Who Is Highest Paid Host On QVC?

Qatar Value Convenience (QVC) is a television network and a large organization owned by Qatar Retail Group. QVC sells a large number of items through home shopping. Senior managers get paid the most on QVC with around $135k per year. Working with QVC provides a great opportunity to reach millions of people. Joining QVC can be the better option because you will get exposure and opportunities to build a successful career. It has over 20 million viewers. In this article, we will see about ‘Who Is Highest Paid Host On QVC?’.

Who Is Highest Paid Host On QVC?

Who Is Highest Paid Host On QVC?

Lisa Robertson is the highest-paid host on QVC as of 2022. She has been with QVC for 20 years. It is said she must be making around $400k to $500k in the show. However, the amount depends on the contract and other positions for her.

Lisa Robertson’s Journey With QVC

Lisa joined QVC in 1995 and has been the most popular personality there. This television network paid around $34k to its professionals. But, Lisa ended up getting paid more due to her stardom and power. Her career started growing there from the first year.

The show grew more within the first three years of her tenure. She left QVC in 2016. There were many rumors regarding the same. However, she later clarified that she left due to personal reasons. She also wanted to do something new.

Responsibilities Of Lisa Robertson On QVC

She promoted a variety of goods and is a famous TV personality and an authorized person in fashion. As a host, she had to get updated with the latest trends and brands in her area of expertise. She had to know what the audiences wanted and how the products would fulfill their desires. It required continuous learning on the job and presentation skills.

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She could explain how the items look, smell, taste, feel, and answer viewers’ questions. So, as a QVC host, she had to understand the viewers and keep in touch with them. But, she is the highest-paid host on the network. QVC pays the highest to the Director Of Sales with $213,142. Average salaries in the marketing and sales department are $134k and $175k, respectively.

Lisa Robertson’s Income

She is a traveler and violinist. She likes shopping and experimenting with food items. Lisa uses social media accounts like YouTube, Facebook, and her website to promote her online business. She also hosts ‘PM Style,’ ‘Friday Night Beauty,’ and ‘The Lisa Robertson Show.’ She has been seen in a few events like ‘Super Sunday,’ ‘Fashion’s Night Out,’ and ‘New York Fashion Week’ before joining QVC.

Lisa Robertson appeared in a few episodes of:

  • Good Morning America.
  • Kris.
  • Wendy: The Wendy Williams Show.
  • The Apprentice.
  • Project Runway All Stars.

As of 2022, her net worth is $2 million. She has also worked for Cultured Pearl Association and the Tennessee drug-free program as the spokesperson. She is one of the richest and most successful reality stars. These estimates are made from public sources, celebrities, their representatives, IMDb, and other online sources. She is an established clothes designer and lives a lavish life through her income.

Other Highest Paid Hosts On QVC

QVC hosts end up getting paid 22% more than the hosts of other stores. On the other hand, the hosts at other stores get paid 64% less than other American workers.

The following are other highest-paid hosts on QVC:

Claire Sutton

She joined QVC in 1997 and started working for it full-time. Her salary at QVC is unknown, but her net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million.

Rick Domeier

QVC pays him $47,026. His net worth is said to be $1.3 million. He has been working for QVC for 27 years. He has hosted many other commercials.

Kim Gravel

Her net worth is $5 million. She has been successful in the cosmetics industry and entrepreneurship. She sells jewelry on QVC’s official website. However, there is no information regarding how much QVC pays her.

Jackie Kabler

She is a freelance TV presenter and an established reporter. She has been a part of the journalism industry for a long time. She joined QVC in 2008. She works for ‘Ruth Langsford’s Fashion Edit.’ QVC pays her $500k a year and her net worth is more than $1 million.

Chloe Everton

QVC pays her an average salary of $500,000 a year. She also works as a reporter for Sky Sports and is known as the presenter of ‘Football Tonight’ and ‘Good Morning Sports Fans.’ So, she earns through media, reporting, and networking.

Kathy Tayler

Her net worth, as of 2021, was between $1 million and $5 million. She took a break from her career and returned to TV through QVC. She has also hosted ‘Good Morning Britain.’


Some hosts get famous due to their skills and charisma. Lisa Robertson is one of them. QVC pays her around $400k to $500k. It also depends on the contract and her position. She has appeared as a host on various shows, episodes, and networks. The other highest-paid hosts on QVC are Kim Gravel, Kathy Tayler, Chloe Everton, etc.

Who Is Highest Paid Host On QVC?

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