How Much Does A Full-Time Pepsi Merchandiser Make?

Are you looking for a career that is both challenging and rewarding? Consider becoming a full-time Pepsi merchandiser. As a Pepsi merchandiser, you will be responsible for managing the display and sales of Pepsi products in stores, restaurants, and other retail outlets. Let us know How Much Does A Full-Time Pepsi Merchandiser Make?

How Much Does A Full-Time Pepsi Merchandiser Make?

This position requires excellent organizational and customer service skills, as well as the ability to work independently and as part of a team.

The salary for a full-time Pepsi merchandiser depends on the company and location. Generally, salaries range from $30,000 to $50,000 per year. In addition to the base salary, Pepsi merchandisers may receive commission or bonus pay, depending on their performance. 

They may also receive benefits such as health insurance, vacation and sick days, and a 401K plan. Pepsi merchandisers typically work a 40-hour week and may be required to travel to different locations. 

What Factors Determine the Pay of a Full-Time Pepsi Merchandiser?

Size of the territory he manages

  • A full-time merchandiser’s salary is largely dependent on the size of the territory they manage. The larger the territory, the higher the salary. This is because larger territories require more time and effort to cover, and often require more specialized knowledge and skills. 
  • For example, a merchandiser in a small town may be able to cover the entire area in a few hours each week, while a merchandiser in a large city may need to travel to multiple locations and spend more time on the job. 

Number of stores he services

  • The pay of a full-time Pepsi merchandiser is determined by the number of stores he services, as well as the level of customer service he provides. Full-time merchandisers are expected to provide excellent customer service and may earn commissions based on their performance. 
  • They must remain knowledgeable on Pepsi products, as well as sales and promotional strategies. Merchandisers may also receive additional compensation for stocking shelves, filling coolers, setting up displays, and other duties.

The experience he brings to the job

  • The pay of a full-time Pepsi merchandiser is determined by the experience he brings to the job. Individuals with more experience in the industry will be able to negotiate a higher salary than someone relatively new to the field. 
  • It is not uncommon for experienced Pepsi merchandisers to earn up to three times the amount of someone with just a few months of experience. 

How Can A Full-Time Pepsi Merchandiser Increase His salary?

  1. A full-time Pepsi merchandiser has the potential to increase their salary by leveraging the available resources within the industry. Through an understanding of the economic and consumer trends that affect the industry, a merchandiser can begin to identify opportunities to optimize their current position and increase their earnings. 
  1. For instance, by actively researching the consumer trends in their area, a merchandiser can identify areas where the demand for Pepsi products is higher than the supply, which can then be leveraged to increase their salary. 
  1. Additionally, by actively engaging with Pepsi suppliers and vendors, a merchandiser can use their knowledge of the industry to negotiate better deals and prices, thus allowing them to increase their profits. 
  1. Furthermore, a merchandiser can stay abreast of the changing consumer trends and preferences, allowing them to purchase the right products in the right quantities, which can also lead to a higher salary.

Salary Scale of a full-time Pepsi Merchandiser In Different Parts of the U.S

  • The salary scale for a full-time Pepsi merchandiser in different parts of the U.S. can vary greatly. In some areas, such as New York City, the average salary for a Pepsi merchandiser is around $45,000 per year. However, in other areas, such as rural areas, the salary for a Pepsi merchandiser may be much lower. 
  • For example, in a small town in the Midwest, the salary for a Pepsi merchandiser may be as low as $25,000 per year. This difference in salary is due to a variety of factors, such as the cost of living, the demand for the job, and the local economy. 
  • Additionally, Pepsi merchandisers may be able to receive additional pay for overtime or extra assignments.


A full-time Pepsi merchandiser can increase their pay in many ways. From expanding their experience and expertise to leveraging their skills in other jobs, side hustles, and through concrete negotiating techniques. 

By making these changes, Pepsi merchandisers can incrementally increase their earnings, job satisfaction, and overall quality of life. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are Pepsi merchandisers generally paid an hourly rate or an annual salary?

 Answer-Pepsi merchandisers typically work on a commission-based pay structure, where they are paid a percentage of sales they generate. They may also be paid an hourly rate or an annual salary. 

According to, the average hourly rate for a Pepsi merchandiser is between $25 and $72 per hour and the average salary for a Pepsi merchandiser is between $14,000 and $31,000 per year.

  1. How does a Pepsi merchandiser’s salary compare to those in similar positions?

Answer- The median annual salary for a retail merchandiser in the United States is $37,214 per year, according to Pepsi merchandisers can typically expect to earn within a similar range. However, certain Pepsi merchandisers, such as those in high-profile markets or those with additional skills, may earn more.

How Much Does A Full-Time Pepsi Merchandiser Make?

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