Who Owns Warner Media?

Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc. got set up in 1923 in Los Angeles and emerged as Time Warner in 1990 due to the partnership of Time Inc. and Warner Communications. Its founders were Jack Warner, Harry, Albert, and Sam. Warner Media leads in entertainment and mass media. It has seen ups and downs in the case of partnerships, as mentioned in this article. Let us see who owns Warner media.

Who Owns Warner Media ?

Who Owns Warner Media?

AT&T shareholders owns 71% of the shares of Warner Media, while the remaining come under that of Discovery. Warner Media was independent till 2018. AT&T acquired it in 2018. Later, it got a new parent ‘Discovery’ in 2022.


In 1956, Warner Brothers had to sell a few assets it had made before 1950. Later, in 1986, it got those material rights back through Turner Broadcasting System. Jack sold the remaining stake to Seven Arts Productions in 1967. Kinney National Services, Inc. bought them all in 1969. It gave rise to Warner Communications Inc. (WCI).

Time Warner merged with American Express, the credit card company, in 1979. Later, it sold the half ventures of American Express to Viacom. In 1996, Time Warner acquired Turner Broadcasting System. But, the latter merged with AOL. It resulted in AOL Time Warner. However, the company again got its previous name ‘Time Warner’ in 2003.

Warner Media And AT&T

According to the announcement, AT&T bought Time Warner for $85 billion in 2016. However, after clearing the legal matters, AT&T acquired it in 2018. This ownership lasted for less than four years. In April 2022, AT&T took a spin-off instead of a split, and Warner Media got a new partner ‘Disney.’ AT&T stocks got raised to 8% i.e. $19.67 soon after the spin-off.

The CEO of AT&T, John Stankey considers it the new era for the company. AT&T finds opportunities in fiber and 5G that will help it become the leading broadband company in America. Similarly, it wants to focus on returns to the shareholders and decreasing debt. After the end of this partnership, AT&T shareholders received 71% of shares of WBD. The remaining shares get owned by the Discovery shareholders.

This partnership did not perform well. Instead, AT&T went into debt making it sell Crunchyroll and other important assets. So, it dreams of a better future with the new partnership as mentioned in the proceeding heading. This company has set up the investor presentation day on March 11, 2022.

Warner Media And Discovery

A meeting between the stockholders of Discovery and Warner Media was arranged on 11 March 2022. AT&T conducted a virtual meeting at the same time after the spin-off.

Warner Media includes DC Comics, Cartoon Network, HBO Max, HBO, Adult Swim, Warner Bros., etc, On the other hand, Discovery owns several lifestyle channels, Discovery, and Discovery Plus. Together, they also provide CNN, CNN+, and franchises like ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Batman’. It was a deal of $43 Billion.

It is a milestone for their shareholders, creative partners, distributors, and consumers worldwide. Warner Media wants to focus on wireless media, whereas Discovery is concentrating on improving the content library. The merger between these two companies got approved by the Justice Department on February 9, 2022. The votes of the shareholders related to the merger were taken by Discovery on March 11, 2022.

This one has challenged other mergers such as ViacomCBS – Paramount+ and NBCUniversal – Peacock. Further, these companies can also go to merge with other leading media companies.

Assets Of Warner Bros. Discovery

The nine fundamental assets of Warner Bros. Discovery are:

  1. Warner Bros. Discovery International
  2. Warner Bros. Discovery Sports
  3. Home Box Office, Inc. (HBO)
  4. DC Entertainment
  5. Global Streaming & Interactive Entertainment
  6. Global Brands and Experiences
  7. CNN Global
  8. Warner Bros. Discovery Networks
  9. Warner Bros. Entertainment

Customer Reviews Regarding The Warner Media – AT&T- Discovery Merger

Some viewers questioned the reason behind this merger. They find it similar to the merger of 20th Century Fox and Disney. This merger focuses more on live-action films, whereas some viewers want more solo films. Instead of rebranding the films, they require more original ones.

Some viewers compare this situation with Maxon buying ZBrush. Warner Media and Discovery are relevant to each other. Disney is a struggling company whereas, Warner Media is going through its golden age, according to some viewers.

So, it is not new if some viewers get surprised by the merger. Thus, these companies have to fulfill the increasing expectations of the viewers. For instance, they may expect artist-driven animations and higher quality after the merger.

On the one hand, Warner Media is popular for scripted media, sports, and news. On the other hand, Discovery leads to un-scripted entertainment. So, these companies, together, act as a one-stop-shop for the viewers. However, the cost of the bundle is a question mark.


The maximum shares of Warner Media are owned by AT&T, and the remaining 30% come under Discovery. AT&T chose a spin-off in 208 instead of a split. It had to decide because it was going into huge debt since its merger with Warner Media in 2018. Discovery is not as successful as Warner Media. Thus, the viewers are waiting to see what the merger offers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who Are The CEOs Of Time Warner?

The CEOs of Time Warner are Jason Kilar, John Martin, Barry Meyer, Richard Parsons, David Zaslav, John T. Stankey, and more.

  1. Is It Good To Buy The Warner Brothers Stock?

The restructuring of Warner Bros. Discovery will get completed in 2024. It will, thus, get capable of being a good long-term investment. Currently, Warner Bros. Stock is $ 35.50. However, its stock is dropping due to huge debt and decreasing cable business.

  1. How Much Debt Does Warner Bros. Discovery Have?

Warner Bros. Discovery has cash of $2.5 billion in hand and debt of $50.4 billion. Thus, its balance sheet seems to be scary. It has decreased from March to December 2022. However, the company has the potential to rise again.

  1. What Are The Competitors Of Warner Media And Discovery?

The competitors of Warner Media are Sony Pictures Entertainment, Endeavor, News Corp, Fox, NBC Universal, and Paramount Global. The competitors of Discovery are Penguin Random House, AMC Networks, and ViacomCBS.

Who Owns Warner Media?

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