Does Burger King pay weekly?-Know More

As the name suggests, it is one of the largest producers of burgers and one of the largest consumed brands. Burger King has one of the most systematic ways of paying the employees and is punctual in paying it. The read-through will give you all information about the salary and tenure of payment. Here we will see about Does Burger King pay weekly?

Does Burger King pay weekly?

Does Burger King pay weekly?

The pay of Burger King is bi weekly. Unlike some brands, it pays in a gap of two weeks. The week mostly starts from Saturday and ends on it. The salary is issued on the following Friday. This setup pays almost two times a month depending on your work hours. Although the company does not keep the first paycheck, they do keep one week of your payroll for about three weeks. The amount you receive depends on whether you work part-time or full-time. The other major factor for the payroll is the post you work for. For example, assistant manager, manager, cashier, etc.

Amount of time:-

Full-time job:- 

The full-time workers have to work from 35-45 hrs per week and their pay is hourly. When they complete 40 hours of work they might take off and the extra hours they do are included in overtime. Most of these are in place of sick leaves or planned leaves. The overtime should be sanctioned by the manager otherwise it won’t be paid or they wouldn’t be counted according to the company policy. In addition to this, they also give two days a week off and the days may vary from person to person or according to the workload on a specific day. The specific day is mostly that day which is busier and is calculated through average sales on each day.

Part-time job:-

The part-time workers get the same amount of hourly payment as that of full-time. The major difference comes in the working hours. Their working hours are around 15 to 20 hours depending upon the requirement. Most of the time they have to work for 3 to 5 hours consecutive weeks with other days off. They might get three to four days of work in two weeks and that would also be considered as a surplus. The availability of work for them depends on someone’s sick leave, etc, and the workload on a particular day.

Salary paid:-

Most people feel that Burger King pays less than the other fast-food restaurants but that is because of the cost of setting up everything along with their staff transferring to a better organization. That being told let us see some of the jobs available:-

  1. Team Member Pay:- They usually get around $8-$9 per hour from the start which is around $18,200 a year. They might get a raise sometime soon as told by the employer.
  1. Shift Coordinator Pay:- The coordinator usually gets around $11.40 per hour which is around $23,172 per year which is 22% less than the average national pay.
  1. Assistant Manager and Manager Pay:- They get an average stipend of $35,450 and $44,500 per year respectively. This is usually low and therefore people prefer other fast-food restaurants for being a manager.

Do they give raises?

The company policies state that they regularly give raises at the starting level as well but their employees state otherwise most of the time. Some employees also state that they have been working for over one and half years but they haven’t got what they deserve.

In this case, you can directly contact your manager and talk to them calmly telling them that you put your 100% and deserve the raise. They mostly act on it immediately and review your profile. In other cases, maybe your profile was viewed but it was not up to mark or there is some other dispute. For this I would suggest you go to the senior management for an appraisal.

Burger King employee benefits:-

Burger King provides its employees some special perks for working with them. Although we sometimes read that they pay less in comparison, they provide great benefits for working for them. To keep their employees happy and loyal, they started the Burger King employee benefits which help them after their retirement as well. Some of the perks provided are:-

  1. Burger King health insurance, dental insurance, occupational accident insurance and life insurance.
  2. Paid time-off, free juice/coke, paid sick leaves, discounts or even free food.
  3. Performance-based bonuses, 401 (k) plan which includes matching 50% of employees contribution.
  4. Flexible working hours, family medical leaves, job training, tuition and adoption assistance. 

Responsibilities and skills required for being an employee at Burger King:-

The day-to-day responsibilities of a crew member vary from receiving guests with a smile and warm greetings to cleaning after closing. They often have to coordinate with their managers including coordinate shift, assistant manager, etc. The employees have to serve the customer with uttermost patience but also be quick in moving around the restaurant. The skills to be an employee are not much and are almost present in us on a daily basis. Some skills are to be patient, careful and a good listener. They should also be sound in both hands and legs as well as know how to use the cashier machine alongside. One of the most important knowledge you should have is to know about the food and security laws in your state which are mostly taught by them in their orientation. 

Burger King Break Policy:-

The Burger King employees get all the food at 50% off and they have a good break policy. Full-time workers get a half-hour break which is not paid. But for every 3.5 hours they work, they get a 10 minutes break which is covered by the company. The meal break is only given to people who work for 8 hours and it has to be taken in the first 5 hours. The employees working for 6 hours do not get half an hour break.

Call out sick policy:-

Sick policy states that you should inform the manager at least 3 hours prior and if you are absent for more than 3 days, a written application has to be given alongside the medical documents attested.

Dress code:-

Most of the companies have a proper dress cost including Burger King. The company says that their dress is quite classy, formal and elegant. They have a grey polo t-shirt or a t-shirt with some colors representing some ingredients alongside some black pants and non-slippery shoes. One of the perks of working here is that you are provided with the uniform when you start, sometimes from previous employees.


Working at Burger King is a good choice to start with. It will provide you with the experience you need alongside pay. Although due to the less pay, you may want to start somewhere else the employee benefits alongside getting paid biweekly will help. As we say, a coin has two sides so does working somewhere. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q.1 Does Burger King pay well?

A.1 Although we would say that it pays less but that is due to having more infrastructure and other costs.

Q.2 How often do we get a raise?

A.2 Although they claim to give it frequently, you might have to talk to the management and tell them about your dedication if the raise is delayed for a long time.

Q.3 Do they keep the first payroll?

A.3 Although most of the companies keep the first paycheck, Burger King keeps one week for three weeks.

Does Burger King pay weekly?-Know More

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