How Much Does Best Buy Geek Squad Pay Per Hour?

Geek Squad Inc. is a division of the multinational Best Buy, which operates in both, the United States and Canada, Richfield, Minnesota operates as the company’s headquarters. For both domestic and professional customer, the best buy geek squad provides an order of computer-related services and equipment. In 2002, The Geek Squad and Best Buy merged, and since then, The Geek Squad has enlarged its service offerings to include physical support, on the scene help, distant Internet access, calling over support, and round-the-clock emergency physical aid. Geek Squad’s services now go beyond just equipment linkage to computers. It has recently been widen to encompass identifying and repairing all consumer electronics and appliances. Let us know How Much Does Best Buy Geek Squad Pay Per Hour?

How Much Does Best Buy Geek Squad Pay Per Hour?

Emolument  made by Best Buy Geek Squad

Typically, Best Buy employees make $17.17 per hour, or $35,705 per year. The difference in income between the top 10% and bottom 10% of employees at the institution, nevertheless, is considerable. The highest-paid workers at Best Buy meet annual earnings of almost $64,000, while the lowest-paid earn less than $19,000. The top paying positions at Best Buy tend to be those in engineering and management (administration). Geographically speaking, Best Buy gives the highest salaries to employees in Islandia, New York; Seattle, Washington; and Ontario, California.

Best Buy Geek Squad jobs with the highest pay  

An annual reimbursement to a Best Buy employee ranges from $35,705 to remarkably additional or less depending on the job. The positions of office lead, sales consultant, operations manager, and functioning manager are some of those at Best Buy with noteable recompense. An employee at Best Buy who holds the title office lead can get a mean annual pay of $106,954. Other positions like trading partner and cashier can be additionally taken into cogitation in order to get a better idea of the pay at Best Buy. At Best Buy, the position of merchant are rewarded an annual salary of $28,259.

Below are mentioned the highest paying position provided at the Best Buy Geek Squad

The office lead post put forward the highest pay, $106,954 average annual salary with $51.42 hourly pay. Sales advisor extend the hourly salary of $22.86 with an average annual salary of $47,544. At the third position, in salary, lies operations manager with an around-the-clock charge of $22.62 and average annual salary of $47,041. At the fourth position lies the operation manager with $21.47 hourly wage and $44,667 annual wage. Fifth position is reserved by wireless consultant with $18.65 per hour wage and $38,794 as the average annual salary. 

Average hourly pay by Best Buy Geek Squad as per State 

Here are discussed below the top 5 states paying the highest hourly pay at the Best Buy Geek Squad. Topping the list is Washington with an hourly salary of $22.50 and an average annual salary of $46,806. Then comes California benefacting an average hourly salary of $21.60. Third highest hourly pay position is reserved by New York with an hourly pay of $21.20. Then comes Oregon with an average hourly pay of $20.49. At the last of the top 5 list is Minnesota with an hourly pay of $19.73.  

Depending on the region you are working in, the cost of living can change drastically. It could be noticed that some regions of pay are higher than others for employees of Best Buy Geek Squad. In Seattle, Washington, where the mean annual pay is $46,932, according to our data, Best Buy Geek Squad employees are paid the most. Best Buy Geek Squad’s mean annual earning at Ontario, California is $44,375.

Best Buy Geek Squad salary according to Departments 

According to our research, Best Buy Geek Squad gives wages to many workers of different profession. According to our statistics, engineers at Best Buy make the most money. Those employed in the administrative field receive a high average salary. Finance and customer service are the organizational roles at Best Buy that pay the least. Both $31,533 and $32,062 is the average salary for these departments’ employees.

Below are mentioned the different departments along with their hourly salary and average annual salary- the Best Buy Geek Squad pays $36.02 hourly for the department of engineering which is the highest and an average salary of $74,926. It is followed by the department of administration which rewards $30.13 as the pay of every hourly and an average annual salary of $62,670. Then comes the department of Marketing reward  $22.12 hourly and $46,000 annually. At fourth position comes the department of Sales with an average hourly pay of $17.91 and an average annual salary of $37,248. The department of Warehouse rewards wage of $17.51 for every hour and an annual salary of $36,411. 


Absolutely, the salary is competitive at Best Buy Geek Squad. The usual annual pay at Best Buy Geek Squad is $35,705, which is 13.27% more than the $31,522 industry average. For full-time workers, Best Buy provides retirement funds, paid time off, and health insurance. Best Buy Geek Squad, a noteworthy profession with over 100,000 workers, acknowledge the importance of a good benefits package and provides some perks to part-time and seasonal employees into the bargain.

How Much Does Best Buy Geek Squad Pay Per Hour?

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