Federal Executive Schedule Salary Levels

Federal Executive Schedule Salary Levels, There are several salary levels scheduled for high-ranking political appointees in the United state government. The Federal Executive Schedule is a system that reveals the salaries paid to the highest-ranked officials of the United States Government. These positions are occupied by capable individuals appointed by the executive president of the United States. He makes some of these appointments sometimes with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Federal Executive Schedule Salary Levels

The federal executive schedule are made up of five salary levels. These levels are represented with the Roman numerals I-V (1-5). The highest salary level is “Level I” and level five being the least. Generally, these levels are filled with members of the presidential cabinet, directors of departmental and independently agencies, several members of the executive offices of the president, top ranking officials of each executive departments.

Executive Schedule Salary Levels.

The following are the five succinct levels of the executive salary schedules of the United States and their salary accrued to them:

Salary Levels Rates

  • Level I $226,300
  • Level II $203,700
  • Level III $187,300
  • Level IV $176,300
  • Level V $165,300 


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This is the first and highest level among the five levels. And of course, they reap the highest pay rate. Any appointee that finds himself at this level is paid $226,300 annually. There are twenty-one (21) officials at this level.

And they are mainly departmental secretaries such as (in no particular order):

o Secretary Of The State

o Secretary Of Defense 

o Secretary Of Commerce o Secretary Of The Treasury

o Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development o Director of National Intelligence 

o Secretary Of Veteran Affairs

o Secretary Of Education

o Secretary Of Agriculture o Attorney General, Etc.

Other officials include those of the executive office of the president such as the United States Trade Representative, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Director of Drug Control Policy, etc.

Finally, there’s the Chair of the Federal Reserve and the Director of National Intelligence.

Note: There are twenty-one offices and all of them are not captured in this article. 


53 officials are receiving the payment accrued to this level. And they are mostly deputy departmental secretaries. Their annual pay rate is $22,600 lower than the officials of level I. They receive an annual salary of $203,700.

Officials such as:

o Deputy Secretary of energy

o Deputy Secretary of Agriculture 

o Deputy Secretary of Education 

o Deputy Secretary of defense 

o Deputy Secretary of homeland security 

o Deputy Secretary of labor 

o Deputy attorney general 

o Deputy Secretary of the interior, etc.

Other departmental officials include Secretaries of the US armed forces, which includes Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of the army, Secretary of the air force, etc.


There are 125 positions in this level. And they are mostly under secretaries of departments. They are paid $187,300 annually.

Such offices include:

o Under Secretary of Agriculture for food safety

o Under Secretary of commerce and economic economy affairs o Under Secretary of commuter for security and industry o Under Secretary of commerce for international trade, etc

o Under Secretary of energy

o Under Secretary of the army

o Under Secretary of the navy

o Under Secretary of the air force 

o Under Secretary of education

o Administrator, Centre for Medicare and Medicaid services o Deputy Administrator, Emergency Management Agency, etc


There are a total of 346 positions at this level of the Executive Salary Schedule. And they are occupied by 

• Assistant Secretaries, 

• General Counsels, 

• Inspector Generals, 

• Chief Financial Officers And

• Chief Information Officers

Their annual salary is pegged at $176,300.


Since January, 2022, the annual salary of executive officials on this level of the executive schedule is $165,300. There are 143 offices in this cedar

And they are made up of agency directors, and other officials such as:

o Associate Administrator, Small Businesses Administration

o Associate Director Of Federal Mediation And Coalition

o General Counsel Of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration

o Members, Federal Renegotiation Board

o Associate Director Of Volunteers, Peace Corps

o Associate Director Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

o Associate Administrator, National Aeronautics And Space Administration.

Qualification For Appointment Into These Offices:

The president is required by the United States Constitution to involve the consent of the State’s Senator while nominating qualified people into the executive offices.

Nevertheless, you must be a citizen of the United States to qualify for such appointments. You can learn more about the selection processes from the official website of the United States government.


You have learned the Federal Executive Schedule Salary Levels of the United States Government. They are numbered from Levels I-V using the Roman Numerals, level I receives the highest annual pay rate. These levels are occupied by Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, and Under Secretaries respectively (Level I-III). While the remaining ones are occupied by Assistant Secretaries, General Counsels, Inspectors Generals, Chief Information Officers, and Chief Financial Officers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What’s the highest amount an SES can make annually?

A: This is determined by two factors and they are: When the agency has a certified SES performance appraisal system, his pay is within the level II of the executive schedule (203,700) But if the agency is without certification, their pay rate falls under the level III of the executive schedule ($187,300) •

Q: What General Schedule grade has the highest pay range?

A: Agencies classify the grade according to the degree of difficulty, responsibility, and qualification, required for each job. The General Schedule is comprised of 15 Grades. And GS-15 is the highest grade. •

Q: How Does One Become An SES?

A: To become a Senior Executive Service (SES) official, you have to visit the official United State government website (OPM.GOV) and check for vacancies. You can download the information on vacancies there that you are interested in, then follow the application procedure to submit your information to the agency that has vacancy.

Federal Executive Schedule Salary Levels

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