How Much Is A Rockettes Salary?

The Rockettes is an iconic dance company that has performed annually at Radio City Music Hall since its opening in 1932. The group has also toured the world, delighting audiences with their performances. Also, the Rockettes have a secondary job as promotional models for anything from skater dresses to beauty products. Let’s learn about ‘How Much Is A Rockettes Salary?’.

How Much Is A Rockettes Salary?

How Much Is A Rockettes Salary?

The Rockettes get between $1,400 and $1,500 weekly for their performances. The dancers earn between $36,000 and $40,000 per year, which is not a bad sum because they only perform at certain times of the year. While Rockettes only earn a seasonal salary, they are covered for medical bills and other basic needs throughout the year.

How to Become a Rockette?

Each year, 80 new Rockettes are chosen through a rigorous selection procedure. The Rockettes are famed for their impeccable timing and the incredible high kicks they can do because of their long, lean legs.

Only 36 of the total 80 dancers are ever on stage at once, while the others are divided between two separate troupes. It’s important to know that four swing dancers in each group can step in for anybody else.

If you want to become a Rockette, you must understand that it is not easy to become a Rockette. You must have what it takes. The requirements to become a Rockette are as follows:

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  • You must be at least 18 years old: This is a minimum criterion, so if you turn 18 and decide to apply, you are welcome to do so.
  • You must be a non-union dancer: This may sound scary, but it is normal for Broadway and other shows. Most dancers are unionized. If you are a non-union, you will not be able to join a union later on or work on a union show.
  • You must be in perfect physical and mental health: You will be undergoing a rigorous training program and will be required to maintain a healthy weight.
  • You must be at least 5’3”: If you are shorter than this, there are many other opportunities for you in the entertainment business, except Rockette.

Rockette Salary According to Level

There is no defined grade-level in Rockette. Thus, salaries are based on other predetermined criteria and contracts signed during entry. The general practice is that young entrants are liable to a better payment package than their older counterparts.

Also, salary is based on participation in major events. Bonus packages are usually at the discretion of the management. Available bonuses and incentives include health insurance, discounts in selected shops, and costume allowance.

Age Grade for Rockette

While there is no requirement as to how old you must be to become a Rockette, there is a minimum age requirement of 18. While there are exceptions to every rule, most dancers report that they feel like they are not taken as seriously once they have passed the age of 30.

Therefore, you will be at an advantage if you are young. This is because you can devote more time to the rigorous training program, and also take advantage of your lack of inhibitions.

Although there are plenty of older dancers who are very successful, it is a competitive field and every advantage helps.

Weight Requirement for Rockette

You must be in excellent physical health, with healthy body weight. While there is no set weight requirement, you must be able to maintain healthy body weight. If you are a dancer and are naturally a thin person, this will not be a problem.

However, if you are curvy and are planning to become a Rockette, you must make some lifestyle changes. There is no room for unhealthy eating habits in this line of work.

Dance Experience Requirement

There is no exact dance experience required to become a Rockette, but it certainly does help. Some dancers start from scratch, but there are many dancers with experience as well. Dancers with experience tend to rise to the top and may get picked over others who have no experience.

Dance experience doesn’t matter if you are curvy and have no dance experience, but it will help if you are skinny and have experience. Being able to demonstrate experience in a resume or cover letter will certainly help.

Height Requirement for Rockette

You must be at least 5’3” to become a Rockette. There is no additional height requirement, you simply have to be 5’3” or shorter. This is simply because the costumes are made for people of that height.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘How Much Is A Rockettes Salary?’, Originally from the United States, the Rockettes are a dance troupe. Established in St. Louis in 1925 (almost a century ago), it became famous after performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York in 1957. They have since then been renowned for their roles in the annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

Although they don’t earn a stable salary because the company is not unionized, their dancers earn a decent sum for their performances.

  • Is there a time restriction on a Rockette’s career?

The age at which a Rockette may retire is not regulated by law, however, most performers keep up the act for at least 10 years. Retired Rockettes often remain with the company after their performing days are over, either as dressers or as instructors at the Radio City Summer Intensive.

  • Is there a Specific Weight Requirement for Rockettes?

Unlike ballerinas, Rockettes just have to meet one size requirement that has nothing to do with weight.

How Much Is A Rockettes Salary?

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