How To Become Powerful And Influential?


Every person wants to be very successful in his or her lifetime. The luxuries of life are what everyone dreams of. Luxurious lifestyle includes expensive cars, imported furniture, branded clothes and every other want should be fulfilled as well. During the course of one’s life, one grows, study’s so he\she would graduate after graduation the only goal is to have enough wealth and settle down with a nice family. But the thing about wealth is that it is never enough. Human nature doesn’t let someone be happy with what he\she has, a human will always want more. When sufficient wealth makes its way into one’s life, it brings a lot of other things with itself automatically. Such as respect, fame, power, influence and fear. Let us know ‘How To Become Powerful And Influential?’.

How To Become Powerful And Influential?

Power and influence:

Power is a quality that allows a person to do certain things without anyone’s permission or will. Using power one can go against the wills of many others but the others wouldn’t be able to do something about it. Power becomes a great responsibility and is to be used for good only but many people manipulate power which makes many bad things happen. Power automatically comes with the position of a person. Some people such as politicians gain power because they have been positioned on some very high ranks.

Influence is a quality similar to power, like power influence can be used to get whatever we want. Influence is over other people. Through influence we can persuade people to be in our favor or make them do things you want much easily. Influence can affect other people’s behavior and acts.

How To Become Powerful And Influential?

Everyone who wants to succeed in life seeks answers to the question: How to become powerful and influential? There are several things to do to achieve such qualities. The most effective ways to achieve these qualities are mentioned below:

1. Believe in yourself:

Believing in yourself comes first in every stage and every field of life. It is very necessary to have faith in our spirit. We can only succeed when we believe we can. Our self confidence and spirit to succeed needs to be high, only then  we can actually start our journey of gaining success.  Some people try to bring us down by damaging and tearing our own self confidence, because the only way to make someone lose is to break their self spirit and make them believe that it’s impossible to succeed. Otherwise there is nothing else that can stop us.

2. Develop your mindset:

Positive mindset and will is also a requirement for success. The mindset in which you have a will so strong that nothing and no one can make you think otherwise is a key component to achieve something. Set your thinking only in the direction of your goal. Put your whole focus on one goal. Unhinged determination and optimistic thinking can take us very far in our journey. The downfall begins when you let doubts fill your mind. So we have to stop over thinking and let no thoughts distract us from our aim in life. Making up your mind can take some time but is definitely worth it.

3. Change your behavior:

Attitude and behavior play a great role in one’s life. If we want to succeed we should keep our behavior kind towards others, show love to youngsters, respect to elders and appreciate everyone around you. Always help others with pure intention so that if you at some point in life where you need help, it would be given to you by the people you have been good with. For everything you do your intentions should be pure and good. Sincerity and generosity should be a part of your character. People will automatically like you and get inspired by you when they see how good your character and nature is.

4. Connections:

There are many people before you who have already succeeded in life, they have many qualities which you want. Find a way to get in contact with them. Making friends with such people is hard to do but not impossible. Keep your social circle limitless but set your limits. When you know how much to trust others and how much you can help others, keeping a huge friend circle wouldn’t be a problem. Don’t let the bad influence on yourself and cut off all connections and communications with the people who have no good intentions and are only materialistic. Such people may be the reason you will have to face hurdles. Keep your eyes open, don’t trust blindly but let your connections grow.

5. Consistency:

Consistency is also very important. We have to continue our journey to success no matter what. Consistent hard work is important, if we keep pausing it we won’t be able to get to our aim. We can’t stop our efforts at any point, if we stop them for some time and try to continue it then we might have to start over, because the progress we would have made in that time would be lost during the break.

6. Trustworthy and reliable:

On the way to the top, one has to let everyone know that he\she is trustworthy, people can trust him\her and place their faith in them. This can only be done by our actions and deeds. The people who think we are trustworthy and reliable will be our support and have our back, it might be because they will also be beneficial from our success but nonetheless it would be a great help.

7. Play your strength:

There is always a hidden strength in everyone, such as a talent, there is something you are better at doing than others. Take time and find that talent, when you manage to find that talent, work on it and practice it so it will become your strength and will be very useful and handy.

8. Strategize:

Before doing something, strategize a plan and evaluate all principles related to it. Plan every step of your journey from the beginning to end. Strategies are necessary to be made so will always have a backup plan. Nobody other than you will know your next step but action speaks louder than words. Show how wise you are by your impeccable and fully strategic planning.

Why people want to become powerful and influential?

The reason why people want powerful and influential is because it allows them to do things by their own choice. Powerful people have more freedom to everything. Influence over others can them all they can ask for and the nature of humans tend to wish for such lifestyle.


Doing the above mentioned practices can make the path of our success considerably easier and we can achieve influence and power along with wealth, respect, fame and other qualities as well. It is important to stay down to earth and humble even after you achieve success because aggressiveness and selfishness can drag us from the top and make our downfall real steep. Always be cautious and keep these things in your mind and you can be the most powerful person among all.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is the answer to some most frequently asked questions related to the topic:

1. What skills are important for influencing?

The most important skill required for influencing is communication and behavior. Make your vibes and auto strong that people become bound to listen to you.

2. Do you need authority to get power?

Power itself comes with authorities. We have control over a lot of things when we have sufficient power and use it well.

How To Become Powerful And Influential?

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