Make Money Mondays, Monetize Your Blog, And Get Paid Monthly

Getting paid monthly from your blog is every writer’s dream, doing what they love and getting paid for it. As easy as it may sound, it is never that easy as a lot of work and time has to be put into the creation of quality content on your blog in other to drive consistent readers. Keep reading to know about Make money Mondays, Monetize Your Blog, And Get Paid Monthly.

Make Money Mondays, Monetize Your Blog, And Get Paid Monthly

Affiliate Marketing

Most bloggers and content producers have sought affiliate marketing in making money. It involves partnering up with brands or brand deals for a commission. In other to become an affiliate marketer you must be ready to promote brands on your blog.

Amazon Associates is an affiliate program that links you with Amazon products for promotion on your blog and you earn a commission for every purchase made. There are so many other affiliate programs.

In other to find brands as an affiliate marketer it is best to stick brands with the same target audience as you, this is will reel in more sales. For example, if you create fashion blogs best you stick to clothing and makeup brands that share the same audience. The commission you make for the brand promotion is based on your bargain with the brand.

Ad sense

The inclusion of ads on your blog is a money-making scheme with little or no effort include. To do this your blog is required to have some occurring audience and you are set to go. 

Google AdSense is an automatic and simple way in which this can be done, just by signing up Google lets you know if you are eligible for this feature.

Ad sense makes money for itself, as these advertising companies insert their ads to your blog for viewers’ outreach and pay you for this display. For these ads to be profitable they should have the same target audience as you do.

Paid Membership plans

No matter what your content is if you have managed to create a loyal fan base that is interested in what you have to offer, creating a paid membership plan may be the money-making factor for you. 

You must be able to convince your readers that your content is worth paying for and you can easily do this by realizing half of your content is online for free and the rest can only be assessed with a paid membership.  Provide special value plans and premium content.

Like Netflix, you could also provide subscription plans that readers only have assess to if they pay. This can be done by excluding some or all of your content as exclusive.

Sponsored Post

Brands are always looking for ways to reach a wider audience, in the creation of sponsored posts you write on a particular brand, specifically one you use and love, in other for it to come easy to you. Write a sponsored post on how this product or service has helped you, the advantages, and other highlights to promote the product or service.

Before doing this, you should contact the brand and partner up in collaboration and agree on payment terms. Do not do it for free, expecting the brand to pay you when you do not have a written form of agreement.

A sponsored post is a great way to make a sustainable income especially if your blog already brings an audience of its own. When looking for these brands note to look for brands that enable continuity in the collaboration and not one of the brands, this will help with a stable income.

Brand Sponsorship

Although this may sound like a sponsored post, trust me they are completely different. Brand sponsorship involves getting your entire blog or just a particular post sponsored by a brand.  Unlike sponsored content, you don’t need to review or devote an entire post to the brand, rather the brand can be featured in the header or footer or even the blog topic.

Sell Merchandise

Monetize your blog by selling merchandise relating to your content. If you have managed to create a loyal customer and niche for your blog, you can create custom-made tees, stamps, mugs, caps with your logo, or a specific slang you say. 

Sell e-Books

Creating a readership audience is important for bloggers. You can use this audience to create and sell your book, to this you must however relate to the kind of content you create. For example, If you blog about baking, pastries, and treats. You could easily create a recipe e-book that your readers will be interested in. This e-book creation applies to everyone if you deal with a motivational blog, you can create a How to….. It is crucial you think outside the box and don’t limit ways to bring in more income.

In conclusion, monetizing your blog may seem like a hassle but once you have created your niche, target audience, and occurring readers. It will be easier to monetize your blog.

Make Money Mondays, Monetize Your Blog, And Get Paid Monthly

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