Hackathon Project Ideas-Know More

Hackathons are the best platforms that enable you to tackle real-world problems with the knowledge you gained. It is an opportunity to benefit society using what you have learned. But it is difficult to find ideas that suit particular situations and skills you possess. You need to understand the requirements, as well as limitations, in order to match an idea with a problem. Here are some project ideas that you can refer to in a hackathon. Let us know Hackathons Project Ideas.

Hackathon Project Ideas

What are hackathons?

Many of us never know how to use the information we have with us for the benefit of society or what real issues around us need attention. Taking part in a hackathon will provide you with clarity on what you can do with the things you know along with providing industry experience. Initially, hackathons were associated with coders and hackers. The participants were asked to solve a problem or create a product code within a 24 to 48 hours time frame. 

Even though there are time-bound hackathons, the possibilities have currently been established widely. Various online hackathons don’t require you to present your products within 24 hours but work on a given topic and find a solution to a current issue. Hackathons are now not limited to software coding but extend to various technologies including embedded systems, blockchain, the Internet of Things  (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, and much more. 

What does winning a hackathon give you? In addition to attractive prizes and goodies, you can connect with various experts in your field of interest. Many companies also conduct hackathons as part of their hiring process. In this article, you can find some ideas that can be used as a base for your future hackathons. 

Simple project ideas for beginners 

If you are new to the world of technical creativity, there are some great options to try out. You can get yourself introduced to the world of tech by trying out these simple projects. 

Website creation 

If you know the basics of HTML and CSS, then it is the best project idea for you. Understanding Javascript is also necessary for the completion of a website. A basic layout can be created with these techniques and you can decide upon the required number of pages, colour, font, and facilities of your website. Advanced web development tools like Node.js and React.js can also be used. 

Face recognition tool 

Facial recognition is widely applicable in today’s world. The easiest project to do by applying this technology is by creating a tool to recognize the faces of famous people. Hence, you can have the required database for this project. First, develop a facial recognition model to identify faces from pictures. Then, use the photos of celebrities as a database and train your model to identify them. AI and Machine learning are the technologies applied in this project.


Who doesn’t want bots that interact with people to assist them with their concerns! Every company website has bots and creating a chatbot using AI is a cool hackathon project you can try out. Creating chatbots is a great way to enter the world of Natural Language Processing (NLP). You also need to know the basics of Python and AI for this project. 

Data visualization 

Using Python for data visualization is another simple project you can do by understanding the data visualization libraries like matplotlib. Visualization projects can be used to show data as various types of plots and give the viewers a better understanding of it. 

Interactive prototype 

Don’t know how to code? Well, hackathons are not always about coding. If you have a creative design and an amazing idea, you can create a prototype with Figma instead of coding the entire project. Make sure that the judges understand your projects very well by making the presentation as interactive as possible. 

Game development 

If you are a web developer, interactive game development using Javascript is the next step. You can create different types of games using HTML/CSS and Javascript. 

Project ideas for various hackathons 

Hackathons are generally conducted in specific domains like education, finance, etc… Here are some ideas you can use for creating projects in some specific domains. 


There are various challenges faced by the field of education. Introducing alternatives to various current technologies and introducing new technologies in necessary areas can improve the quality of education. 

Language enhancing app

Creating an app that helps improve a user’s language and writing quality by being a writing tutor. It should give various language suggestions, better phrases, and usage in addition to spelling and grammar suggestions. Open-sourcing such an app for the use of every person can be highly beneficial. 

Student’s aid

If you are participating in a college hackathon, then this can be beneficial for the students of your college as well. This app provides notes and learning material for every branch of a particular program. College students struggle hard to find suitable internships or part-time jobs. Creating a community platform for the students to post information about the latest internships, training, and competitions should also be provided. 


Benefitting the healthcare industry will in turn benefit the entire society. Hence, providing innovative ideas for the industry is a huge leap. 

Disease awareness 

If a particular location is affected by an epidemic, an app can be used to track the number of patients around, and educate the users about the disease, its effects, treatment, and preventive measures. This app can also provide informative content about other known diseases like HIV to educate the users about it.  

Health assistant 

Creating a virtual health assistant will be beneficial for elderly people who are on multiple medications. The user should be able to record their medications and the time prescribed by the doctor for taking them. These will be set as alarms that remind the user about their medicines. The users can also record their medical documents, sleep-wake cycle, diet, etc… Extra provision for people to book doctor’s appointments can also be provided. 

Data processing 

Using AI-based technology, you can create a data processing system for hospitals. This will help them to analyze patient data and coordinate it accordingly. A proper data processing system can improve the efficiency of patient care in a hospital. 

Poverty and hunger eradication 

There aren’t many ideas on how to efficiently provide the basic human necessity-food, to every person in the world. Thus, if you can come up with a method to ensure an efficient supply of food to at least some areas, it will be a win. 

Finding arable land 

There are a lot of lands suitable for cultivation that go untouched every year. If you can collect the data on such places and provide the same to farmers, they can make a livelihood of their own. 

Consumer Tech 

Smartphones, home theatre, android tv are all consumer tech products. Anything that makes a common person’s life easier can be put under this category. Hence, there are a lot of opportunities for you to expand while working on this topic. 

Predictive keyboard 

The predictive texts we see in emails can be attributed to this category. Using AI and NLP techniques, you can create a keyboard that predicts the user’s next words according to the text he/she has typed initially. This will save a lot of time and enhance the quality of the text. 

Home automation

Controlling the entire aspect of a home building with smart technology is the future. According to daily activities, electricity consumption, security check, and energy consumption can be made in check by using AI-developed technology. 


Finance management is an essential part of everyday life. Technologies beneficial in the field of finance are always a necessity. 

Subscription management 

People use various subscriptions including entertainment media, cloud networks, publications, etc… An app benefits users by helping them organize these subscriptions. Alert can be given for the right time of payments and cancellation of subscriptions. 

Money management 

Everyone needs to know their income and spending regularly. Keeping tabs on every expense and income will enable flexibility and proper planning for people. You can develop an app that uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan the receipts and categorize spending into food, clothes, accessories, etc… This will help people organize their spending and personal finances. 


There are various sections of society that need development. Technology is the best way to approach those issues around us. 

Traffic control system

A hardware-based project where you use RFID technology to detect the vehicle density and position, hence determining the traffic remotely. This is a very advanced technology and can prevent any traffic blocks if deployed on a large scale. 

Abuse against women 

Prevention of physical abuse against women is a top priority for every country but it is never truly achieved. Numerous technologies and systems are existing to help women feel safe by alerting the authorities. But as we know, there is still a long way to go. Developing an emergency communication system that is easily accessible can be beneficial in this area. Think outside the box on this one because innovation is much needed here!

Local markets and goods 

Supporting local markets and their products is a boon to the economy. But often the imported goods take the place of local goods in markets. Thus, if you can provide a medium for the local sellers to market their products directly to a wide audience, it will get them more profit. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some common questions that can pop into your mind if you are a beginner in the field of hackathons. 

  1. What are some hackathon project ideas that can have a social impact?

Any idea that benefits society in one way or the other will have a social impact. Particularly the projects under education and governance are beneficial for the community as a whole. 

  1. What are some project ideas that help maintain environmental sustainability?

Here are some project ideas related to environmental sustainability:

  • Save ecologically relevant places like lakes, oceans, forests, etc… by ensuring that people follow required protocols while visiting these places. 
  • Ensure the safety of endangered animals by updating their count and reporting any action against them to the authorities. 
  • Giving people proper warnings about possible natural calamities can prevent huge destruction and can save lives. 
  1. What is the first step that needs to be done in a hackathon? 

The first and foremost step in any hackathon is ideation. Your idea needs to be genuine and relevant to the given topic. Presenting the idea itself can give you a great place in a hackathon. 

  1. How to prepare for a hackathon?

The first thing you need to know is that you cannot prepare for a hackathon like an exam. There is no knowing what type of challenge you will be presented with (if it is a 24-hour hackathon). All you need are basic technical skills and the passion to work on whatever you are building. This will help you organize your thoughts into ideas and enable more creativity while working. 


When it comes to technology, innovation is the key to success and a future. Those who can visualize a future that others wish to be true will become true legends in the industry. As technology is advancing, you can do more and more with the resources at hand. Make sure to utilize them to the extent. Hackathons are a great way to get the exposure you need to the industry of technology. You can work in teams and thus create new ideas and improve what you have. Experts will analyze your work and provide feedback. Even if you are new to coding or do not have hands-on expertise in the hardware field, never hesitate to take part in a hackathon or any other competition. Because experience alone is going to make you better at what you wish to do. Every experience, be it good or bad teaches us something. So, keep an open mind towards the challenges in front of you and learn by solving them. 

Hackathon Project Ideas-Know More

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