant leader? Elaborate on your experience and why do you pick one? 
  8. Think of an incident in your life when you felt powerful or powerless when someone said something or did something?. Describe in your own words the impact it created and how did you overcome this situation? What was your emotional state at that time and what was your learning from that phase? Describe the implication of the power of spoken words that can make or break a person. 

Questions based on challenges 

1)As a leader, how can you increase risk taking capacity of your team members when faced with a challenging situation at the workplace? 

2) Can you think of an incident when you as a leader challenged the old norms of the organization and revolutionized the entire process on your own shoulders? 

3)  What do you think is more important- learning from the experience of oneself or learning from the experience of others? How does bouncing back from failures is as important as winning in any situation? As a top leader, will you strive for perfection in every work or experimentation and learn from failed innovations? Elaborate on your thoughts in detail. 

4)How can you aid your team members in grappling with the toughest challenges during the projects? Do you think “small wins” needs to be celebrated to ramp up the morale of individuals which in turn pave way for the” big wins”? 

5)What are the specific things to be taken care of while challenging the old school rules and how to be assertive about it without offending the ones who created it ? Do you have a backup plan to tackle the roadblocks that are inevitable to come during the progress of the organization?

6) What are your thoughts on resilience in venturing as a leader? How can this quality be promoted and nurtured among team members? 

7)” Challenges push our limits and make us break our comfort zones or they can become the reason to impede our growth? What is your outlook on challenges and what is that one challenge in your personal experience which helped you to break your barriers? 

Questions based on attitude 

  1. Should a leader be soft-hearted or cold-hearted so that he can get the work done by the employees? Cite an instance where you need to impose harshness to get the work done and where you were able to turn around a project displaying softheartedness. 
  2. Can a leader be vulnerable and still hold himself in high esteem among team members? 
  3. What is the importance of feedback in an organization? What benefits are there if a leader displays clear expectations and feedback in frequent meetings?
  4. How do you correct and point out a flaw within the team without being recognized as an arrogant and rude leader? 
  5. What are the different ways in which a leader can give more control to people with respect to their work? Do you think giving authority will sideline you as a leader and lose respect? How can a leader make him irreplaceable in an organization? 
  6. How to show care and affection towards team members and empathize with their problems?


These questions are the starting point to understanding the basic out leadership panel questions. It can give you great insights and helps you develop a greater understanding of the broader aspects of leadership. So start implementing these qualities to be a leader and be a positive figure in lives of those around you . 

Leadership Panel Questions – What Does It Mean?

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