How To Get a Job At Petco?

Petco is the most popular destination for Pet owners and Pet lovers in the US to shop for Pet food, Products, and small animals. From apparel for dogs to toys for your pets, Petco has everything for an animal lover. Let us see how to get a job at Petco in this article.

How To Get a Job At Petco?

As of 2020, Petco employs around 27,000 employees in its 1500 locations in the US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Petco, Founded in 1965, started as a mail business supplying veterinary products. With a market capitalization of $5 Billion, Petco has been growing steadily. Petco hires part-timers for in-store jobs and full-timers for management roles. Working at Petco has been an easy and relaxed experience for many comfortable animal lovers.

Jobs at Petco

The hiring process at Petco is easy and quick. Petco prefers applicants who have previous experience working with animals or are knowledgeable about pet animals. There are many roles available at Petco for which you can apply.

1. In-store Jobs:

In-store jobs offer varied roles and flexible work timings. The employees work with customer assistance, pet assistance, and storekeeping. In-store roles include:

Guest advisor:

The guest advisor role requires you to provide customer service in the store. You need to give information about pet products and advise customers about the products and animals they wish to purchase.

Guest experience specialist:

This role requires you to look after the cash register, and ensure that products are orderly stocked and priced in the store, and also help customers find the specific supplies they want.

Merchandise Operations Specialist:

This role requires you to look after store merchandise. You have to ensure stocking of supplies, take care of live animals and ensure store cleanliness.

Aquatics specialist:

As an Aquatics specialist, you have to take care of the aquatic animals of the store. Guide customers while shopping for aquatic animals and their products. You have to drive sales and reach targets.

In-store Management roles:

Management roles include store manager jobs. You have to hire, motivate and analyze employee performance. You have to ensure that the store reaches targeted sales and give your customers a happy experience at your store.

2. Pet Service Jobs:

Petco provides grooming and veterinary services to pet owners and hires people for the same. If you have pet grooming experience, you can apply for pet service jobs.

Pet groomers:

Pet groomers are pet stylists who have to style pets, Cleaning their paws, hairs, etc. If you have experience, that’s great! Otherwise, Petco has a training program to prepare you for this role. You have to ensure that customers are satisfied with their pets. All you need is a creative mind to get started as a pet groomer.

Pet trainers:

Pet trainers are usually dog trainers whose responsibility is to conduct training lessons and workshops for dogs. The trainers are trained by Petco extensively to understand dog and canine behavior and to excel in their job.

3. Distribution center jobs:

There are 10 Petco distribution centers in the US. Distribution centers are like Amazon warehouses where product online delivery distribution and supplying products to Petco stores are carried on. Jobs at distribution centers include the following.

  • Warehouse worker.
  • Distribution center coordinator
  • Distribution operations manager
  • Operations manager

4. Corporate Jobs:

Petco has corporate offices in San Diego and San Antonio that offer varied roles for individuals who are passionate about animal welfare. Jobs at the Corporate office includes:

  • Administrative Operations
  • Product development
  • Marketing and communications
  • Human resources
  • Information systems etc.

5. Veterinary Jobs:

Petco provides veterinary services at more than 100 locations. Vetco clinics and total care have opportunities for both full-time and part-time employees. Veterinary positions include:

  • Veterinary assistant
  • Veterinary technician
  • Hospital manager
  • Area operations manager

Eligibility to work at Petco

  • Applicants applying for entry-level positions must be comfortable working with animals and some experience with animals is preferred.
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or above with a high school diploma are preferred, but if you don’t have a Diploma, and You are passionate about animals and have some experience, then you are eligible to apply for entry-level positions such as apprentice groomer, guest advisor, merchandise operations specialist, Warehouse worker, cashier, veterinary assistant, etc.
  • For all the upper-level positions such as management roles, corporate jobs. Applicants must possess some working experience along with management skills and educational qualifications.

How to apply for a job at Petco?

At Petco, the Job application process is very easy. You can apply online at or offline by visiting your nearest Petco store.

1. Applying at

  • Visit
  • Search for job openings in your city and fill the application form online.
  • You will receive a call within a week to attend the interview.
  • The interview process is easy where they will ask you about yourself, animals, and why you want that job.
  • If you are selected, you can join the very next day or when you are comfortable.

2. Applying at Petco store

  • Visit your nearest Petco store
  • Ask about the job openings, if they have the store manager will let you know otherwise, drop your resume at the front desk.
  • Attend the interview and you can within a day or two.

What to wear for a Job interview at Petco?

At Petco, if you are applying for management roles, corporate jobs, then formal wear is suitable for such an occasion. If you are applying for an in-store job or Pet services job then, you can wear something casual like jeans and a simple t-shirt.

Tips for the interview at Petco

  • Be comfortable with animals and learn basic things about them like animal food, products, etc.
  • Research and know about Petco. Company’s policy, objectives, and motto. Try to be familiar with such information.
  • Show that you are passionate about animal welfare and working hard.
  • Be honest about what you expect from your job and what you can give to the company.

Expected interview questions at Petco

1. Tell us about yourself?

(Interviewee should give a brief introduction about themselves)

2. Do you have any experience working with animals?

(Be honest because this is the core part of your job, if you don’t have any then, let your employer know that beforehand)

3. What do you know about Petco?

(Talk about the company’s views on animal welfare and pet services)

4. Why do you want to work at Petco?

(Interviewers are tired of hearing passionately about animals’ answers so be honest and direct. Whether you want to get some experience or earn money, there’s nothing wrong in being honest)

5. What are your views on animal welfare?

(Express your views genuinely)

6. What are the most popular Petco products?

(Do a little research before you sit for the interview)

7. How do you think we can increase our sales and meet targets?

(Better customer service and administration can be a possible answer, but think and express your views.)

8. Do you own a pet? How do you take care of them?

(Answer honestly and provide a few tips on pet grooming)

9. Why should we hire you?

10. When can you start working?

(try to provide a date as soon as possible because the store might require staff urgently)

Salary at Petco

Petco offers an hourly salary for entry-level operations. Management and corporate positions generally offer more than $50,000 per year.

Average entry-level salary at Petco:

Job PositionSalary
1. Guest advisor$9.00 per hour approx.
2. Cashier$9.00 per hour approx.
3. Pet groomer/Dog trainer/dog bather$11.00 per hour approx.
4. Merchandise operations$15.00 per hour approx.
5. Sales associate$11.00 per hour approx.

Perks of working at Petco

Petco offers many benefits for its employees. These perks vary for part-time and full-time employees.

  • Health, vision, dental insurance 
  • Retirement benefits such as (401)k pension plan
  • Paid time off
  • Flexible working hours for part-timers
  • Employee discount on all Petco products

Why should you work with Petco?

If you are comfortable with animals and enjoy taking care of them then, Petco is the place for you to work. Sometimes you might be asked to work for long hours due to staff shortage at a few stores, you might have to deal with angry customers as well, but remember every job comes with challenges, and working at Petco is no less.  

Petco employees at Indeed have given a rating of 3.3 out of 5 in terms of working experience at Petco. Petco provides excellent training for employees, which serves as a great learning experience.

Summing up:

If you want to get a job at Petco, you must be familiar with animals because that is a prerequisite in any company that provides pet services. If you have some experience and want to work at Petco then, the Petco job isn’t far. The company has job openings in most of the US stores throughout the year. You are always welcome to apply.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is a high school diploma necessary to get a job at Petco?

A. No, it is not necessary but preferred. If you have experience with animals then, your diploma doesn’t matter.

2. When will you hear back from the employer after the interview?

A. Generally in 2-3 days or on the same day if the store is in urgent need of staff.

How To Get a Job At Petco?

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